六年级英语下册 Unit 3~4 单元测试
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听力部分 (共 30 分) 共
一、听录音,选择你听到的一项。(10 分) 听录音,选择你听到的一项。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. )
  2. )
  3. )
  4. )
  5. )
  6. )
  7. )
  8. )
  9. )
  10. A. watch A. weekend A. in A. fly A.swimming A. Sunday A.climb A. can A. 去游泳 A. 上周 B. watched B. week B.into B. flew B.skiing B.today B.clean B. run B. 去郊游 B. 昨天 C. wash C. swim C. on C. five C. hiking C.yesterday C. cook C. fun C. 去钓鱼 C. 昨天晚上 D. washed D. win D. under D. for D. skating D.Saturday D.cloud D.funny D. 去公园 D. 上周一
看图,听音,编号。 二 、看图,听音,编号。(6 分)
三、听录音,选择你听到问题的正确答语。( 4 分) 听录音,选择你听到问题的正确答语。 ( )
  1. A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I didn’t. C. Yes, I did. ( )
  2. A. I go hiking. B. I went hiking. C. I am going hiking. ( )
  3. A. She goes to the cinema B. She went to the cinema. C. She is going to the cinema. ( )
  4.A. Yes, she did. B. Yes, he did. C. Yes, it did. 下列句子与你听的是否一致,一致打“√” 否打“ ” “√”, 四、下列句子与你听的是否一致,一致打“√”,否打“X”( 10 分) ( )
  1.I left Beijing on Feb.1st . ( )
  2.I took a trip with my new friends. ( )
  3. Tom watched TV last night. ( )
  4.Did you help your mom clean her room? ( )
  5.1 went to the moon by a spaceship.
笔试部分( 笔试部分(共 70 分)
一、 翻译。(写过去式 5 分) 写 买礼物 照相 读书 二、写出短语的过去式。10 分 写出短语的过去式。 watch TV take pictures visit grandparents make a snowman sing and dance 三、填空。5 分 填空。
  1. What (do) you do last weekend ?
  2. I (play) football yesterday.
  3. (do) you help them yesterday ?
  4. I (clean) the room last weekend.
  5. She (is) busy last weekend. 四、选词填空。(5 分) 选词填空。 how
  5. 五、单项选择。(10 分) 单项选择。 ( ( )
  1. What did Mike yesterday ? A. do B. does C. did )
  2. your father plays ports yesterday morning? No,he a maganine . A.Do…… read B.Did……readed C.Did……..read )
  3.We together last winter. A. go ice-skating B.are going ice-skating C.went ice-skating )
  4.Mike last year.Now he can speak Chinese. A.1earn Chinese B.1earned English C.1earned Chinese now? )
  5.Who is A.dance B.dancing C.danced )
  6.John and Mike . where what when who is your birthday? On February 1st. tall are you? I'm 168 cm. did you do last night? I read a book. did your father work last year? In a hospital. did you go with? My mother. wash the clothes go fishing fly kites climb a mountain learn English 看见大象 吃美食
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
A.are going to play football yesterday afternoon B.played the football yesterday afternoon C.are playing football this afternoon )
  7.I'm 50kg .ChenJie is 48kg. I'm than ChenJie. A.heavier B.1ighter C.shorter )
  8.I got to Tiajin May 5th. A.On B.in C.Of did you see the goats? In the zoo. )
  9. A.How B.Where C.What )
  10.想知道怎样才能到达 Canada,你问: A.How can you get to Canada? B.How did you get to Canada? C.How can l get to Canada?
六. 连词成句 (5 分)
  5. did , do, you, last , what, Sunday ? did , where, they, on , their. go, holiday ? listened, John, music , to, Mike, yesterday, with, . did there go how Wei Hua . had, time, we, a, last , weekend, good .
选择正确的答句( 七、选择正确的答句(5 分) ( )
  1、Where did you go ? ( )
  2、How did you go there? ( )
  3、When did you take the photos? ( )
  4、What did you do yesterday? ( )
  5、Did you have a good time?
A Last weekend. B We went skiing. C I went to Beijing. D Yes, I did. E We went there by air.
八、按要求写句子。(5 分) 按要求写句子。
  1.I climbed the mountain last year.(改为一般疑问句)
  2. 1 went to the Great Wall by train.(就划线部分提问)
  3. My brother teaches English.(改为一般疑问句)
  4. 1 went to the USA on my holiday.
  5.Did Amy go swimming last weekend? ?(根据答句写问句) (做否定回答)
九、阅读短文,把后面表格补充完整。(10 分) 阅读短文,把后面表格补充完整。
To:Liu Yun@penpal.com From:Alice@penpal.com Dear Liu Yun: I am happy to have a penpal.I am in Australia now. Everyday,I had fun with my friends. On Monday we went to a restaurant.We ate good food. On Tuesday we went to a park.We flew kites.On Wednesday we went fishing. On Thursday we rowed a boat. On Friday we went to the Zoo and saw pandas.
I’ll visit China next month. Your new penpal,A1ice. time place Alice went to things Alice did ate good food Tuesday 不填 不填 the zoo 十、假如你是 LiuYun,请回 e-mail 给 Alice,介绍你上周的情况。10 分 , ,介绍你上周的情况。 To: From: Dear @penpal.com @penpal.com : I am happy to be your penpal. I am in China now.
Thank you for your e-mail.
Last week, I had a lot of fun with my friends.
Your new penpal,


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