牛津小学英语6B 牛津小学英语
Unit 2 Do more exercise ( Part A )
A: What are you good at ? be good at 善于 What do you do well in ?
B: I’m good at (English,Chinese,Maths,PE…) I do well in … need help with 在……方面需要帮助
Listen and answer .
Q1:What is Jim good at ? He is good at English and Maths . Q2:What does he not do well in ? He does not do well in PE . Q3:Does he need help with his homework ? No , he doesn’t .
Listen and answer . Q1:Who runs faster , Ben or Jim ? Ben runs faster than Jim . Q2:Who runs faster , Mike or Ben ? Mike runs as fast as Ben, 运动员 and he’s a good football player , too . Q3:Does Jim jump higher than all the other boys? No , he doesn’t . He jumps higher than some of the boys in his class .
Listen and answer . 建议 Q1: What’s his father’s suggestion ? Do more exercise . 做更多锻炼 Q2: How to do ? 更早起床 Jim will get up earlier every day and 做一些锻炼 do some exercise before he goes to school . 慢跑去学校 He can jog to school in the morning and play ball games after school .
Read and judge .
  1.Jim is as strong as the other boys . (F)
  2.Ben runs faster than Jim . ( T)
  3.Jim jumps higher than some of the boys.( T )
  4.Jim swims faster than his friends . (F )
  5.Jim wants to do some exercise at weekends. ( F)
Dad, I’m not happy.
What’s the matter? Do you need help with your homework?
No, I’m not doing well in PE. Ben runs faster than me. He’s strong. Mike runs as fast as Ben, and he’s a good football player, too. But I think you jump very high.
(那是真的/的确如此) 那是真的/的确如此) That’s true. I jump higher than some of the boys in my class.
And you can swim fast. Yes, but my friends swim faster than me. Don’t worry. Do more exercise. You’ll
get stronger, and you’ll do better in PE. Yes, Dad. I’ll get up earlier everyday and do some exercise before I go to school.
That’s a good idea. I can jog to school in the morning, and play ball games after school. I’ll get stronger soon.
be good at do well in
I’ll = I will 我将要 you’ll = you will
例如:I’m good at running . I do well in running . 例如:I’m good at English . I do well in English .

  1. 高山善于跑步。
Gao Shan is .
  2. 刘涛在数学上需要帮助。 Liu Tao help Maths .

  3. 你英语将会更好。
You’ll do English .

  4. 姚明会打篮球,他是一个好的篮球运动员。
Yao Ming can basketball , he’s a good basketball .
  1.抄写十个词组并默写。 ?
  2.A部分听读三遍,背诵课文第一段。 ?
be good at do well in need help with football player some of the boys do some exercise jog to school play ball games That’s true . Don’t worry .
善于 在……方面做得好 在……方面需要帮助 足球运动员 其中一些男孩 做一些锻炼 慢跑去学校 玩球类运动 那是真的。/的确如此。 别担心。



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