六年级英语( 六年级英语(上)lesson1 复习题
一 .单词大比拼(30 分) 1 第六:2 年级: 3 为什么:
  4.因为 5 昨天: 6 手表:
  8.生病的9 停止10 相同的 二.短语互译:(15 分)
  1.in the same grade( ) 2get on( ) 3 on time( ) 4 wake up( )
  5.be absent( )
  7.他的腿受伤( )
  8.在一年级( )
  9.几年级( )
  10.迟到( ) A. 上车 B.缺席 C. 在同一年级 D.准时 E.醒来 F.be late G.hurt his leg H.in the first grade I.what grade 三.写出下面单词的过去式 .is/am wake make see stop were hurt 四.快乐三选一:(30 分,共 30 题,每小题 1 分) ( )
  1. He is. A. come B. comes C. coming ( )
  2. What grade are you ? A on B in C to ( )
  3. Here the bus. A come B comes C are ( )
  4. I’m in the grade. A sixth B six C sixteen ( )
  5. Let’s get the bus. A into B to C on ( )
  6. What your uncle do? He is a farmer. A does B do C did ( )
  7. What’s your favorite ? Math. A sport B color C subject ( )
  8. Why were you late ? A yesterday B tomorrow C now ( )
  9.I am waiting the bus. A to B at C for ( )
  10. What grade Feifei in? A are B were C is ( )
  11. My favorite subject is A school B English C basketball ( )
  12. Today Jim is time. A of B to C on ( )
  13. Where did you in China? A live B living C lived ( )
  14.I like soccer. A play B played C playing ( )
  15. your favorite player? A Who B Whose C Who’s ( )16 Because my watch . A stoped B stopped C stopping ( )
  17. You’d bring him back. A. better B. best C. to ( )
  18. He will playthis afternoon. A. baseball B. a basketball C. the basketball ( )
  19.How abouta band? That great! A. making, sounds B. make, sound C. to make, sounding ( )
  20.I’m in the grade. A fifth B. five C. fiveth 五.读句子,选择合适的答句. ( )Why were you late yesterday? A.We’re in the first grade. ( )Why was James absent yesterday? B.Because I woke up late. ( )What grade are you in? C. Because he was sick. ( )Look! Here comes the bus. D.Yes, I am. ( )Are you in the third grade? E.Let’s get on the bus. 六.写出下列词的序数词 one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
七. 、句子排列: 1 in , grade, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 same, you,
are , you grade yesterday watch you
the, in,
but, were, late, because, were, my,
stopped, late, first, too, today,
he , is , grade , in, the i’m , the ,sixth , in , late, i’m , not. grade

  9.left , It’ll , be,your,on
六.阅读理解(25 分)
Today is Jenny’s first day at her new school. The teacher introduces her to the class. Everyone is happy to meet Jenny. Jenny is from Canada. She lived in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Jim thinks that Ottawa is in the west, but isn’t. Jenny likes her new school and new friends, she also likes to learn, but math is difficult for her. She’s not good at calculating. Her favorite subject is PE and she likes to play basketball. Her favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan. Xiaoxiao likes Michael Jordan, too! 1 Where is Jenny from? 2 Where did she live in Canada? 3 Is Jenny good at math? 4 What’s her favorite subject? 5 Does Xiaoxiao like Michael Jordan? Look at the clothes line in the twins’ bedroom. There are some clothes on it. You can see a green blouse and a yellow skirt. The trousers on the clothes line are black. They are not new but clean. Are they Lily’s clothes? No. I know they are Lucy’s. Lily’s clothes are on a clothes tree near the window. Her trousers are brown, her blouse is white and her skirt is blue. There is a new hat on the clothes tree, but it’s not Lily’s, it is Lucy’s. There is an old hat on Lucy’s bed in the room, it’s Lily’s. There are no clothes on the other bed, the bed is Lily’s. ( )
  1.What can you see in the bedroom? I can see. A .a clothes line B a tree C a bed ( )
  2、What color are Lucy’s trousers? They are . A green B black C brown ( )
  3、Where is Lucy’s hat? It’s on . A the clothes tree B the clothes line C Lily’s bed ( )
  4、How many beds are there in the room? . A Only one B Three C Two ( )
  5、Are there any things on Lily’s bed? . A Yes, there is a hat on it. B No, there is not anything on it. C Sorry, I don’t know.



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