澄新学校 2010?2011 学年度第一学期六年级英语中期试卷 学校 ? 听力部分 (10 一、听录音选单词,从 A、B、C 中选择你所听到的单词,词组或句子: 听录音选单词, 、 、 中选择你所听到的单词,词组或句子: ( 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. )
  2. )
  3. )
  4. )
  5. )
  6. )
  7. )
  8. )
  9. A. younger A.went hiking A. When A.happy A.shorter A.get. A. mine A.ill A. went B. than C. shorter
B. went fishing C. went swimming B. Where B. angry B.smaller B.win B. my B. sick B. took B. her C. What C.sorry C.bigger C. won C.mile C. sad C. saw C. his
  10. A. she
, 二、听录音判断对错,图片与录音内容相符的打“√” 不符的打“×” 听录音判断对错,图片与录音内容相符的打“√” 不符的打“×”(10 分) “×”

  1. ( ) ( )

  2. ( )

  3. ( )


  5. ( ) ( )

  6. ( )


  8. ( )

  9. ( ) (

  10. )
三听录音,选择最合适的答句: 听录音,选择最合适的答句: (10 分) 听录音 ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. Lily is stronger than John )
  2. A. The tiger’s. )
  3. A. She has a toothache. )
  4. A. I went to the park. )
  5. A.He went there by plane. B. John is stronger than Lily. B. The rabbit’s. B. She has a headache. B. I did homework. B. He went to the Great Wall.
(10 分) 四、听录音,填单词: 听录音,填单词: (
  1. I’m 45 kg .But my sister is 47kg. She’s 2kg than me.
  2. Amy can’t kites in the park yesterday. She was .
  3. Where did you go on your holiday? I . 1

  4. Did your fathera mountain last Monday? No, he TV at home.
  5. Last summer holiday I was very in Zhejiang. I for my mother. (10 分) 五、听录音,判断句子的对错: 听录音,判断句子的对错: ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Yesterday was Sunday. )
  2. I went to Dongguan with my parents. )
  3. I went to the bookstore on foot. )
  4. LiuYun is my good friend in our class. )
  5.We read books together in the end. 笔试部分 : 六、补全对话,选出适当的句子,将编号写在空格里(每格一句)(10 分) 补全对话,选出适当的句子,将编号写在空格里(每格一句)( (
  1) Where did you go? (
  2) the Great Wall ,went shopping (
  3) went fishing (
  6) Did you have a good time? (
  7) How did you go there? (
  4) How was your holiday? (
  5) the West Lake,went swimming
Sam:? Jim: It was so happy. Sam:We took a long trip last summer holiday.Jim: Wow! ? Sam: We went to Beijing. Jim: ? Sam: I went there by train. We read books on the train. Jim: What did you do on your holiday? Sam: We visited , and bought many clothes. Jim: What else? Sam: We rowed a boat and took many beautiful pictures in Beihai Park. We ategood food, too. Jim: It’s so wonderful! Sam: ? Jim: Of course, we had a good time in Beijing. (10 分) 七、阅读理解,根据短文内容选择合适的答案,将编号填在括号里: 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择合适的答案,将编号填在括号里: ( Last holiday, I took a big trip with my aunt. We went to Australia by plane. It was in August. We left Beijing on Aug 3rd. It is winter in Australia. But in Beijing, it was summer. I like there, because I like playing with snow. I went ice-skating there and took many pictures. I bought many presents for my friends, too. I was excited , but I was tired, too. I should relax to go back to school. ( )
  1. Whom did I go on a big trip with? A. My parents. ( )
  2. When was my last trip? A. It was in summer. ( B. It was in winter. B. My aunt.
  3. What did I do in Australia? A. I went ice-skating and bought presents. B. I played football and ate good food.
  4. How did I go there? A. I went by subway. B. I went by plane.
  5. How did I feel in the end ? A. I was excited, but so tired. B.I was so bored.
(10 分) 八、根据上下文意思,在下面所给的单词中,选词填空: 根据上下文意思,在下面所给的单词中,选词填空: ( 2
(listened, old, danced, ate, go, fun, buy, played, took, say, Dear, see, learned, sang ,rowed)
November 11th aunt, How are you? Every day I had with my friends. On Monday, we went to a restaurant. Wegood food. On Tuesday, we went to a nature park. Weand together. Wea boat in the lake.On Wednesday, weping-pong,too. On Thursday, weChinese and drawing. We to music and read newspapers in the library.Wepictures. I’ll be back home tomorrow. Miss you and uncle. Yours, Mike (10 分) 九、根据答句写问句: 根据答句写问句: (
  1.? Lucy is 161cm tall.
  2.? Jack has a toothache.
  3.? My brother cleaned the room at home yesterday.
  4.? Yes, Jim and Peter flew kites in the park last Friday.
  5.? I went to Qinghai by train last month. (10 分) 十、看图作文: 看图作文: ( 请根据所给图片并以“My last winter holiday”为题写一篇小短文,描述自己在假期做过的一些有意义或有趣的事情。要求条理清楚, 语句连贯,不得少于 5 句话。

附加题:请写出反义词: 加分题5 (加分题 附加题:请写出反义词: 加分题5分) ( (请动动脑筋吧!你将会有大的收获!Please try!) at first fast on come-- up black-- open-- the tallest in front of turn off--



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