6A 英语阅读理解(期中) Name Class
A man was walking through(穿过) a forest. He had a few caps in his hands. In the forest there were a lot of monkeys. The day was hot, so he decided to have a rest under a tree. He put one cap on his head and lay down to sleep(躺下睡觉). When he woke up, he couldn’t find his caps. “Where are my caps?” he cried and looked up. He saw some monkeys in the trees. Each had a cap on its head. “Give me back my caps!” shouted(叫喊) the man to the monkeys. But the monkeys didn’t understand(理解) him. They only jumped, laughed and danced. “How can I get back my caps?” he thought hard. In the end he had an idea. He took off his cap and threw(扔) it on the ground. The little animals did the same thing. Happily the man picked up all the caps and went on his way. ( )
  1.One day a man was going . A.to the forest B. through the forest C.to a village D. through the city ( )
  2.The man decided to have a rest because . A.he was hungry B.he was tired C.the day was hot D.he was ill ( )
  3.When the man woke up. A.he found his caps were gone B.he saw a fox C.he had a fever D.he found many monkeys ( )
  4.The man wanted to get his caps back, and he shouted to the monkeys,but it didn’t work. Why? A. Because the monkeys wanted to laugh at him. B. Because the monkeys wanted to wear the caps. C. Because the monkeys didn’t understand him. D. Because the monkeys didn’t hear what he shouted. ( )
  5.The man was when he got all his caps back. A. angry(生气的)B.surprised(惊奇的) C.sad(悲伤的) D.pleased(高兴的)
读 Mike 的日记,选择正确答案。(5%) Last Sunday was a funny day. Liu Tao came to my home in the morning. We studied English together. We read some funny English stories. At about ten o’clock, we went to Chennan Park on foot. And we fished there. It was very interesting. We cooked lunch at about 12 o’clock and it was very nice. Then we cleaned the kitchen. We watched TV after lunch. At about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we played pingpong. ( )
  1. Mike watched TV . A. in the morning B. in the afternoon C. in the evening ( )
  2. Mike and Liu Tao went fishing . A. at home B. in Chennan Park C. at school ( )
  3. They went to the park . A. on foot B. by bus C. by bike ( )
  4. This afternoon they also . A. played football. B. played basketball. C. played table tennis. ( )
  5. Who cooked lunch? . A. Mike. B. Mike and Liu Tao. C. Mike’s mother.
Mr Black works on a farm. He and his wife grow a lot of plants and they have some cows. Every day they work hard from morning to night. One day, Mr Black says to his wife ,“Let’s go to Portsmouth next Sunday. We can have a good lunch there and then we can go to the cinema.” His wife is very happy when she hears this, because they always eat a lot, and she doesn’t like cooking three times a day. They go to Portsmouth by train and walk about for an hour(小时). At 12 o’clock, they want to have lunch. In front of one restaurant(饭店), they see a notice. It says, “Lunch: 12:30 to 2:30
  1.5 pounds.” “Well, that’s good.” Mrs Black says, “We can eat for two hours for
  1.5 pounds here! This is the place for us.” ( )
  1.There are a lot of on their farm. A. plants B. dogs C. cows D. Both A and C ( )
  2. usually does the cooking at home. A. Mr Black B. Mrs Black C. Neither A and B D. Both A and B ( )
  3. Mr Black and Mrs Black walk about in Portsmouth for . A. two hours B. three hours C. one hour D. four hours
( (
  4. At o’clock, they want to have lunch. A. two B. twelve C. twenty )
  5. Portsmouth is the name of a . A. place B. dogs C. man
D. one D. restaurant
二, 阅读短文,判断下列句子是否与短文内容相符,用 T,F 来表示. (一) Many Chinese people have a good time during the Chinese New Year. It usually comes in February. Each year gets a name. It may be called the year of the Dog or the year of the Monkey instead of(代替) 1970 and 19
  80. Usually there is dragon(龙) dance in the street. The dragon is a strange(奇 怪的) animal about 20 feet(英尺) long. It is made of paper and cloth(布). Men hide(藏) under the dragon, and make a lot of noise by shouting and laughing. There are always a lot of firework(烟火). After the dragon dance, the children sing and dance in the street. ( )
  1.The Chinese New Year usually comes in October. ( )
  2. The Chinese people may call 2007 the year of the Pig. ( )
  3. The dragon was made of paper and cloth. ( )
  4. The dragon dance needs a lot of animals. ( )
  5. After the dragon dance, the children sing and dance. (二) One day a crow finds a piece of meat. She picks it up in her mouth and flies to a tall tree. She is just going to eat when a fox sees her. He comes under the tree and says,“Hello! How beautiful you look today!”The crow is very glad to hear that. Then the fox speaks again,“I can see your beautiful face, I hear your voice is nice, too. Why don’t you sing a song?”The crow is very happy. She opens her mouth and begins to sing a song. When she opens her mouth, She drops the meat. The fox picks up the meat and goes away with it quickly. ( )
  1.The crow puts the meat in the tree. ( )
  2.The crow and the fox are friends. ( )
  3.The fox thinks the crow is beautiful. ( )4 The crow wants to sing a song. ( )
  5.The fox listens to the crow and takes the meat away. 三.完形填空 A Clever Grandfather Mrs Hall’s old grandfather lived 1 her and her husband. Every morning he went 2 a walk in the park and came home at twelve o’clock 3his lunch.
But one 4 a police car stopped outside Mrs Hall’s house at half past one, and two policemen helped 5 to get out. One of them said to Mrs Hall,”The poor old gentleman lost his way in the park and telephoned to 6 for help, so we went into a car to 7 him home.” Mrs Hall was very surprised, but she thanked the policemen and they left. “ But, Grandfather,” she then said ,“you go to that park nearly every day for twenty years. How did you lose your 8 there?” The old man smiled, closed one eye and said, “I didn’t quite lose my way. I just got 9__ and I didn’t want to __10 home!” ( )
  1. A. and B. of C. with ( )
  2. A. with B. for C. of ( )
  3. A. for B. at C. with ( )
  4. A. morning B. afternoon C. evening ( )
  5. A. her husband B. her grandfather C. her ( )
  6. A. them B. we C. us ( )
  7. A. take B. bring C.. give ( )
  8. A. way B. key C. home ( )
  9. A. happy B. sad C. tired ( )
  10. A. go B. walk C. run A Big Shopping Mall There is a big shopping mall 1 our school. There are many things in the mall. The people in it are very
  2. On weekdays, we often go 3 things there on our way home. The shop opens at eight in the morning. It 4 at eight in the evening. We can buy 5 things in it. We can buy food, clothes, stationery 6 many other things. But 7any English books there. Now we are in the shop. Simon 8 to buy a rubber. Amy wants 9 two pencils and I’d like to have something __10 drink. ( )
  1. A. on B. near C. at D. in ( )
  2. A. friends B. friend C. friendly D. dear ( )
  3. A. to shopping B. buying C. to buy D. shopping ( )
  4. A. is close B. closed C. closing D. closes ( )
  5. A. a lot of B. a lot C. much D. how much ( )
  6. A. but B. and C. so D. with ( )
  7. A. don’t have B. doesn’t have C. there isn’t D. there aren’t ( )
  8. A. want B. to want C. is wanting D. wants ( )
  9. A. buying B. to buy C. buys D. is buying
  10. A. to
B. for
C. at
D. with
四.阅读短文,回答问题(要求答句完整) It’s Sunday morning. I’m going to have a picnic in the park. I’d like to lie on the grass and look up at the white clouds. I’d like to swing. But it’s raining. I’m sad. I start to cry. Mother says, “Wait! We still have the picnic!” “But how? It won’t be fun. It’s wet!” “Dear Tommy, please read in the study. And I’m going to make a picnic in our home.” Mother comes to the kitchen and starts doing things. Now mother is ready. I come into the sitting room and see a blanket on the floor. The picnic basket is full of chips, fruit and sandwiches. Mother is wearing her straw hat (草帽)and sunglasses. “Come on, my boy! It’s picnic time!” Aha! It’s the best rainy-day picnic!
  1. What’s the weather like today?
  2. What is Tommy going to do in the park?
  3. Where is Tommy’s mother going to make a picnic?
  4. Is Tommy’s mother lovely?



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