五年级英语期中考试试题 五年级英语期中考试试题
听力部分 一. 听录音,选择所听到的内容。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. foot )
  2. A. nice )
  3. A. two bags )
  4. A. fish )
  5. A. Monday )
  6. A. today )
  7. A. heavy )
  8. A. egg B. food B. nine B. two maps B. fresh B. Tuesday B. tasty B. healthy B. eggplant C. would C. fine C. two caps C. fridge C. Thursday C. table C. hurry C. cabbage C. do some shopping B. I’d like some pork.
  9. A. do homework B. do housework )
  10.A. I’d like some mutton. C. I’d like some potato.
二、根据录音内容排序。 。 ( ( ( ( ( ) He is ten years old. ) This is my friend. ) He is from Australia. ) How old is he? ) Where is he from?
My name is Jack。My favourite day is and we have for lunch.
. We have
class teacher is .
are my favourite food. My and
Mr Li. He is our
teacher. He is
. He is very

  1、 ( )

  2、 ( )

  3、 ( )

  4. ( )

  5. ( )
五、 听问句,选择正确的答句。 ( )
  1. A. I like apples. B. I’d like grapes.
( )
  2. A. We have cabbage and noodles. B. I often watch TV and do homework. ( )
  3. A. Yes, he is. ( )
  4. A. He’s smart and active. ( )
  5. A. Yes, I am. 笔试部分 六、填入所缺字母,完成单词。 B. No, he is. B. He likes vegetables. B. Yes, I do.
① 高的 t _ ll ③ 亲切的 k _ nd ⑤ 矮的 sh _ _ t ⑦ 聪明的 sm _ _ t ⑨ 星期二 T _ e .
② 滑稽可笑的 f _ nny ④ 年老的 o _ d ⑥ 严厉的 s _ _ ict
⑧ 积极活泼的 a _ t _ ve ⑩ 星期五 F _ iday
七、单项选择,请将正确选项字母标号填入题前的括号内。 ( )
  1. your math teacher? Mr Zhao. A. What's B. Who's C. Where's
( )
  2. Is she quiet? A. Yes, she isn't. B. No, she is. C. No, she isn't.
( )
  3. What do we have on Mondays? We have . A. Friday B. science C. fruit
( )
  4. What you? A. are B. about C. do
( )
  5. I don't like grapes. They are . A .sweet B. sour C. healthy
八、题中有五个句子分别描述了一幅图画,请将图片的字母标号填在相应句子前 面的括号内。 A B C D E
( )
  1. I like to eat fruit.
( )
  2. Our Chinese teacher is very kind. ( )
  3. I like beef. It's healthy. ( )
  4. What day is it today? It's Friday. ( )
  5. I often do my homework on Saturdays. 九、看图完成对话。

  1.A: What's she like? B.

  2.A:Is he old? B:

B: It's Tuesday.

  4.A: What do you do on Saturdays? B:

  5.A: What would you like for lunch? B: 十、写一篇描述你好朋友的小文章,不少于五句话。 My Friend
听力材料 一、
  1. food Thursday housework
  2. nice
  6. tasty
  3. two maps
  7. hurry
  4. fridge
  9. do

  8. eggplant

  10. I’d like some mutton B: How old is he? B: Where is he from?
二. A: This is my friend. A: He is ten years old. A: He is from Australia.
三、My name is Jack. I'm 10 years old. My favourite day is Monday. We have P.E. and computer class and we have potatoes for lunch. Potatoes are my favourite food. My favourite teacher is Mr Li. He is our art teacher. He is tall and strong. He is very active. I don't like grapes, because they are sour. 四、
  5. Mr. Brown is short and thin. I have hamburger and water for breadfast. I often play computer games on Sundays. It’s Friday, we have math and P.E. I like Fridays. I’d like chicken, cabbage, grapes and eggplant.
  1. What would you like?
  2. What do you have for lunch?
  3. Is he your Chinese teacher?
  4. What’s Mr Ma like?
  5. Do you like mutton?


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