Unit Three It was there!
The first period Teaching aims and demands: 1 能听懂、会说、会读、和会拼写单词和词组 a video recorder, a mobile phone. Earphones, a diary, a pair of glasses, a CD walkman, a handkerchief, a roll of film 3 能听懂、会说和会读日常交际用语 Where’s the …? It’s next to/ in front of/ on/; in/ between/under the … It isn’t there now. It was there a moment ago. Teaching difficulties and importance: Be 动词的过去式 Teaching preparations: Cards, tape, recorder, pictures Teaching steps: Step one Revision 1 have a dictation Step two Presentation 1 learn “a mobile phone” 2 learn “a video recorder” 3 learn “a pair of glasses”
4 learn “a diary” 5 learn “earphones” 6 learn “a CD walkman” 7 learn “a handkerchief” 8 learn “ a roll of film” 9 review the new words learn just now Step three Consolidation 1 T: where’s your …? S: It’s in the desk. T: Where’re your…? S: they’re in the … 2 Be is am ?was are ? were Step four Homework 1 listen to the tape for half an hour 2 copy the new phrases
Comments: How to teach the new words isn’t clear. We can use the pictures, flashes and objects. Teaching the new words should be in different ways.
The second period Teaching aims and demands: 1 能听懂、有感情地朗读本课课文 2 能初步理解课文意思。 Teaching importance and difficulties: 动词 BE 的过去式 Teaching preparations: Tape, recorder, cards Teaching steps: Step One Greetings 1 Good morning! 2 What date is it today? 3 what day is it today? Step two presentation T: What day is it ? S: It is Sports Day. T: All the students are very excited. T: What are they having? S: they are having a running race. T: what do Su Yang and Su Hai do? S: Su Hai wants to take some photos. S: Su Yang is looking for her camera.
2 listen to the tape 3 fill in the blanks 4 read the text 5 cross out the phrases Step three Consolidation Step four homework 1 read the text 2 the phrases
Comments: When we teach the new text, first we can review something about the new context, look at the pictures of the text, lead them to the new text. Then listen to the tape, raise some questions, listen to the tape again, answer the questions. Translate every sentence. At last, let the students read by themselves, then read after the tape. If we have time, let the students act out the dialogue.
The third period
Teaching aims and demands: : 1 句型 2 能有感情地朗读、背诵课文 Teaching difficulties and importance: 句型 Teaching preparations: Pictures Teaching steps: T: Where’s the mobile phone? S: It’s next to the lamp. T: Where’s the CD walkman? S: It’s in front of the computer. T: where’s the diary? S: It’s on the desk. T: Where’s the magazine? S: it’s between the cups T: Where’s the handkerchief? S: It’s on the bookcase. T: Where’s the guitar? S: It’s between the sofa and the desk.
T: Where’re the glasses? S: They’re in the bag. T: Where are the earphones? S: They are next to the books. T: Where are the shoes? S: They are under the table. T: Where are the books? S: They are on the bed. T: Where are the flowers? S: they are in front of the window. T: Where are the stamps? S: They are next to the notebook.
Review the words. Lamp, computer, cup, bookcase, sofa, guitar, table, window Step two Consolidation Workbook Step three Text Step four Homework
Comments: When we teach the second part of the text, first we should let the students act out the dialogue, review the new words, phrases and the
sentences. Then listen to the tape, answer the questions about the second part, read and act out.
The fourth lesson Teaching aims and demands: 1 复习巩固本单元所学内容 2 学习音标 3 加强听的能力 Teaching difficulties and importance: Drills and the IPA Teaching steps: Step One Revision 1 Have a dictation words and phrases Step two presentation 1 review the phrases in, on, under, behind, beside, between, next to , near, at, in front of, … 2 listen to the tape and tick the correct pictures and circle the correct words 3 listen to the words
4 know the IPA 5 read the IPA and repeat Step three Consolidation Workbook Step four homework 1Copy the phrases and recite the text 2 Have a dictation
Comments: After the students grasp the IPA, the teacher should let the students think “Which words also have the same sound?” In this way, we can help the students review the pronunciations of the old words; it is the most difficult problem for them.
The fifth lesson
Have a test Teaching aims and demands: 检查本单元学生掌握情况 Teaching steps 1 have a test 2 check and correct
Comments: In the examination, the students can’t distinwish the general present tense and the general past tense, for example: Where were you last weekend? Where are you at the weekends? Where is it? It is there now.
Where was it just now?
It was there just now.
In the next classes, the teacher should practise the drills more and more.



   Unit Three It was there! The first period Teaching aims and demands: 1 能听懂、会说、会读、和会拼写单词和词组 a video recorder, a mobile phone. Earphones, a diary, a pair of glasses, a CD walkman, a handkerchief, a roll of film 3 能听懂、会说和会读日常交际用语 Where’s the …? It’s n ...


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