六年级上 unit6 英语试卷 笔试部分 60% 一.找出划线部分发音不同的词 ( )A.stop B.pot C.to ( ( ( ( )A.who )A.too ) A.cloud )A.cleaner B.go B.book B.soup B.read C.no C.house C.house C.bread
二.看图,写单词或词组 10% 三.选择 10%
  1.does the rain come from ? A.Where B.When C.how

  2. can the water become vapour? A.Where B.When C.How

  3.I'm going to tree tomorrow. A.Plant B.plants C.planting The USA . C.do

  4.Where he from? A.does B.is

  5.You can see the sprout several days. A.on B.in C.for

  6.What can you in the picture ? A.see B.seeing C.sees months . Cold

  7.My baby brother is ten A.year B.big

  8.My A.have
plant two green leaves. B.has C.is

  9.Lucy from Australia. A.come B.comes C.be

  10.They near a cinema. A.live 四.连词成句
  1.under it put sun the (.) B.lives C.lived

  2.you do that do now (?)
  3.does come the rain from where (?)

  4.plant garden I'm flower in going our to seeds(.)

  5.you do what then should (?)

  1.I'm going to wash my clothes .

  2.Wash them several
times . Now they are clean .

  3.What are you going to do this afternoon.

  4.What should you do then ?
  5.It's easy .first ,put the powder and dirty clothes in the water .
六.选词填空 10% Warm ,sun, fall, drops ,heavy ,sky, hot,sunny,sleeps,cloud
It's a day. Little Water Drop in a river . He wakes up. He feels very .It may be cooler up in the ,he thinks,he goes up together with other .And they become a . And become very .They down into a lake .The comes out .Little Water Drops feels again. 七.阅读理解,选择正确的答案 10% What do you about the sea .? Some people have seen it ,but others have not. The sea looks beautiful on a fine sunny day and it can be very rough when there is a strong wind .what other things do we know about it ? Of course ,the sea is very large .in the world there is more sea than land ,if you swim in the sea ,you know that the water is salty .rivers take saltler than other places .do you know the dead sea ?First,can't live in it.

  1.When it is ,the looks beautiful. A.rainy B.sunny C.windy

  2. in the dead sea is more than the other places A.sugar B.salt C.Water

  3.The water in the is salty

  4.there is more than ""in the world . A.sea,land B.land,water C.land,sea

  5.in the dead sea ,fish . A.can not live B.can live C.can not swim


pep 人教版 六年级英语 下册 unit 3 练习题

   六年级英语下册第三单元检测题 班级 姓名 成绩 听力部分 一、听音,选择(共 10 题,每小题 1 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1、A. hurt ) 2、A. went ) 3、A. ) 4、A. ) 5、A. bag leave thin B. head B. wet B. B. bed left C. hand C. want C. bad C. laugh C. thank C . what colour C. last month C. I have 22. ...


   博 锐 精 品 教 育 初二下册英语学习第一课时 一、知识讲解 ◆Unit 1 Will people have robots? 目标语言:Make predictions. 目标语言 重点句型:1.Will there be less pollution?Yes,there will./No,there won't. 重点句型 2.Everything will be free. 3.They'll study at home on computers. 4.I think there w ...

九年级英语同步作文unit 1

   Unit 1 How do you study for a test? 【单元话题分析】 单元话题分析】 怎样学习英语,怎样学好英语是我们每个学生、老师、家长共同关心的问题。本单元话 题就是谈论如何学习英语。 学会学习是《新课程标准》倡导的一个基本理念。如何学习英语或者如何学习某门功课 是非常贴近中学生学习生活的话题之一, 是每个中学生都有亲身感受与体验的。 这个话题既 有趣又实用,既能锻炼我们的表达能力,又能使我们学到一些实用的方法,对自身的学习大 有帮助。它涉及到英语学习的各个方面,可以 ...

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   Unit 9 When was it invented? 【单元话题分析】 单元话题分析】 人们为了生活的更好、更舒适,就需要不断的发明新事物,从而改善生活质量。发明始 终伴随着人类社会的发展, 它有力的推动了社会的进步。 本单元谈论的话题就是发明 (inventions) 。 课程标准要求中学生要熟悉有关科学文化的相关话题, 发明这个话题是 《英语课程标准》 中“科普知识与现代技术”的一个重要方面。近年来,在各种教辅资料中对这个话题的关注 日渐增多,而且涉及到很多方面的内容,如介绍一位熟悉 ...


   脑不忘常年开设: 一年制初中★一年制高中★小升初至高三 1 对 1★中高考小升初应试班…… Units12010 年中考英语一轮复习新目标八年级上册 Units1-3 一:重点短语 Unit 1 1. go to the movies=go to the cinema 2. look after=take care of 3. surf the Internet 4. healthy lifestyle 5. go skateboarding 6. (be) in good health = ...


   三上 U5A1 教学设计 白旄中心小学 苏燕 教材分析:本单元主要通过就餐这一话题,学习常见的有关食品、饮料的 12 个 英文单词和与此有关的日常用语。为体现语言运用的实效性、真实性,本单元围 绕这一话题,设计了 Part A Let’s talk 与 Part B Let’s talk 两种生活情景, 教给学生如何表达自己喜欢的或想要的食物, 以及为别人提供或请别人吃东西时 的表达语。 小学生求知欲强, 有较强的观察力和模仿力, 对新鲜事物充满好奇心, 动口、动手、动脑的全身协调较好。自信 ...


   Unit 2 What should I do? Section B 第一课时 课型: 主备人: 复备人: 课型:新授课 主备人:LPC 复备人:CXC 一.学习目标: 1.new words: original, comfortable, the same as, style, inexpensive, colorful, nicer, wear, haircut, different 2.Target language: 1).They’re original. 2).They’re c ...

新起点英语一年级下unit 14教案

   新起点小学英语第二册 Unit 14 Clothes 教案集 材料分析(教学内容 知识基础 后继地位) 教学内容:单词 clothes,T-shirt,pants,shorts,jacket,sweater,skirt,dress,shoe,sock. 句型 Who is wearing a purple dress?I like my T-shirt. 字母 Z、X、C、V、B. 知识基础:在学习并掌握了有关衣服单词的基础上,运用颜色表达自己衣服和同伴的衣服, 也为表达自己喜欢什么颜色奠定 ...

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   牛津初中英语 7A unit 6 Fashion Period one Comic strip &Welcome to the unit 教案 I. Analysis of the teaching material There are a lot pictures in this book. For this, the kids will be interested in it. As we all know that interest is the best teacher fo ...


   Lesson 1, Unit 1 Audio Studio Steve Jobs is the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. and former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios. He is the largest individual shareholder in Walt Disney. His name is associated with innovative products like the iPod, iPho ...



   课题 教学 目标 Lesson 3 I’m Scared 教学时间 1、通过听录音使学生整体感知学习任务。 2、通过听、说、chant 熟练掌握新单词。 3、通过开展活动强化练习新知。并在活动中培养孩子们的团结互助的精神。 4、练习并学会说表达感觉和愿望的语句。 重点:I want to drive a bumper car 教学重 Do you want to come, too? 点、难点 This is really fun 难点:It looks fun 和 It is fun 的区 ...


   英语简历中常用语 Useful Expressions for English Resumes(1) ( ) 一,说明应聘职位 Stating Your Job Objective 1,A responsible administrative position which will provide challenge and freedom where I can bring my initiative and creativity into full play. 负责管理的职位,该职位将提 ...


   英语六级 638 分经验总结 总体: 1. 总体: 是一门考试,就只要把它当考试来看. CET6 是一门考试,就只要把它当考试来看.不是为了成为英语专 业人士而复习.而是为了通过这门考试.所以复习的时候应该以真题, 业人士而复习.而是为了通过这门考试.所以复习的时候应该以真题, 大纲为基础. 过程中,应该广泛的应用各种技巧, 大纲为基础.在考试的 过程中,应该广泛的应用各种技巧,目的只有 一个??更多的分数. 一个??更多的分数. ??更多的分数 基于复习时间已经很有限, 2. 基于复习时间 ...


   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. as …as possible ask/tell sb. ( how) to do sth. ask/tell sb. ( not) to do sth. be afraid of doing sth./that be busy doing sth. be famous /late/ready/sorry for buy/give /show/send/pass/bring/lend/tell sb. st ...


   第Ⅰ卷 (共50分) 分 单项选择( 分 Ⅰ.单项选择(30分) 单项选择 1.Perhaps they didn’t hear from you. A. May B. Maybe C. May be D. Can 解析】 也许” 相当于maybe。因句中有谓语 【 解析 】 选 B。perhaps adv.“也许” ,相当于 。 也许 。 动词,排除 项 情态动词后跟动词原形, 、 两项不正确 两项不正确。 动词,排除C项;情态动词后跟动词原形,A、D两项不正确。 2.Hurry up! ...