学号 听力部分(30 分) 一.听句子,选出所听句子中包含的单词.(10 分) ( )
  1.A.strong B.stronger C.longer ( )
  2.A.taller B.shorter C.smaller ( )
  3.A.hot B.short C.shorter ( )
  4.A.156cm B.165cm C.155cm ( )
  5.A.happy B.healthy C.heavy 二.根据所听内容,选出意思相符的句子。(10 分) ( )
  1.A.Bai Ling is two years older than Amy. B.Amy is two years older than Bai Ling. ( )
  2.A.I’m heavier than Zhang Peng. B.I’m not heavier than Zhang Peng. ( )
  3.A.My bedroom is 15 square meters. B.My bedroom is 13 square meters. ( )
  4.A.Lucy’s sister is 5cm taller than Sarah’s sister. B.Lucy’s sister is 5cm shorter than Sarah’s sister. ( )
  5.A.My pencil is 1cm longer than yours. B.My pencil is 2cm longer than yours. 三.根据所听内容在横线上填出正确的单词。(10 分)
  1.He is 159cm .I’m than him.
  2.Your brother is than John. than that one.
  3.I think the little elephant is
  12. I’m year older than you. 笔试部分(70 分) 四.选出画线部分发音不同的一项。(10 分) ( )
  1.A.bike B.pine C.milk ( )
  2.A.apple B.bag C.cat ( )
  3.A.try B.fly C.type B.cup C.music ( )
  4.A.bus ( )
  5.A.box B.home C.orange 五.连词成句。(10 分)
  1. like you do Ben which monkey ,
  2. 30cm
  3. big
  4. than
  5. monkey its feet is are about how I’m 150cm tail your you tall . the I think is . ? long . 姓名
D.dive D.baby D.yes D.umbrella D.lock ?
thinner yellow
六.写出下列各词对应的形式。(10 分)
  3. big(比较级)
  5. heavy(比较级) 七.选择。(20 分) ( )
  1.I taller than John. A. is B. am C. are you heavier than Tom? ( )
  2. A. is B. am C. are ( )
  3.She three years older than her little sister. A. is B. am C. are ( )
  4.How is your brother? A. tall B. taller C. high ,and it is than a panda. ( )
  5. An elephant is A.big;big B.big;bigger C. bigger;bigger ( )
  6. The monkey’s tail is than the rabbit’s tail. A.long B.longer C.short ( )
  7.I’m taller than . A.him B.his C.he ( )
  8.He is stronger than . A. me B. my C. I ( )
  9.My arms are longer than . A. your B. you C. yours ( )
  10.A tiger is ,but a whale is than it. A. heavier;heavy B.heavy;heavier C. heavy;heavy 八.在 B 栏中找出 A 栏中问句的答语。(10 分) A ( )
  1.How old are you? ( )
  2.How many people are there in your family? ( )
  3.How tall are you? ( )
  4.How much is your T-shirt? ( )
  5.How do you usually go to school? ( )
  6.How long is Changjiang river? ( )
  7.How high is that mountain? ( )
  8.How far is it from your home to your school? ( )
  9.How are you? ( )
  10.How do you do? B A.There are five. B.I’m
  12. C.How do you do? D.It’s about 6300 kilometers long.
E.On foot. F.It’s about 10 minutes by bike. G.Over 1000 kilometers high. H.Thirty yuan. I.Fine,thank you. J.I’m 158cm tall. 九.阅读理解。(10 分) Nancy is reading an e-mail from her America friend Jack.She is very happy to get the e-mail.Jack writes about his school and his weekend.Jack’s school is not very big but it’s beautiful. There are two buildings, two gardens and a playground. Their classrooms are big and clean.Jack likes his school very much. Jack doesn’t go to school at the weekend. He often gets up at six on Saturday and Sunday. He runs in a park for half an hour. Then he eats his breakfast.At eight, he begins to do his homework...He has lunch with his family at home.In the afternoon. He helps his mother do housework. Sometimes he plays computer games with his classmates on the Internet. In the evening,he listens to music or reads books. He really has a good time at the weekend. 读短文,然后判断下列句子的正(T)误(F)。 ( )
  1.Jack is an American boy. ( )
  2.Jack’s school is big and beautiful. ( )
  3.Jack doesn’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays. ( )
  4.He does his homework in the evening. ( )
  5.He often plays computer games with his classmates on the Internet.
一、 听句子,选出所听句子中包含的单词.
  1. An elephant is stronger than a monkey .
  2. The football is smaller than the basketball .
  3. My brother is not short ,he is taller than our Chinese teacher .
  4. ?How tall are you ? -I’m 156cm tall.
  5. Please have healthy food every day . It can make you healthier . 二.根据所听内容,选出意思相符的句子。
  1.Bai Ling is eleven years old .Amy is thirteen years old .
  2.-I’m 45 kg .How heavy are you ,Zhang Peng ??I’m 48 kg .
  3.How large is your bedroom ? It’s 15 square meters .
  4.Lucy’s sister is 160 cm ,and Sarah’s sister is 165 cm .
  5.My pencil is 10 cm , and yours is 8 cm . 三.根据所听内容在横线上填出正确的单词。
  1.He is 159 cm tall .I’m shorter than him .
  2.Your brother is stronger than John .
  3.I think the little elephant is taller than that one .
  12. I’m one year older than you .



   六年级下册英语第一单元试卷 学号 听力部分(30 分) 一.听句子,选出所听句子中包含的单词.(10 分) ( )1.A.strong B.stronger C.longer ( ) 2.A.taller B.shorter C.smaller ( ) 3.A.hot B.short C.shorter ( ) 4.A.156cm B.165cm C.155cm ( ) 5.A.happy B.healthy C.heavy 二.根据所听内容,选出意思相符的句子。(10 分) ( )1.A. ...


   小学英语四年级下册第四单元检测题 听力部分 一、听音,根据你听到的信息,给图片排列正确的顺序。 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 二、听音,将句子补充完整。 1. Where are my ? 2. the weather like in there? 3. It’s in Beijing. 4. Is it ? Yes, it is. 5. I close the window. 三、听音下面你将听到 5 个问句,请从打乱顺序的答句中,将能回 答每个问句的答句字母标号填入题前括号内。 ...

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   pep 小学英语四年级下册第一单元试题 第一单元测试题 笔试部分 一、 根据汉意写出下列单词 (15 分) 写字板-电脑-讲桌-灯-图画-电扇-地板-二、选择正确答案(15 分) ( )1.Is this the washroom? A.Yes, it is. B.No, it is. C.No, it isn’t. ( )2. The library is on the floor. A.one B.two C.second ( )3.Let’s go and A.have look B. ...


   三年级英语下册第一单元教学设计 三年级英语下册第一单元教学设计 设计教师 执教教师 教学年级 课 型 授课时间 1、 学 生 分 析 三年级 字母教学 40 分钟 三年级的学生活泼、好动,注意力容易分散,但他们 具有极强的求知欲,模仿与记忆力很强,而且极具学 习的潜力。 我们学校从一年级就开设了英语课程,所以学生已经 积累了一些语言并具有一定的基础和学习能力。 字母学习在上个学期学生就接触过并且学习过,但是 本课时将进行深入的学习和要求掌握正确的书写形 式。 本课时的内容选自PEP教材uni ...

八年级下册 英语1-7单元短语归纳

   1 让优秀成为一种习惯 Vincehu 八 下 1 -7 单 元 短 语 归 纳 教学内容: 教学内容:初二下 1-7 单元课文中出现的短语的拼读及听写 教学重点难点极其突破方法:每个短语读准,熟悉相关动词与介词的搭配,具备简单短语翻译的能力并能 教学重点难点极其突破方法:每个短语读准,熟悉相关动词与介词的搭配,具备简单短语翻译的能力并能 造句,此外,在阅读课文时能通过记忆以下短语了解文章中心思想。 造句,此外,在阅读课文时能通过记忆以下短语了解文章中心思想。 课时安排:一周一次与单词同步进 ...


   PEP 英语五年级下册第一单元练习卷 Class: Name: 一、写出下列单词的中文意思。 1.do morning exercises 8.go hiking 2.eat dinner 9.eat breakfast 3.play sports 10.have English class 4.play the piano 11.when 5.visit grandparents 12.what 6.climb mountains 13.usually 7.go shopping 14.s ...


   知识要点 1. How often 多久(一次) How often do you exercise? 你多久锻炼一次身体? How often does your mother go shopping? 你妈妈多久购一次物? 【区别】How often 和 How many times ① How often 用来提问某个动作间隔多久发生一次,即询问动作发生的频率。通常对一 些表示频率的副词进行提问;也可以对频度短语进行提问。 ② How many times 意思是“多少次”, 是用来提 ...


   Unit 1 My name’s Gina 开心吧 英文名字都有一定的含义, 英文名字都有一定的含义,来选选你的英文名吧 男名: 约翰耶和华是仁慈的 男名:John约翰 耶和华是仁慈的 约翰 Mark马克 战神 马克战神 马克 Bob鲍勃 辉煌的名声 鲍勃 辉煌的名声 Eric埃里克 领导者 埃里克领导者 埃里克 Sam山姆 上帝的名义 山姆上帝的名义 山姆 Steven斯蒂芬 王冠 斯蒂芬王冠 斯蒂芬 Victor维克托 征服者 维克托征服者 维克托 Henry亨利 一家之主 亨利一家之主 ...


   初三英语第一单元测试题 单选选择(20 I. 单选选择(20 分) 1.Most students study English by A.to read 2. you ever A.Did,speak 3.It’s hard B.read the textbook. C.reading English with a foreigner? B.Have,speak C.Have,spoken work out the math problem. B.too,to B.too,to commas ...


   五年级英语(下册)第一单元试卷 五年级英语(下册)第一单元试卷 姓名: 分数: 一、 根据汉语提示选择正确字母补全单词(10 分) 1. b by(婴儿 a\i) 2. man (许多 g\y) 3. dr w(画 a\i) 4. loo (看 k\x) 5. n w(现在 a\o) 6. quie (安静的 t\r) 7. ome(一些 s\c) 8. poin (指 t\r) 9. he p(帮助 l\i) 10. loudl (大声地 g\y) 二、按要求写单词。(10 分) 1. w ...



   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   2011 年考研英语入学考试迫在眉睫,但总有些许瞎忙摸不着头脑的感觉!尤其对于占总 分值 30%的作文来说,很多同学更是无从下手,而只能拙劣的选择背诵一些模板,最后到考 试时也只能东拉西扯,草草了事,那么最终的得分惨不忍睹也就可想而知了。究其原因,实 质还是对于历年考研英语写作真题规律研究不透彻所致。本文力图帮助 2011 年即将考研的 学员在最短的时间内找到方向,拟从以下两方面入手拨开笼罩考研作文之层层迷雾。 (一)2011 年小作文写作前瞻 纵观往年考研小作文(应用文)命题,个人认为规律 ...


   新概念英语第二册 词汇表 名词、 动词 动词、 形容词 形容词、 副词 副词、 代词、 介词) (说明:n.名词、v.动词、a.形容词、ad.副词、pron.代词、prep.介词) 说明: 名词 代词 介词 1 private a 私人的 conversation n. 谈话 theatre n. 剧场,戏院 剧场, seat n. 座位 play n. 戏 loudly ad. 大声地 大声地 angry a. 生气的 angrily ad. 生气 ...

英语语言学 框架知识 中文版

   一、绪论 语言学的定义 语言学的研究范畴 几对基本概念 语言的定义 语言的甄别特征 What is linguistics? 什么是语言学? Linguistics is generally defined as the scientific study of language. It studies not any particular language, but languages in general. 语言学是对语言科学地进行研究的学科。语言学 所要研究的不是某一种特定的语言,而是人 ...


   小学英语语法大全 第一章 名 词 一、定义 名词是表示人或事物名称的词。它既可以表示具体的东西,也可以是表示抽象的东西。 二、分类 1. 名词可以根据意义分为普通名词和专有名词 如:john is a student student 是普通名词,john 是专有名词 普通名词前可以用不定冠词 a/an, 定冠词 the 或不加冠词,专有名词前一般不加冠词,专有名词 的首字母要大写。 2. 普通名词又可以分为个体名词、集体名词、物质名词和抽象名词,其中个体名词与集体名词是 可数名词,物质名词和 ...