石门实验小学 09-10 学年度六年级第一学期 10 月月考(英语)
(考试时间 60 分钟
一、 听录音,选出一个与其相对应的答语。 (10 分)
( ( ( ( (
  7. Mr Wu teaches English this term.
A. their B. us C. our D. his
全卷满分 100 分)
  8. I was one to get into the lift(电梯). A. the nineth B. the twelfth C. the fiveth D. ninth )
  9. We all know mooncakes look the moon.
A. at B. after C. round D. like
  10. do you listen to music? A. How long B. How soon C. How far )
  11. Thank you for us.
A. ask B. asks C. asking D. to ask
Every night. D. How often
( )
  12、The bus station is the right the shop.
A. on …of 二、 听下面五段对话,根据你所听到的对话和问题选出一个最佳选项。 分) (5 A. two breads A. on B. in B. in…on C. on … on D. on…on
( )
  13、Would you like ?
B. two pieces of breads C. two pieces of bread D. two bread C. at D. for C. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I do.
( )
  14、I lived in Wuhan about twenty years. ( )
  15、You are from England, aren’t you ? .
A. Yes , I am not . B. No, I am 题
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
情景交际。从 B 栏中找出与 A 栏相对应的答语,把序号填入括号内。 (10 分) A B
A. A girl. B. About ten yuan. C. My birthday is on October 11th. D. Sure. Go straight and turn left at the cinema. E. Our English teacher. F. Next National Day. G. Because my clock is broken. H. No, they are playing games. I. Yes, I ’d like it. J. A quarter to nine. K. No, he isn’t.

三、听录音,根据所听到的短文内容和问题,选择正确的答案。 分) (5

  1. Why are you late for school? )
  2. Who is that lady in pink? )
  3. When is your birthday? )
  4. Are they flying kites together? )
  5. Is his father going to play chess with him? )
  6. Is your pen pal a girl or a boy? )
  7. What’s the time? )
  8. How much is the brush? )
  9. Can you tell me the way to the post office? )
  10. When will you go to Shanghai?

封 不 得
完形填空。 分) (5
笔试部分(80 分)
班级 密
( ( ( ( ( (
一、 选择填空(30 分) )
  1. Are you going to any classes on Sundays?
A. have B. listen C. be D. study
  2. I’m too tired. I think I'm going to . A. have a swim B. have a walk C. have a look D. have a rest. )
  3. Teacher is calling your name. You must say “ ”. A. I’m here. B. Here you are C. Sorry D. Oh, thank you. )
  4. Let’s about where we are going.
A. say B. speak C. tell D. talk )
  5. Look! What your father ? A. does …do B. do… do C. is…doing D. is…going to do )
  6. I want him me the way to the post office. A. tell B. telling C. to tell D. tells
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Shanghai is a big city in China. There1 many factories and schools in it . My home is in Shanghai . There is a park 2 my house . All my family 3in Shanghai. My father 4 in a big factory and my mother is a teacher . I study at No. 15 Middle School in Shanghai. I’m in
  5. 6 Sundays I get up at eight o’clock . My father and mother 7 , too. I do my homework or clean my bedroom in the morning . My mother washes the clothes in the afternoon .I often help
  8. I go shopping 9 my father sometimes. We go to the shop near our home. I buy many new English books. I like 10 very much. ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. is )
  2. A. in )
  3. A. is )
  4. A. work B. are B. at B. are B. to work C. be C. on C. be C. works D. have D. near D. living D. working
  5. A. Class One, Grade Two C. class one , grade two )
  6. A. On B. At
B. Grade Two, Class One D. grade two, class one C. In D. With
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( ( ( ( 四、
  7. A. don’t go to school C. don’t go to work )
  8. A. she )
  9. A. for )
  10. A. to read B. her B. and B. read
B. don’t go factory D. don’t go to factory C. he C. or C. reading D. him D. with D. reads

  1、Where is Peter from?
  2、Is his family rich or poor? Why?
  3、Does Peter write what his mother tells him on his composition?
  4、Does Peter live in the school?
  5、Is he having a P.E. lesson?
根据中文意思完成下列各句(10 分)

  1. 狮山公园在我们学校隔壁。 is our school.
  2. 他正在草地上做实验。 He on the grass now.
  3. 他经常看关于篮球的杂志。 He about basketball.
  4. 迈克打算明天下午到书店买一本英汉词典。 Mike will buy in the bookstore .
  5、 他喜欢弹钢琴吗? he like ? 五、 阅读理解(15 分) A Mary and Kate are sisters. They just had a physical examination(体检)。These are some of the results.(5 分) Mary Kate Age 12 10 Height(身高) 130cm 110cm Weight( 体重) 40kg 30kg Hair long, black short , brown Eyes brown blue They are healthy. 根据表格的信息,判断下列各题是否正确。对的写“T”,错的写“F”(5 分) 。 ( )
  1. Mary is Kate’s sister. ( )
  2. Kate is 2 years older than Mary. ( )
  3. Mary has long and brown hair. ( )
  4. Mary is 10kg heavier than Kate. ( )
  5. Their eyes’ colour are the same. B
六、小作文:以 My Next Weekend 为题,写一篇 60 字左右的短文。 分) (10 ?????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????
密 封 线 内 不 得 答 题
A German boy comes to a new town. His name is Peter. Of course, he lives with his parents. His family is very rich. They have a gardener(园丁), a cook, a family doctor and many other servants (佣人). Peter is going to a new school. On the first day his mother says to him, “Peter, when you are at your new school, be discreet (谨慎). Don’t say we’re rich.” And Peter says, “Yes, Mum.” So Peter goes to school. He meets his new teacher. Class begins, the teacher says, “Good morning, children. The first exercise today is a composition My Family. ” So all the children write a composition. This is Peter’s composition, “My name is Peter. My family is very poor(贫穷). My father is very poor. My mother is very poor. The gardener is very poor. The cook is very poor, and all the other servants are very poor…” 阅读短文,回答问题。 (10 分)
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