一,选出画线部分读音与其余三个不同的单词.(5 分) ( )
  1. A. name ( )
  2. A. see ( )
  3. A. bike ( )
  4. A. these ( )
  5. A. baby B. grade C. have B. meet B. fine C. green C. behind D. plane D. eraser D. different D. that D. strawberry
B. there C. three B. many
C. goodbye
二,按要求写单词.(10 分)
  1. light (反义词)
  3. one (序数词) __
  5. knife (复数)
  6. Japan (形容词)
  2. buy (过去式)
  4. the second day in a week (同义词)

  7. let's (完全形式)
  8. four(同音词)
  9. us (主格) 三,选择填空.(10 分) ( )
  1. It's hot summer in Beijing. A. by B. on C. at D. in
  10. cannot (缩略形式)
( )
  2. I met Kate on way home yesterday. A. my B. me C. his D. him
( )
  3. Bruce, look at your dirty shoes. You'd better them right now. A. washed B. washing C. wash D. to wash
( )
  4. - Can you sing the song in English? -- No, I . A. may not B. mustn't C. needn't D. can't
( )
  5. The doctor often tells him more exercise.
A. to take B. taking C. taken ( )
  6. - What did you do last night?
D. take
-- I did my homework and TV. A. watch B. watched C. will watch D. am watching
( )
  7. The Whites many places of interest since they came to China. A. have visited B. will visit C. visited D. visit
( )
  8. I'm hungry. Please bring me some . A. kites B. desks C. boxes C. cakes
( )
  9. Most of the children enjoy computer games. A. play B. playing C. played C. to play
( )
  10. This is Miss Gao. She your new teacher. A. be B. am C. is D. are
四,英汉互译.(10 分)

  2. 我们的鞋子

  5. 起床
  7. a quarter to one

  4. 照看
  6. on duty
  8. look the same
  10. No.3 Middle School

  9. a map of China 五,按要求写句子.(10 分)

  1. There are some art rooms in this building. (改为单数) There art room in this building.
  2. Give that sharpener to me.(改为同义句)
  3. Ten minus six is four.(对画线部分提问)

  4. She likes this coat.(改为否定句)
  5. We can see some kites in the sky. (改为一般疑问句) 六,阅读短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案.(10 分) Mrs Green is going to give a birthday party for Mary (Mary is her daughter). M ary is going to be thirteen years old. Twenty friends of Mary's are going to come to the party. They are all girls. Mrs Green is getting ready for party. Mrs White is helpi ng her. "Let's make a pretty cake," Mrs White says to Mrs Green. "Ok. Thank you very much." Mrs Green is going shopping now. She's going to buy fruit for the party. Mrs Green buys some fruit. She buys a lot of pears, orange, and bananas. Then she goes home. It's three o'clock in the afternoon. Everything is ready .Now the first girl is arrivi ng. The party is going to start in thirty minutes. ( )
  1. is going to give a birthday party for Mary. A. Mrs White B. Mrs Green C. Mary D. Mary's friend
( )
  2. Mary is going to be years old. A. twenty B. ten C. twelve D. thirteen
( )
  3. are going to come to the party. A. Thirty boys B. Twenty girls C. Forty children D. Mrs Green and Mrs Whi te ( )
  4. Mrs Green buys for the party. A. a cake B. some fruit C. some bananas and apples D. a lot of oranges
( )
  5. The party is going to begin at in the afternoon. A. two thirty B. three C. four D. three thirty
七,小作文.(15 分) 以 Myself(我)为题按下面的要求写一篇英语小作文. 要求:
  2.不得少于 50 个单词.
一, 二,

  1. dark
  2. bought
  3. first
  4. Monday
  5. knives
  6. Japanese
  7. let us
  8. for
  9. we
  10. can 三, D A C D A B A D B C 四,
  1. in the office
  2. our shoes
  3. come in
  4. look after
  5. get up

  6. 值日
  7. 12:45
  8. 看起来一样
  9. 中国地图
  10. 第三中学 五,
  1. is an
  2. Give me that sharpener
  3. What is ten minus six?
  4. Can you see any kites in the sky? 六, B D B B D 七, 参考范文: Myself My name is Wang Dong. I'm 12 years old. I'm a student of No. 5 Primary School in Beijing. I have many hobbies. I like reading and watching TV in my free time. S now White is my favourite book. I have some friends in my class. My best friend is Chen Gang. I often play games with him. My English teacher is Miss Hu. I like he r very much. </P< p>



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