六年级英语毕业复习练习题( 六年级英语毕业复习练习题(六)
Name 连词成句:
  1. the, cleaning, Ann, are, I, classroom, and
  2. clock, the, behind, colour, the, pens, are, (?)
  3. is, it, read, his, turn, book, a, to
  4. to, it, time, is, computer, play, and, game, a, go
  5. photos, me, show, your, colour, Li Hong
  6. down, please, Mike, sit, Jim, and
  7. and, listen, the, to, teacher, boys, please, girls, now
  8. your, please, touch, face, nice, Ann
  9. is, English, grade, teacher, Mrs Wang, of, an, six
  10. me, excuse, your, is, little, this, bird (?)

  11. Jim, please, Kate, look, an, after, man, old, and
  12. is, whose, watch, on, the, desk, the, (?)
  13. cat, a, looks, this, hat, like
  14. please, sit, the, desk, on, don’t
  15. look, your, like, Lucy, you, father
  16. his, cat, white, the, car, in, is
  17. think, in, they, I, are, six, row
  18. school, colour, what, and, boys, girls, are, clothes, your(?)
  19. house, her, a, there, near, is, river
  20. can, you, do, what, children
  21. are, these, small, clothes, / on, I, them, can’t, put
  22. a, what, beautiful, girl, is, she, (!)

  23. is, how, girl, the, beautiful (!)
  24. friend, mum, good, my, this, Jim, is
  25. twins, same, the, look, the,
  26. it, put, desk, in, Tom’s, please
  27. what, name, dog, is, Kate’s, of, the,(?)
  28. can, to, get, park, I, how, the
  29. do, time, up, get, what, you,(?)
  30. the, clean, room, TV, us, let
  31. it, is, to, to, go, time, class(?)
  32. in, the, the, big, are, balls, box
  33. like, would, you, these, toys, nice(?)

  34. kite, yellow, the, I, nice, like
  35. isn’t, who, today, school, at(?)
  36. think, mine, I, is, it
  37. we, are, students, grade, six, of
  38. it, put, on, please
  39. book, Mr Read, give, to, this, please
  40. that, whose, is, watch, new(?)
  41. about, o’clock, I, six, is, it, think
  42. must, home, go, we
  43. can, I, do, you, what, for(?)
  44. my, find, can, I, not, ruler
  45. the, over, who, man, is, there(?)

  46. you, sing, can, dance, or(?)
  47. is, a, teacher, doctor, a, or, he, (?)
  48. book, you, not, a, have, Japanese, do
  49. have, we, every, classes, six, day,
  50. are, what, those, English, in(?)
  51. at, old, this, look, wall, the, on, clock, please
  52. Wuxi, is, map, of, a, that
  53. live, in, these, children, English, China, now
  54. pears, can, how, see, many, boy, this(?)
  55. them, put, please, on
  56. me, show, hands, your, please

  57. theirs, English, the, are, books(?)
  58. go, teacher, us, see, the, let, old, and
  59. like, I, on, flowers, desk, the, the
  60. you, a, watch, have, do(?)
  61. the, morning, I, at, seven, breakfast, have, about, in



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