Lesson 19 Listening Listen and mark T or F. (判断下面的句子意思是否与你所听到的内容相符。 ) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Peter’s family will have a visit to China. )
  2. The first place they are going to visit is Hangzhou. )
  3. They are going to take a train to Hangzhou. )
  4. They will also visit Sanya. )
  5. They are not going to Harbin because they haven’t enough time.
Writing Complete the sentences. (仿照例句,根据图示完成句子。 )
Model:The hairdresser is to the north of the park.
  1. The post office is to the
  2. The clothes shop is to the
  3. China Hotel is to the
  4. The park is
  5. The park is on the of China Hotel. of the park. of the park. of the park. the hairdresser and the clothes shop. of the post office and on the
Lesson 20 Listening Listen and choose. (选出与你所听到的句子意思相符的图片。 ) ( )
  1. A B C
Writing ) Ⅰ. Complete the sentences. (根据图示完成句子。

  1. Daming goes to work Daming his
every day. to go to work every day.

  2. They are going to travel to Shanghai They are going to a
. to travel to Shanghai.

  3. Some people like traveling to Beijing Some people like a
. to travel to Beijing.
) Ⅱ. Look and write after the model. (看图,仿照例句完成对话。
Model:A:Where do you want to go for a visit during the holidays? B:I want to visit Nanjing. It’s in the east of China.
  1. A:Where do you want to go for a visit during the holidays? B:I want to visit Changchun. It’s in the
  2. A:What do you think of Beijing? B:It’s a big in it.
  3. A:Where are you going to visit next month? B:I to Haikou. It’s . There are many interesting of .
Hainan Province.
  4. A:Is Chengdu city to the east of Wuhan? B: , .

  5. A:Are Hong Kong and Macao in the south of China? B: , .
Lesson 21 Listening ) Ⅰ. Listen and match. (选出与你所听到的对话内容相符的图片。
  1. Reading
Choose the best answer. (选择填空。 ) ( )
  1. My family A. am ( B. is watching TV. C. are wall in the world. C. longest D. the longest D. be
  2. The Great Wall is A. long B. long
  3. My parents are going A. to take B. takes
a plane to Guangzhou. C. take football. They D. taking a football
  4. Look! The boys
game next week. A. play, have C. are playing, are haveing Writing Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions. (介词填空。 )
  1. Peter’s family is going
  2. The Great Wall is the longest wall
  3. Do you plan
  4. Harbin is
  5. The capital
  6. Xi’an is a trip around China. the world. B. are playing, have D. are playing, are going to have
go swimming with your father? the north China is Beijing. Shanxi Province. visit in Beijing. China.

  7. There are many interesting places
  8. Where will you go
the school holidays?
Lesson 22 Listening Listen and match. (选出与你所听到的句子意思相符的图片。 )
Reading ) Choose the right answer. (选择正确答案。 ( )
  1. ? Where is the Great Wall? ? It’s to the A. east ( )
  2. ? B. west ? of Beijing. C. south D. north
? It’s next to the Temple of Heaven. A. Where is the Ming Tombs C. What’s the forbidden city ( )
  3. ? ? By bus. A. When ( B. Where C. How D. What B. Where is your school D. What’s Peking Opera
do you go to work every day?
  4. ?I’m going to visit Beijing during the school holidays. ? A. I’m visiting England. C. You are a visitor. . B. Have a good time D. What’s wrong? to fly to the West Lake next Sunday?
they Yes,they are.
A. Are, going Writing
B. Is, going
C. Will, going
D. Do, go
) Ⅰ. Complete the dialogue. (补全对话,每空填写一个适当的单词。 A:Hello,Lily. B:Hello,Jim. 1 are you going to do this summer holidays?
A:I’m going to travel to Beijing B:Great! Beijing is a famous A:Yes. And it has a B: A:The 5 6 4 3
my family. in the world.
of interesting places.
are you going to visit? place is the Great Wall, then the Ming Tombs. We’ll also
visit the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. B: 7 else are you going to do? 8 9 Peking Opera at Beijing Theatre and eat . 10 there.
A:We are going to delicious Chinese
B:You’ll have a wonderful A:Of course, we will.
Ⅱ. Complete the passage. (每空填写一个适当的词完成短文。 ) Beijing is a beautiful city. It’s the history. There are and you can 5 3 interesting places in Beijing. They are very more about Chinese history. 4 1 of China. It has a 2
If you want to visit the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the 6 Palace, you can go there by bus, by taxi or by 7 . 8 10 you
If you want to visit the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs, you get up earlier. They are to the about an hour to get there by car. Welcome to Beijing! You will have a wonderful time! Lesson 23 9 of Beijing and it will
Listening ) Listen and choose. (根据你所听到的内容,选择正确答案。 ( )
  1. Where are Li Yan’s family going to visit? A. Hong Kong. ( B. The Water Park C. The World Park .
  2. Li Yan’s mother tells her Big Ben and Tower Bridge are in A. America B. England C. Canada of America. C. famous farm
  3. Li Yan’s father tells her Disneyland is a A. big city B. theme park
Writing ) Complete the dialogue. (补全对话。 A:Hello. B:Hello. 1 is David speaking. 2 you free tomorrow?
A:Hi, David. This is Tom. B:Yes. I A: 4 3 .
shall we do then? 5 very fine. Shall we go to the Summer
B: I don’t know. It will Palace?
A:Good idea! What time shall we B: Let’s make it 7 nine. I’ll wait
6 8
? you outside the school gate.
A:That’s OK. See you tomorrow. B:See you. Speaking ) Try to say something about the famous places. (用英语简单地描述下列地方。
Model:Big Ben is an old and huge clock. It’s a famous interesting place of London.
  1. Tower Bridge
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. Disneyland
  4. CN Tower
  5. Sydney Opera House
Lesson 24 Listening ) Listen and match. (选出与你所听到的句子意思相符的图片。
C Reading Read and match. (选择正确答案。 ) Ⅰ ( ( (
Ⅱ A. By bus. B. Yes, you can. C. At the school gate.
  1. Where are you going to meet? )
  2. What are you going to buy? )
  3. How does she usually go to work?
( ( (
  4. What do you call it? )
  5. Can we go on a trip to Canada? )
  6. Which pen are you going to buy?
D. A flat. E. Some oranges. F. The cheapest(最便宜的) one.
Writing ) Ⅰ. Fill in the blanks. (用所给词的适当形式填空。
  1. CN Tower is
  2. I want
  3. Let’s
  4. I’d like (tall) tower in the world. (see) all these famous (go) to Disneyland , shall we? (visit) London. (go) (place).

  5. We’ll have a three-day holiday next week. What about camping?
  6. Disneyland is one of ) Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks. (填表格。 Big Ben Tower Bridge New York Niagara Falls Sydney Opera House CN Tower Washington D.C. It’s in London. (great)
(theme park) in the world.
Speaking ) Make an interview. (做采访。
Ask your classmates where and when they are going during the summer holiday. And then write something about your interview. Name
Unit Four 单元检测 Listening Listen and choose the right answer. (根据你所听到的对话选择正确答案。 ) ( )
  1. How many people are there in the dialogue? A. One. ( B. Two C. Three
  2.What’s the weather like in Beijing now? A. It’s raining. B. It’s snowing C. It’s sunny.
  3. Where is Wu Dong from? A. Hainan B. Hunan C. Henan
  4. Where is Bruce from? A. England B. America C. Australia
  5. What sport does Bruce like? A. Skiing. B. Swimming. C. Boating.
) Ⅰ. Choose the right words and fill in the blanks. (选择所给词并用其适当形式填空。
there be

  1. Can you tell me where we
  2. We are going to stay here for a few
  3. Now the tour guide
  4. How many
this afternoon? .
us about the history of China. will they go tomorrow morning?
any beautiful lakes in this park?
Ⅱ. Fill the blanks with the given words. (用所给词的适当形式填空)
  1. We plan (take) a trip to Japan next month (city) in China. (do) after class.

  2. There are many big

  3. There are many interesting things
  5. I’d like
  6. Let’s you
(go) to the Great Wall tomorrow? (listen) to some English songs. (talk) about Guilin.
Ⅲ. Choose the right answer. (单项选择) ( )
  1. They often go to school A. by bike ( B. on bike . C. by bikes my home. C. for D. at D. ride bikes
  2. My school is not far A. to B. from
  3. We often go shopping A. in B. at
Sunday morning. C. on D. of
  4. Peter wants
some bread and milk for breakfast.
A. to have ( )
  5. Lily is one of A. tall girl
B. have
C. having in her class.
D. has
B. the tall girls
C. tallest girl D. the tallest girls
) Ⅳ. Complete the sentences.(按要求完成句子。
  1. We will go to Shanghai by plane. (同义句) We will
  2. I’ll go on a trip to Australia. (一般疑问句) on a trip to Australia?.
  3. I’m going to Shenzhen by train. (对划线部分提问) going to Shenzhen?
  4. My parents will go to watch Peking Opera this evening. (对划线部分提问) parents this evening? .

  5. They will visit the Summer Palace tomorrow afternoon. (对划线部分提问) the Summer Palace?
  6. I’d like to go to the Sydney Opera House. (对划线部分提问) ? Ⅴ. Complete the dialogue. (选择适当的句子完成对话。 ) A. I’m sure we will. B. Which city are you going to visit? C. I’m going on a trip to China. D. That will be wonderful. E. There are many famous places in China. A:Our school holiday will begin next week. What are you going to do?
I’ll visit my uncles.
A:Oh,they will be happy to see you. Maybe they will take you to some cities in China. B:Sure. 2
A:We are going to visit China, too. B:Really? A:Hangzhou. B: A: 4 5 I hope we’ll have a good time. 3



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