龙沙小学二00九 二 龙沙小学二00九?二0一0学年度下学期 年级英语 英语期末测试卷 六年级英语期末测试卷
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一、填入所缺的字母,将单词补充完整(14 分) 填入所缺的字母,将单词补充完整(
  1. h l d y 假日
  2. e c t ng 使人激动的
  3. t l 告诉
  4. l b a y 图书馆
  5. v s t 参观
  6. m t 肉
  7. h t l 旅馆
  8. w ld 世界
  9. d ty 脏的
  10. w t 浪费
  11. r d o 收音机
  12. ph t 照片 二、英汉互译(14 分) 英汉互译(
  1.Peking Man
  3.shopping centre
  5.turn off
  13.颐和园 三、根据要求写单词(10 分) 根据要求写单词(
  9.you(形容词性物主代词) 四、选择(15 分) 选择( ( )
  1.I went to Hainan A. with B. and
( ( ( (

  2.Mother’s Day
  4.the Forbidden City
  6.each other
( ( ( (

( ( (
  2.Did you a good time ? A. has B. have C. had )
  3. you home last Sunday ? A. Are ,in B. Were ,in C. Were ,at )
  4.We can only find bones underground . A. they B. them C. their )
  5.Peking Man plants and meat . A. eat B. eated C. ate )
  6.Last Saturday Match 12th . A. is B. was C. were )
  7. Go straight this road . A. along B. around C. with )
  8. We cut down trees . A. to many B. too many C. too much )
  9. We make the water dirty . A. should B. shouldn’t C. can )
  10. We learn good students . A. be B. to be C. are )
  11. Where were you the holiday ? I was home . A. during , in B. before , at C. during , at )
  12. Where you born ? A. are B. was C. were )
  13. Peking Man used stones to kill animals food . A. for B. with C. to the north of Beijing . )
  14. The Ming Tombs are A. in B. to C. from )
  15. I learned a lot by flowers . A. grow B.growing C. grows
my parents . C. for
五、找出所给问句的相应答语(9 分) 找出所给问句的相应答语( 答语 ( )
  1. How was your holiday ?
( ( ( ( ( ( (
  2. Where were you at that time ? )
  3. When were you born ? )
  4. Did you go to plant trees yesterday ? )
  5. How can I get to the City Library ? )
  6. When are they going to Guangzhou? )
  7. How did you learn in primany school ? )
  8. Can you see Big Ben and Tower Bridge over there ? They are in London . ( )
  9. Kate can cook eggs . How bout you ? A. I was born on January 3rd 1993 B. Yes , I did . C. Tomorrow morning D. It was wonderfull E. I learned a lot from our textbooks . F. I was in the playground G. You can take the No.15 bus H. I can draw and paint I. Wow .they are fantastic . 六、选词填空(6 分) 选词填空( am / is / are / be / a / an

  1. should / We / clean / keep / water / the .
  2. by / go / to / They / will / Hangzhou / plane .
  3. home / There /a / park / is / near / my .
  4. born / Where / your / were ?
  5. about / some / We /interesting / learned / animals . 八、阅读理解(10 分) 阅读理解( Zhang : Where are you going for your holiday ? Mike : I am going to visit Kunming . Zhang : Oh ,Who are you going with ? Mike : I’m going with my mom ,my dad and may sister ,Kathy . Zhang : What are you going to do there ? Mike : I’m going to see folk dances (民间舞) . I’m going to visit Stone Forest ,too . Zhang : That ’s great .How is your family going to get there ? Mike : We are going by plane . Zhang : When are you going ? Mike : We’re going this weekend . Zhang : Have a good time ! 根据对话内容判断正(T)误(F) ( )
  1. Mike is going to visit Kuming . ( )
  2. Mike isn’t going to visit Stone Forest . ( )
  3. They are going there by bus . ( )
  4. They are going this Weekend . ( )
  5. Zhang and Mike are going to see folk dances .

  1. I learned lot by making things .
  2. We learn to good students .
  3. I went on interesting field trip .
  4. I good at English .
  5. We very pleased with our studies in school .
  6.Here my study report . 七、连词成句(20 分) 连词成句(



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