A.Let’s read and learn.
班级姓名 2011
David is inviting Helen to go to the park with him. They are talking about the activities they can do there . David: What a nice day! How about going to the park this afternoon ? Helen: Good idea, I love the park .What can we do there ? David: We can play badminton and go roller skating . Helen: That sounds fun ! David: Then ,we can row boats in the lake and people can feed the ducks . Helen: Are there places to sit and chat ? David : Yes, there are many benches and tables . Helen : What time should we meet ? David :What about
  2.30p.m? Helen : Ok .See you on Saturday.
New words :
invite [in`vait] vt.邀请 activity [?k`tiviti] 活动 badminton [`b?dmint?n] 羽毛球运动 bench [bent?] 长凳 理解点睛: 理解点睛: What a nice day! 多好的天气啊! go roller skating 溜旱冰
感叹句多用 how 或 what 引起, how 或 what 与修饰的词放在句首, 其他部分用陈述句语序。
  1.以 what 开头的感叹句的结构模式: 开头的感叹句的结构模式: 以
  1)What +a+形容词 名词 陈述语序。 形容词+名词 陈述语序。 ) 形容词 名词+陈述语序 例如: 他是多聪明的孩子! 例如:What a clever boy he is! 他是多聪明的孩子!
  2)What+ 形容词 复数名词 陈述语序。 形容词+复数名词 陈述语序。 复数名词+陈述语序 ) 例如: 例如:What wonderful ideas (we have)! ) 我们的主意真棒! 我们的主意真棒!
  3)What+ 形容词 不可数名词 陈述语序。 ) 形容词+不可数名词 陈述语序。 不可数名词+陈述语序 例如: 多冷的天! 例如:What cold weather it is! 多冷的天!
  2.How + 形容词 \副词(主语 + 谓语)+ ! 副词( 谓语) . 副词 How blue the sky is! 天空多么蓝啊! 天空多么蓝啊! How clever he is! 他多么聪明呀! 他多么聪明呀! How quickly you walk! 你走得多快呀! 你走得多快呀 多快呀!
B.Let’s practice. Let’

一.选词填空。(What / What a / What an / How ) 选词填空。(What 。( nice girl she is ! careful the boy is ! beautiful flowers they are ! delicious the food tastes ! interesting film we will see !

good news it is ! the time flies !
二.句型转换: 句型转换: 改为感叹句)
  1. The students are listening to the teacher carefully . ( 改为感叹句)
  2. We had a good time in summer holidays .
  3. The river is long .
  4. How nice the food is !
  5. How well he swims ! (改为感叹句,两种) 改为感叹句,两种) (改为同义句) 改为同义句) (改为同义句) 改为同义句)
(改为感叹句) 改为感叹句)
she is ! 改为同义句)
  6. What strong men they are !(改为同义句) ! 三.单项选择 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. fine the weather is ! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a )
  2. exciting film we saw yesterday ! A. What a B. How a C. How an D. What an )
  3. great fun they had ! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a )
  4. heavy rain it was ! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a )
  5. fun place to go Shanghai is ! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a )
  6. happy life the old live ! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a )
  7. nice fish they cooked ! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a )
  8. blue the sky is ! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a )
  9. dangerous the animals are ! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a )
  10. good time we are having ! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a )11 )
  11. tall trees they are! A. How B. What C. What a D. What an )12 )
  12. kind they are! A. What B. What a C. How D. How a
历史博物 馆 ( )13 )
  13. hard all these people are working A. What B. What a C. How D. How a
四.根据情景完成写话 Waiter:Good evening! Welcome to our Noodles House. I’m thirsty. Nancy: I’m hungry and thirsty. W: . don’ N: Sorry, I don’t know. W: Would you like something to drink? What about a cup of green tea? I’d N: I’d like a cup of black tea and ice cream. eat? W: Would you like something to eat?We have beef and potato noodles, mutton and noddles, noodles… cabbage noddles, chicken and tomato noodles… I’d N: I’d like noodles with mutton and cabbage. W: A large bowl of noodles is just 10 yuan ,a medium one is 8 yuan and a small one yuan,. is only 6 yuan,. I’d N: Well. I’d like a large one. W: All right. 选项
A. No, thanks. No, B. Good evening! C. How delicious! D. What size noodles do you have? E. Wait a moment, please. F. What would you like? G. Yes, please.



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