命题团体赛 六年级英语试题( 英语试题 (编号 六年级英语试题(卷) 编号 (
听力测试 一、 听音,选出你所听到的单词,听两遍。 (10 分) ( ( ( )
  1.A.finish )
  2.A.helpful )
  3.A.badminton C.section ( ( )
  4.A.must )
  5.A.relative B.member B.garlic B.fun B.hard C.fat D.run D.thankful
,they’ll look at our class project.

,they’ll have tea and cakes.
  4.Joe lives from school.

  5.Don’t keep . 笔试测试 四、 ( ( ( D.make D.restaurrant ( ( ( 五、 选出不同类的单词选项。 (12 分) )
  1.A.. pizza )
  2.A.fireman )
  3.A.bread )
  4.A.usually )
  5.A.tasty )
  6.A..apple 英汉互译。 分) (8
  6.go cycling
  8.与?? ??谈话 ? ? B.cake B.teacher B.yogurt B.always B.salad B.banana C.water C.doctor C.tea C.ofen C.salty D.rice D.grandson D.juice D.kind D. bitter
B.blackboard D.noticeboard C.market C.chior
二、 听音,选择正确的答句,听两遍。 (12 分) ( )
  1.A.. ( )
  2.A.. B. ( ) You have two aunts. B.I have three aunts.
C.tomato D.pear
I would like to be a pilot. I’d like some meat.

  1.at weekends
  3.after that

  3.A..I usually go to school on foot. B.We must not walk on the grass.

  7.not at all

  4. A..I’d like some noodles for lunch. B.I’d like some chicken wings fer dinner.
六、根据单词首字母和句子提示,完成单词。 分) (9
  1.I have bsome prawns in the supermaket.
  2.?Would you like rice odumplings? ?I’d like rice.
  3.I usually have a lot of ffruit every day.
  4.Your diet is hthan my diet..
  5.He sometimes plays games whis cousin.
  6.They are lfor school. 七、单项选择。(14 分) ( )
  1.She always her food me . A.shares,for B.shares, with
( )

  5.A..Because they are delicious. B.Because they are salty.

  6.A..Yse , I do. B.OK , Here you are.
三、听音,填单词,补全句子,听两遍。 (10 分)
  1.?What of vegetables would you like? ?I would like .
  2. It me about ten minutes to to the supermaket.
  3.,they will visit our classroom.
C.share,with (
D.share, to
Simon:I’d like noodles for dinner. Mum:Would you like some vegetaables and soup? Tom:Yes ,I’d like some vegetables and soup. Mum:What kind of vegetables and soup? Tom:Let’s have tomato and egg soup and fried cabbage. Mum:What would you like ?
  2.?are you going to Beijing??By plane. A.What B.Where C.When D.How
  3.He works in a bank..He is a . A.fireman B.policeman C.clerk D.shop assistant
  4.Jim will in the gym. A.am B.be C.is D.are
Kitty:I’d like fried eggs with bacon. Mum:OK,but we need to buy some food first.
  1. What would Simon like for dinner?
  2. What kind of soup would Tom like ?
  3. What kind of vegetables would Tom like ?
  4. What would Kitty like?
  5. How many children does Mum have?
  5.He wants some students the parents. A.to welcome C.welcomes B.welcome D.welcome to
  6.I see a few shops I am walking to the cinema. A.what B.where C.how D.when
  7.How many do you have? A.aunts B.aunt C.cousin D.father
八、按要求写句子。 (10 分)
  1.I like spicy sausages.(用 why 来提问)
  2.I’d like some apple juice.(就划线部分提问)
  3.What kind of fruit would you like ? Strawberries or apples?(根 据实际情况回答)

  4.Would you like some bread?(做出肯定回答和否定回答)
  5.Shall we buy some orange?(做出肯定回答) 九、阅读短文,回答问题。 (15 分) Mum:What would you like for dinner tonight?
命题团体赛六年级 英语参考答案及评分标准( 英语参考答案及评分标准(编号
听力原文: 一、 听音,选出你听到的单词,听 2 遍。

  5. restaurant

  2.tell lies
  4.come back
  5.Open Day
  7.一点也不,完全不 三、
  6.late 四、1?6 BDCBADAsss
  8.talk to

  6.tomorrow 二、听音,选择正确的答句,听 2 遍。
  1. How many aunts do you have ?
  2. What would you like to be ?
  3.What does this sign mean ?
  4.What would you like for dinner ?
  5.Why do you like bananas?
  6. May I have some bread? 三、听音,填单词,补全句子,听 2 遍。
  1. ?What kind of vegetables would you like ??I would like tomatos.
  2.It takes me about ten minutes to get to the supermarket.
  3. First ,they will visit our classroom.Then ,they wil look at our class project.Finally,they will have tea and cakes.
  4.Joe lives far away from school.
  5.Don’t keep quiet. 听力测试: 一、 BADCDB 二、BABBAB 三 、
  5.quiet 笔试部分: 一、1?6 CDADBC
  4.far away
  1.He would like noodles.
  2.He would like tomato and egg soup.
  3.He would like fried cabbage.
  4.She would like fried eggs with bacon.
  5.She has three children.
命题团体赛六年级 英语双向细目标( 英语双向细目标(编号
结构 试题内容 听音选单词,将序号 填在()里 听音, 选择正确的答语 听 力 (32 分) 听音,填单词,补全句 子 选 出 不 同项 英 汉 互 译 根 据 提 示,完成 句子 单 项 选 择 题目数 5 6 分值 10 12

语言技能 听做 读写 √ √

单 词
6 8 6
12 8 9
√ √ √
笔 试 (68 分)
句 子
7 5
14 10
√ √
按要求,写句子 阅读短文 完成下列 各题 读短文, 回 答 问 题。



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