六年级上册英语试卷 笔试部分 (70%) 五、根据首字母提示,填词完成句子。(
  8%) There are many trees in f of our house. Can you a the s question? We h a sports day on the 3rd of A. On C day the students often sing and dance. Is this skateboard y? No, it‘s not ours. It’s t. 六、选词填空,完成句子。(10%) ate public signs date camp dumplings cooked after taste funny watched What holiday comes May Day? We some noodles for our lunch. What is it today? It‘s the 1st of October.
There are some in the library. Helen, come and the grapes. Oh, they are so nice.
People like eating at Spring Festival. Lily and her friends a lot of food at the . Mike a cartoon last weekend. 七、选择填空。 (10%) ( )
  1. I want to listen to music. I’d like . B a phone C a pair of earphones
A a mirror (
  2. -When‘s ?
-It’s on the 1st of October. A National Day ( B Mid-Autumn Festival C Spring Festival
  3. Tom the bus and sat down quietly .
A. get off (
B got up
C got on
  4. -Where you last Saturday?
-I at home. A are, am ( B were, were C were, was
  5. After the party, Jack opened his Christmas presents his friends. B as C from
A to (
  6. We had a long walk in the mountains. We were very . B cold C pretty
A tired (
  7. The cartoon is very funny. I . B like it very much C I’m sorry to hear it
A don‘t like it (
  8. That sign on the building means ‘Danger’. You should .
A stay away from it B come in and have a look C take off it ( )
  9. - are the films?
-They were here just now. A Whose ( B Where C When
  10. Oh, my calculator is on the ground. Please for . B pick it up , me C pull it up, us
A pick up it, me
八、从 B 栏选择 A 栏的适当答句,将序号填入括号内。 (
  8%) A ( ( )
  1. Where do you live? B A. She is looking for her wallet.
  2. Would you like a puppet as your present? B. Sorry, I don‘t know. Let’s wait
and see. ( ( ( )
  3. What‘s Su Yang looking for? )
  4. What’s Jack‘s New Year’s present? C. By bus. D. Of course.
  5. How did you go to the zoo this morning? E. Last Friday.
( ( (
  6. When did David make a kite? )
  7..Did you see my comb? )
  8. What did Nancy do last Monday?
F. I live near Ben G. She visited her relatives H. Yes, you put it in that box.
九、完形填空。 (10%) It is Sunday morning. Jack and his father __1__in a big bus. There are __2__ people in it. Some of __3__ come from America and some __4__ England or Canada. They are all friends. They are going to the Summer Palace(颐和园).There are two __5__ in the bus. One is a man. He is a driver. Now he __6__ the bus. The other is a young girl. She __7__ English well. She is now talking __8__ the Summer Palace. The other people are all listening __9__ her. They like the Summer Palace. They want __10__ it very much. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. am )
  2. A. many )
  3. A. they )
  4. A. be come from )
  5. A. China )
  6. A. drive )
  7. A. talk )
  8. A. about )
  9. A. with )
  10. A. see B. is B. much B. them B. is from B. chinese B. drives B. talks B. with B. to B. seeing C. are C. a lot C. their C. are from C. Chinese C. is driving C. speak C. to C. for C. to see D. be D. a little D. theirs D. comes from D. English D. can drive D. speaks D. for D. of D. to look
1 Man:
Listen! mobile phone is ringing?
Woman: It‘s . I can’t find it. Man: Is it in bag?
Woman: No, it isn‘t. But it in it a ago. 2 Jim: Tom: Jim: Tom: Look that sign. It’s interesting. Yes, there is a big . it mean ‘ eating’ here? I think so. Let‘s go and Miss Li.
十一、阅读理解。 (19%) A 阅读下列表格,并根据其内容完成下列对话。 (9%) Holiday When What do people do Easter March or April make and eat Easter eggs Halloween October 31 dress up in costumes, make pumpkin lanterns Mid-Autumn Festival September or October eat moon cakes, play with lanterns and watch the moon It’s Sunday evening. Ben and Gao Shan are talking about holidays.
Ben: Gao Shan: Ben: Gao Shan: Ben:
What‘s your favourite holiday, Gao Shan? . When is Mid-Autumn Festival? It’s ._ What do people usually do Mid-Autumn Festival?
Gao Shan: They . Can you tell me something about your holidays? Ben: Sure. Easter is very popular in America. It‘s in.
People usually make and eat . Gao Shan: Ben: I see. What’s your favourite holiday? It‘s. It’s the 31st of October. People
usually and make pumpkin lanterns. B 根据短文内容选择正确答案,将序号填在题前括号内。(10%) Mr Smith lives in a village, but he works in a big city(城市). He goes to work by train every morning and comes home in the same way. This morning, when he was reading his newspaper on the train, a man behind him said “Hello” to him and began to talk to him. “Your life is not interesting, isn‘t it? You take the same train every morning, and you always sit in the same seat and read the same newspaper.” “How do you know all that about me?” Mr Smith said angrily(生气地). “Because I always sit in the same seat behind you,” the man answered. ( )
  1. Mr Smith works . B. in a city C. in a town D. in the country
A. in a village (
  2. He comes back home from work . B. by bus C. on foot D. by train
A. by ship
  3. When he is on the train, Mr Smith often . B. reads a newspaper C. talks to others D. listens to others
A. reads books (
  4. Mr Smith . B. likes reading books D. has much money
A. likes the man very much C. doesn’t like the man. (
  5. The man knows Mr Smith because .
A. he is Mr Smith‘s good friend B. they work in the same factory C. he sits behind Mr Smith on the same train every day D. they live in the same village 2006年《牛津小学英语6A》期末试题参考答案 五、 front answer second had April Children’s yours theirs
  1. after
  2. ate
  3. date
  4. public signs
  5. taste
  6. dumplings
  7. cooked camp
  8. watched funny 6-10 ABABB
七、 1-5 CACCC 八、 FDABCEHG 九、 1 C 2A 3B
10 C
  1. Whose mine your was moment
  2. at hamburger Does No ask 十一、 A. ( It‘s ) Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s in September or October at eat moon cakes, play with lanterns and watch the moon March or April Easter eggs Halloween,on
dress up in costumes B. 1 B 2D 3B 4C 5C



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