时量:60 分钟 题次 计分 一 二 三 总分:100 分 四 五 六 合计
一、选出你听到的词,将序号写入括号内。 ×1’) (5 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. picnic )
  2. A. quietly )
  3. A. heavy )
  4. A.100 )
  5. A. usually B. bark B. light B. 10 B. bite C. late C. happily C. weak C. 157 C. tall
B. noisily
二、听音,给下列句子标正确顺序。 ×3’) (5 ( ( ( ( ( )They are playing happily. )The children are playing in the park . )They are throwing stones at the dog. )So they go home. ) “Don’t play noisily”, Dongdong said. (5×4’)
  1. (
  2. (
  3. ( )A. I’m late. B. I’m 12 years old. C. He is
  12. B. I cry. )A. I’m 154 centimetres tall. C. I’m 154 centimetres . )A. He’s
  38. B. He’s 38 kilogrammes. C. He is 164 centimetres tall.

  4. (
)A. Let’s go to the library. C. I’m hungry.
B. She is talking.

  5. (
)A. Speak softly.
B. Speak noisily.
C. The doctor is friendly.
一、看图,选择方框中恰当的词填空. (4×3′=12′) swing slide bench stones

  1、A:What is the old man sitting on? B:He is sitting on a .

  2、A:Where is Lingling? B:She is sitting on a .

  3、A:Where is Anne? B:She is playing on a .
4 、 A : What is Mingming doing? B:He is throwing Into a
pond. 二、圈出正确答案. (5×3′=15′)
  1、Katie( always / never )gets up at eight o’clock on weekends(周末).

  2、 Katie’s sister, Sally ( never / often ) wakes up late.
  3、She always(washes / wash)her face at 6:25 am.
  4、She usually( makes / make ) the bed at 6:30 am.
  5.The children (are / is) playing in the park . 三、看图填句(4×3′=12′) Let’s Let’s Let’s Let’s go go go go to to to to the the the the library. Underwater World. shopping centre. beach.
四、读短文,选择方框中恰当的词填空(7×3′=21′) festival(节日) mooncakes grapes tea egg yolks moon family(一家,家庭)
It is the Mid-Autumn Festival. My celebrates( 庆 祝 ) the eat i n i t
together( 一 起 ) . We
. The mooncake has some nuts(坚果)or . W e a l s o
(也)drink Chinese
as(一边…一边…)we eat the . We enjoy (享
mooncakes. We also have many fruits, like
受…)eating and listening to stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival under the bright full .



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