六年级英语单元测试卷( 六年级英语单元测试卷(Unit
  6) ) 笔试部分(90 分) 一、填写单词中所缺字母,使单词完整。 分) (5 A.or B. ar C. er
  1. conc t
  2.v lin A. io B. I C. oi
  3. c nt st A. a, o B. o , e C. e , o
  4. p r a A. o , e ,a B. o , a ,e C. o ,i , a
  5. z br A. a , e B. e , a C. e , e 二、情景配对,从Ⅱ栏中选出能与Ⅰ栏中句子相对应的答语。 (10 分) Ⅰ Ⅱ ( )
  1. Did you visit Beijing last summer? A. OK. ( )
  2. What do you usually do on Sundays? B. Yes, he is. ( )
  3. How far is it from here? C. I like spring. ( )
  4. What’s the weather like in summer? D. It’s Wednesday. ( )
  5. Does it often rain in spring there? E. Because it’s cool. ( )
  6. Why do you like autumn? F. Yes, it does. ( )
  7. What day is it today? G. It’s very hot. ( )
  8. Which season do you like best? H. It’s about a kilometre away. ( )
  9. Is Ben going to the park? I. I usually go jogging. ( )
  10. Shall we meet at 2:30? J. Yes, I did. 三、单项选择。 (18 分)
  1.( ) My father Beijing. A. is going to B. are going to C. are go to D. is go to
  2.( ) season do you like best? A. which B. Whose C. How is D. Which
  3.( ) Beijing is very beautiful spring. A. at B. in C. on D. of
  4.( ) It is as as in Chongqing. A. colder B. hot C. cold D. cool
  5.( ) What are you doing? I’m. A. read B. to read C. reading D. read to
  6.( ) It’s than in Shanghai. A. sunny B. windy C. rainy D. colder
  7.( ) She is going to work there two years. A. to B. of C. in D. for
  8.( ) What’s the weather today? A. in B. on C. at D. like
  9.( ) Last winter, I to HongKong. A. went B. going C. go D. goes
  10.( ) People to go to farms. A. likes B. like C. liking D. is like
  11. ( )What are you going to this evening? A. do B. did C. does D. doing piano. Liu Tao is playing football.
  12. ( ) Helen is playing
A. the ; the B. the ; / C. / ; the D. / ; /
  13. Hello, Is that Mike? Yes , . A. it is. B. I am C. speaking D. speak a play yesterday.
  14. I A. see B. saw C. sees D. am going to see
  15. I will happy if you come. A. be B. do C. am D.are

  16. Who is he? He is brother. A. mine B. my C. I
  17. she football everyday. A. playing B. play C. plays
  18. Happy birthday! A. The same to you B. Thank you C.OK
四、英汉互译。 (10 分)

  2.by the way
  4.give a concert
  6.take part in
  8.the sports meeting
  10.have school 五、填空(
  1. I teach lessons. I am a .
  2. I clean streets. I am a .
  3. I sing songs. I am a .
  4. Tom dances. He is a .
  5. Mary writes stories. She is a . 六、根据所给图片及情景完成对话。(7 分) A: Hello, It is Sunday tomorrow . What are your parents going to do? B: They
A: are they going to do it? B: On my uncle’s farm. A: Then what are you going to do? B: I’m going to take part in the contest with my friend. A:Great! I’ll go to cheer(欢呼) for you. B: That’s good. Thank you. Let’s in the school hall. 七、根据要求改写句子。 (10 分)
  1.Helen is going to catch the insects in the park this Sunday.(改为否定句) Helen to catch the insects in the park this Sunday.
  2. I’m going to visit my uncle this evening. (对划线部分提问) are you going to this evening?
  3. She does housework every Sunday morning.(改为一般疑问句) she housework every Sunday mornig?
  4. He is going to play the piano . (对划线部分提问) Going to play the piano?
  5. in , the , we, at , front , park , shall , of , meet ,one-thirty (?) (连词成句)
八、组成句子(5×2 分)
  1. same / the / like / We / things / don’t
  2. bue / to / school / by / He / goes
  3. Ann / TV / on / cartoons / watches
  4. Who / in / a / factory / works / car
  5. from / does / the / Where / rain / come 九、选择括号内正确的一个。(5×2 分)
  1. They (A; has / B: have) lunch in the kitchen.
  2. She (A: watch / B: watches) TV in the evening.
  3. We (A: ride / B: rides) a bike to our school.
  4. Ton and Alice (A: likes / B: like) listening to music.
  5. His mother (A: wear / B: wears) a black coat. 十、阅读短文,判断正误: (5×2 分) This is Billy and his brother’ bedroom. It’ not very big, but it is tidy 整洁) s s ( .There are two beds in the room. There is a desk between(在……中间)the beds. There are some books on the desk. . Some are English books. Some are Chinese books. There is a phone on the desk, too. There are two chairs beside the desk. One is for Billy, and the other(另一把)is for his brother. There is a map of America on the wall. There is a map of the world on the wall, too. Billy and his brother like their bedroom very much.
  1. The bedroom is small, and it’s clean.
  2. There are two desks in the bedroom.
  3. There are some Chinese books on the desk.
  4. There are two maps on the wall.
  5. There isn’t a phone in the bedroom.



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