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选出与所给单词划线字母发音相同的一项。 Ⅰ.选出与所给单词划线字母发音相同的一项。 选出与所给单词划线字母发音相同的一项 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. than )
  2. mouth )
  3. splendid )
  4. go )
  5. really A. with A. youngest A. the A. foot A. bread B. month B. your C. think C. mount C. elephant C. food C. please D. mouth D. country D. English D. hot D. eat
B. enjoy B. folk B. here
填补单词。 Ⅱ.填补单词。 填补单词
  1. What is the highest mountain in the w?
  2. S China is the biggest model park in the world.
  3. He came from Guangdong p.
  4. Which c does she come from?
  5. What is the name of this p?
  6. Welcome to China’s F Culture V.
用所给词的适当形式填空。 Ⅲ.用所给词的适当形式填空。 用所给词的适当形式填空
  1. . Splendid China is the (biggest; bigger)model park ) ( ; in the world.
  2. .
  3. . Last night I fell (sleeping; asleep ) very late. Mum gets up ( earlier; earlyer ) than all of us in the
  4. .
  5. . That is ( Jim; Jim’s ) new coat. more ), the yellow one or
Which do you like ( much; the green one.

  6. .
Koko ( won; winned ) the contest yesterday. He was the winner.

  7. .
It’s very cold on the ( snow; snowy ) days in the north of China.

  8. .
Dave is ( John; John’s ) cousin. They study in the same school.

  9. .
Peter is the ( cleverest; cleverer ) boy in our class. handwriting is not good, but mine is even

  10. Your .
( bader; worse ).
选择填空。 Ⅳ.选择填空。 选择填空 ( )
  1. Tim, it’s time school. What’s up? A. of ( B. for C. to D. at
  2. Which is the city in our country? A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. most big
  3. Lions are than monkeys. A. many more dangerous C. most more dangerous B. much more dangerous D. the most dangerous
  4. English is my school subject. A. better B. the better C. best D. the best
  5. Do you know the man a pair of glasses? A. have B. has C. with D. wear
  6. --Did you have a good time at the English party last night? --Yes. We all enjoyed very much. A. us B. myself C. ourself D. ourselves
  7. --Tom, we’ll have a new English teacher. --That’s news. A. amaze B. amazing C. amazed D. surprise
  8. China is famous A. of B. for C. with D. from
  9. Listen, Pat in the class. A. cry B. crys C. is crying D. are singing
  10. A group of people are walking the dinning room. A. across B. among C. through D. past
  11. The teacher makes the girl the songs alone. A. sing B. sings C. is singing D. are singing
  12. The boys works at his lessons in his class. A. hardest B. happy C. the harder D. the most hardly
  13. Look, they a model plane by himself. A. maked B. is making makes D. are making
根据所给汉语, Ⅴ.根据所给汉语,完成下列句子。 根据所给汉语 完成下列句子。
  1. . 是睡觉的时间了。 是睡觉的时间了。 It’s time now.
  2. . 中国最长的河流是长江。 中国最长的河流是长江。 The river in is the Changjiang River.
  3. . 大象是陆地上最重的动物。 大象是陆地上最重的动物。 Elephants are the on land.
  4. . 父母亲通常在星期日更忙。 父母亲通常在星期日更忙。 Parents usually are on .
  5. . 它比真实的小得多。 它比真实的小得多。 真实的小得多 It’s much the real one.
  6. . 泼水节很有趣。 泼水节很有趣。 The is lots of fun.
  7. . 你可以吃到世界各地的食物。 你可以吃到世界各地的食物。 You can eat the food from the world.
  8. 比赛在明天。 比赛在明天。 The is tomorrow.
完形填空。 Ⅵ.完形填空。 完形填空 What do the people usually do on weekends? Some people like to 1 at home, but others like to go out for a walk or play football. Mr. Smith 2 hard in a factory during the 3 .On the weekends, he
usually 4 the same thing. On Saturday he washes his car and on 5 he goes with his family to a village by car. His uncle and aunt 6 a farm there. It’s not a big one, but there 7 always something to do on the farm. The children help with the animals and give them some 8 . Mr. and Mrs. Smith help in the field. At the end of the day, they are all 9 and Mr. Smith’s aunt 10 them a big meal.
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  1. A. stay )
  2. A. does )
  3. A. week )
  4. A. do
B. play B. works B. year B. does
C. be
D. so D. studies D. month D. make C. Saturday D. bring D. were D fruit D. happy D. makes D. Sunday
C. makes C. day C. has
  5. A. Thursday )
  6. A. have )
  7. A. is )
  8. A. rice )
  9. A. full )
  10. A. does
B. Friday C. find C. was
B. has B. are B. food B. hungry B. puts
C. cakes C. angry C. gives



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