六年级下册英语毕业检测题 六年级下册英 毕业检测题 下册
听力部分 (40 分)
一、听音,选出你听到的单词。 分) (5
( ( ( ( (

  1、A. older B. younger C. shorter D. taller )
  2、A. tired B. excited C. angry D. bored )
  3、A. where B. what C. when D. who )
  4、A. watched B. washed C. visited D. played )
  5、A. learned Chinese B. climbed mountains C. saw elephants D. rowed a boat
二、听音,判断图片与录音是否一致,对的打√,错的打×。 分) (5
三、听音,判断句子与录音是否一致。 分) (5 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. I went swimming yesterday. )
  2. My sister is younger. )
  3. You look so angry. )
  4. Mary is 140cm tall. )
  5. Jack’s apple is smaller.
四、听问题,选答句(5 分) ( )
  1、A. Lily is 1kg thinner than me. C. I’m 1kg heavier than Lily. ( )
  2、A. I am going to the bookstore. C. I am going to plant trees. ( that. ( )
  4、A. He works in a bus company. C. He works in a hospital. ( )
  5、A. No, they didn’t. B. No, we don’t. C. No, they don’t. B. He works in a food shop. )
  3、A. Sorry, I don’t know. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. I’m happy to hear B. I am going to buy some clothes. B. Lily is 1kg heavier than me.
五、听答语,选择问句。 分)xkb
  1.com (5
  1. A.
I like playing ping-pong.
B. My favourite food is fish.
C. I like reading books. ( ( )
  2. A. He is forty years old. )
  3. A. I am going to go fishing. C. I am going to be sad. ( )
  4. A. I do my homework at home. C. I bought a magazine. ( )
  5. A. I want a bag. C. I like that red bag. 六、听录音,排序。 分) (5 ( 1 )How do you feel ,young man? ( ( ( ( ( )I feel sick. )What’s the matter? )Thank you. )Oh, take some medicine and drink hot drinks. You will feel better soon. )I might have the flu. I have a headache, and my nose hurts. B. I don’t want this green bag. B. I watched TV at home. B. He is sixty kg. C. He is 172cm.
B. I want to be a doctor.
七、根据录音的内容,写出句子所缺的单词。 分)新 课 标第 一 网 (5
  1. Li Ming went to the and I went to the yesterday.
  2. Amy is and than me.
  3. Mr. Wang is an . 八、根据你在录音中听到的内容判断句子。 (用 F\T 表示)(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. John was busy last weekend. )
  2. John can play chess. )
  3. John went hiking last Saturday afternoon. )
  4. On Sunday morning, John did homework. )
  5. John and his mother watched TV at home on Sunday afternoon 笔试部分(60 分) 九、选出划线部分读音不同与其他 3 项的单词。 分) (5 ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. happy )
  2. A. bigger )
  3. A. older )
  4. A. foot B. angry B. size B. no B. school C. wash C. sick C. doctor C. room D. have D. thinner D. clothes D. tooth

  5. A. bread
B. head
C. hear
D. headache
十、择优录取(选择最恰当的一项填入提前的括号里) 。(5 分) xkb
  1.com ( )
  1. I’m thinner and taller than you. Yes. I’mandthan you. A. stonger , shorter B. bigger, stonger ( )
  2.How are you? I’m 54kg. A. heavy ( B. tall C. old C. younger, older

  3.What did you do last weekend? I . A. reading a book B. go fishing C. read a book

  4.What’s the matter with you? . A. She feels sick B. He has a toothache C. I have a cold

  5.Where did he go last weekend? . A. I went to Zhongshan Park went to Zhongshan Park. B. He goes to Zhongshan Park C. He
十一、 阅读下面的对话,根据上下文,从所给的七个句子中选择五个句子,将对话补充完整, 并将该选项前面的字母编号写在相应的横线上(5 分) A. Where did you go yesterday? C. Did you go with your parents? E. Are you going there next week? G. Can I go with you ? B. How did you go there? D. When are you going there? F. What did you do yesterday?
A: Hi, John. You look so tired. ? B: I climbed Huangqi Mountain yesterday. A:? B: No, I went there with my uncle. A:?
B: We went there by car A:? B: Yes, I am going there next week. A:? B: Of course! Let’s go together next week.
十二、根据答句和图的提示,写出问句, 分)新 课 标第 一 网 (5
  1. A: ? B: Yes, I can make kites.
  2. A: ? B: Mike listened to music yesterday.
  3. A: ? B: The library is near the bookstore.
  4. A:? B: I have a toothache.
  5. A: ? B: I went to Beijing by plane .
十三、我来给单词排排队。 分) (5
  1. than you two I years older am .

  2. you how feel do ?
  3. did what yesterday you do ?

  4. your did clean weekend last you room ?

  5. yesterday I clothes washed last .
十四、短文选词填空 (10 分) 。 ( am ate make bus take was went eat visit made have skiing )
Last winter holiday, I very happy. Because I to Harbin with my family. We a snowman and went there. We a good time. This summer holiday, we are
going to HongKong. We’re going by .We’re going to pictures and good food in HongKong. I so happy now.
十五、根据答语提问。 分) (5
  1. ? I am very happy.
  2. ? I went to a zoo yesterday .
  3. ? Her father is 65kg.
  4. ? No, I’m younger than you.
  5. ? I went to Kunming last weekend. 十六、阅读选择,把编号写在括号里。(5 分) You may all know the names of the sportsmen. You may also know what sports they are good at. They are all very good Chinese sportsmen. Let me tell you more about them. YaoMing is older than LiuXiang and WangHao. But he is younger than TianLiang. YaoMing is 226cm tall . He is taller than other three. He is also heavier. He is 1
  40.6kg. He looks stronger. TianLIiang is older than the other three, but he is shorter and smaller. WangHao is a little younger and shorter than LiuXiang. LiuXiang runs faster than the others. ( ( ( )
  1、YaoMing is a player. )
  2、Who is the tallest? . A. football A. YaoMing B. basketball B. LiuXiang
  3、YaoMing is and than the other three. A. shorter , heavier B. taller, heavier A. Chinese A. running B. China B. swimming
( (
  4、They are from . )
  5. LiuXiang is good at .
十七、 阅读判断,对的打“√ ”,错的打“× ”。(5 分)
When you are in England, you must be careful in the street because the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a street, you must look to the right and the left. If the traffic lights are red, the traffic must stop. Then the people on foot can cross the road carefully. If the traffic lights are green, the traffic can go. People on foot mustn’t cross. In the morning and in the evening, when people go to or come from work, the streets are very busy. Traffic is the most dangerous(危险) thing then. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. The traffic drives on the right in England. )
  2. If the traffic lights are red, the people on foot can cross. )
  3. If the traffic lights are green, the traffic can wait. )
  4. Before you cross a street, you must look to the right and the left. )
  5. When the streets are busy, traffic is safe(安全的).
十八、看图作文: 用一般过去时描述 Mike 是如何度过他的周末的。要求:语句 通顺,条理清晰。(不少于五句话) (10 分)

听力材料及参考答案 一、
  1.D.I am taller than you.
  2. A.I am tired.
  3. B.What did you do yesterday?
  4.A. I watched TV.
  5.C.I saw elephants. 二、
  1. I hurt my arm yesterday.
  2. They went to Beijing last holiday.
  3. I get the flu, so I have to stay in bed.
  4. The dog’s ears are bigger than the cat’s, and its tail is longer than the cat’s, too.
  5. We are going to Hangzhou by train. 三、( × )
  1、A: What did you do yesterday? B: I went diving. ( √ )
  2、A: Is your sister older than you? B: No, she isn’t. ( × )
  3、A: You look so happy today. B: Yes, I’m going on a big trip with my classmates. ( √ )
  4、A: I am 143cm tall. What about you, Mary? B: You are 3cm taller than me. ( × )
  5、A: Whose apple is bigger? B: Jack’s. 四.
  1. I usually go to work at 7:
  2. Which season do you like? I like fall.
  3. What colour are your pens? They’re blue.
  4. Is it Monday today? No, it’s Sunday.
  5. When is your birthday? It’s in July. 五、( A )
  1、What’s your favourite sport? ( A )
  2、How old is your father? ( B )
  3、What are you going to be?
( B )
  4、Where were you yesterday evening? ( C )
  5、Which bag do you want? 六、How do you feel,young man? I feel sick. What’s the matter? I might have the flu.I have a headache,and my nose hurts. Oh, take some medicine and drink hot drinks.You will feel better soon. Thank you. 七、
  1. Li Ming went to the park and I went to the library yesterday.

  2. Amy is taller and stronger than me.
  3. Mr Wang is an actress.


John was very happy last weekend. On Saturday, he went hiking with his parents. In the morning, they went to a forest park by car. There is a river in the park. His father and John went fishing in the river. In the afternoon, they read a funny story-book together. Then they played chess. And John won. They went home at 4:
  30. On Sunday morning, John helped his mother do housework. In the afternoon, John and his mother went to the cinema and watched Harry Potter
  3. Wow, it was great. 九、CBCBC 十、AACCC 十一、FCBEG 十二、
  1.Can you make kites?
  2.What did Mike do yesterday?
  3.Where is the library?
  4.What’s the matter with you?
  5.How did you go to Beijing? 十三、
  1.I am two years older than you.
  2.How do you feel?
  3.What did you do yesterday?
  4.Did you clean your room?
  5.I washed clothes yesterday. 十四、was , went , made , skiing , have , visit , bus , take , eat , am 十五、
  1. How do you feel?
  2.What did you do yesterday?
  3.How heavy is her father?

  4.Are you older than me?
  5.Where did you go last weekend? 十六、BABAA 新 课 标第 一 网 十七、×√×√× 十八、 Mike was busy last weekend.He cleaned the room Saturday morning.He did his homework in the evening.Sunday morning, he went swimming.In the afternoon ,he played football.



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