六年级英语水平测试卷 一.单项选择 选择一个语法及意义都正确的答案。( 20 分 )
  1. My father is a newspaper in the sitting-room. A. looking B. seeing C. reading D. watching

  2. Anne and Sue are good pupils. I like very much. A. them B. they C. their D. her

  3. There are two bags here. One is Mary's, is Peter’s. A. other B. others C. another D. the other

  4. Whose is that That’s. A. Kate’s mother’s B. Kate’s mother
  5. They all Shenzhen. A. come from B. come for C. are come from D. are come
  6. It’s seven o’clock. It’s time . A. for to school B. to go to school C. for go to school D. school
  7. Where are you going I’m going . A. to home B. home C. go home D. school C. mother of Kate’s

  8. under the tree There are some flowers. A. Who B. Where C. What are D. What’s

  9. Doing eye-exercises is good your eyes. A. at B. to C. for D. in

  10. is ten plus five It’s fifteen. A. How many B. How much C. How D. Which
二.情景交际 根据句子提供的对话情景, 选择一个最佳答案。 分) (10
  1. Today is Wesdnesday. A. What day is today B. What’s the date today
C. What is day D. What is today
  2.Would you like to play football with us , but I’m too busy. A. No, I can’t B. No, I wouldn’t love to
  3.,please I think it’s about 5:
  30. A. What day is it C. What’s the time B. What’s the date D. Where’s your watch C. Yes, I’m glad D. Yes, I’d

  4. I’m going to the English party now. A. It’s your good B. Have a good time D. It’s kind of you
  5. How is Lucy A. fourteen She’s. B. here C. fine D. a girl C. You are happy
三.选词填空。用所给词的适当形式填空,每词只能用一次。(10 分) expensive,careful, by bus,until,what about catch a cold,bad,ring up, run after,play
  1.Tomorrow evening I my aunt
  2.Would you like something to drink a glass of milk
  3.Put on this coat and take care not to .
  4.Watching too much TV is for your health.

  5.How does she usually go to school Oh, . 四. 阅读理解 根据短文的内容判断句子正误, 正确的用“T” , 错误
的用“F”。(10 分) A. December 25th is Christmas Day. In most countries it is the most important day in the year. All the people come back to their home to have the day with their parents or their children. On Christmas Day bells ring everywhere. The ringing bells tell people Christmas is coming, people sing and dance day and night. They have a good time. Most families buy a Christmas tree for their children. And there are some presents hanging from the tree here and there, People also put presents in children’s stockings. In many places, Father Christmas himself brings presents to them. He is a king man and in red clothes. There is a big bag in his back. In it there are a lot of presents. Christmas is also a day when people enjoy all kinds of food. But some poor people have no homes and have no food to eat. They die of cold and hunger on Christmas Day.
  1. Christmas is a very important day in some countries in the
year. ( ( ( ( )
  2. Many people have a good time on Christmas Day. )
  3. Father Christmas wears red clothes. )
  4. There are a lot of Christmas trees in Father Christmas’ bag. )
  5. Some poor people die on Christmas Day because they
have no homes and no food to eat.



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