小学六年级英语 1-3 单元测试题 姓名: 成绩: I. 听力测试( 23 分 ) 一、听录音,选择你所听到的单词(每小题 1 分,共 5 分) ①A.bike B.subway C.kindergarten D.kind ②A.taxi B.car C.foot D.cheap ③A,fast B.foot C,bus D.plane ④A.stop B.wait C.go D.around ⑤A.unicycle B.tricycle C.bicycle D.subway 二、听录音,补全单词(每小题 2 分,共 10 分) ①How do you go to school? I go to school by . ②Where is the ? Go straight and then turn left. It's near the bank. ③Do you know therules? Sorry,I don't know.P1ease tell me. OK. ④How do you go to Beijing? I'm going there by. ⑤No one goes to Hainan by bus. It’s ,but it's too far to go there. 三、听录音,选出正确答案,正确的打对。 (每题 1 分,计 4 分) wa bike foot subway tricycle taxi y name Mr. Black Liu Yun Wu Yifan Bai Ling 四、听录音,圈出正确的选项(每小题 1 分,共 4 分) ①A. I go to school by bike.
B. I go to the zoo by bike. C. I go to the zoo by bus. ②A. I can go if the light is green. B. I can wait if the light is red. C. I can stop if the light is yellow. ③A. Tricycle has two wheels. B. Bicycle has two wheels. C. Unicycle has one wheel. ④A. Drivers in Australia drive on the right of the road. B. Drivers in the US drive on the right side. C. Drivers in England drive on the right side. II. 基础选择(40 分) ( )
  1. Lily: ? Mike: I’m six. A. Can I have some water B. How are you C. How old are you ( )
  2. Mom: Have some tea, Kate. Kate: A. Thanks. B. Sorry. C. Wow. D. Guess. ( )
  3. Sarah: I’m sorry, I’m late. Miss White: A. It’s OK. B. I’m sorry. C. No. D. Wow! ( )
  4. Sarah: Do you like peaches? Tom: A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, it is. D. Yes, I don’t. ( )
  5. Mr. Black: Here you are, Kate. Kate: A. Here you are. B. I’m from America. C. Thank you. D. That’s OK. ( )
  6. Where is the art room? It’s on the floor. A. two B. second C. four ( )
  7. pants are they? They’re Wendy’s pants. A. Whose B. Who C. What ( )
  8. Can I your pen? Certainly! Here you are. A. use B. help C. make ( )
  9. I want sneakers. A. a piece of B. a pair of C. a cup of ( )
  10. How horses are there in your farm? A. much B. about C. many
( )
  11. Mary a little lamb. A. have B. is C. has ( )
  12. It’s time go to school. A. in B. to C. at ( )
  13. What’s the weather there? A. look B. like C. learn ( )
  14. is the lamp? It’s 5 yuan. A. How many B. What C. How much ( )
  15. do you want? Some apples, some oranges and some bananas. A. How much B. How C. What ( )
  16. I chocolate best. That’s my favorite food. A. like B. am C. likes ( )
  17. there any eggs and any oranges? A. Am B. Is C. Are ( )
  18. day is it? -- It's Monday. A. What's B. What C. When ( )
  19. What do you do Monday? A. on B. in C. at ( )
  20. --How many days are there in a week? . A. Six B. Sunday C. Seven ( )
  21.There is a picturethe wall. A.in B.on C.near ( )
  22.When you get up? A.does B.do C.are ( )
  23. I get up sixthe morning. A.at, in B.in, in C.at, at ( )
  24. is your birthday? A.What B.When C.Where ( )
  25.What do you dothe weekend? A.in B.on C.at ( )
  26. are they doing? They are playing ball games.
A. Who B. How C. What ( )
  27. What is she doing? . A. She can ride. B. Yes, she is. C. She is boating. ( )
  28. Really? Let go and have look. A. us…a B. is…a C. is…an ( )
  29. There is a bee the board. A. in B. of C. on ( )
  30. is the fish bowl? It’s near the window. A. What B. Where C. Who ( )
  31.is that strong boy? He’s my best friend, Zhang Peng. A. How B. Who C. When ( )
  32、 are you going? I’m going to the zoo. A. What B. Where C. Who D.Why ( )
  33. are you going? I’m going by bus. A. What B. Where C. How D.Why ( )
  34. I’m going to buy an. A. English book B. comic book C. dictionary D. story book ( )
  35. I’m going to school my friend, Jack. A. and B. with C. or D. to ( )
  36. I’m going to my grandfather this evening. A. look B. look at C. visit D. watch ( )
  37. You can often buy some things the supermarket. A. by B. on C. from D. to ( )
  38.My mother is going to Shanghai plane. A. by B. on C. from D. to ( )
  39.The birds are singing . A. happy B. happily C. happy very much ( )
  40.If you want to buy some books, you can go to the
. A. book shop B. pet shop C. garden III. 翻译测试: (10 分)xkb
  1.com 一、把这段英语翻译成汉语: 分) (5 Hi, I’m Liu Yun. I’m going to have a busy weekend! First, I’m going to the supermarket with my mother. We’re going after school. Then, at eight o’clock, I am going to visit my aunt. We are going to watch TV together. That will be fun! On Saturday, I’m going to the mall( 购物中心 ) by subway. I’m going to buy a new CD. Then, I’m going to go home and watch it. (What about you? What is your weekend like? 二、汉译英: 分) (5
  5.后天你打算做什么? IV. 完型填空:(9 分) A 请在横线上填上适当的单词(5 分) John: Where is the ①c , please? Policeman: It is②n to the post office. John: Is it near the ③h? Policeman: Yes, go ④s ahead. It’s not⑤f from here. B Wu Yi fan, let's go to the supermarket this afternoon. Great! ① ? I go there by foot, it's not ②. Can you go by bus? Yes, ③. Can you go by taxi?
No, I ④, it's too expensive OK, let's go there . V. 阅读理解:(4 分)新 课 标第 一 网 Zhang Peng. Let’s go to the park this morning. Great! How do we go to the park? It’s easy. Come to my home by bike, then we can go there by bus. OK! Where is your home? Ride your bike to the post office near the subway station. I live in the apartment building. OK! Goodbye! Goodbye! 回答下列问题:
  1) Where is Zhang Peng’s home?
  2) How do they go to the park?
  3) When do they go to the park?
  4) Where is the post office? VI. 句型转换:(4 分)
  1. I go to school by subway. (对划线部分提问)
  2.Can you go to Canada by plane? (作肯定回答)
  3.The three colours of the traffic lights are .
  4. going, am, to, walk, lake, a, near, I (连词成句) VII. 书面表达: 这个周六,晚上 6 点钟,星星影院(STAR CINEMA) ,将会上演《少林寺》( Shao Lin Temple), 你想邀 请你的朋友 Alice 一起去看。请编一则情景对话。 (10 分)
  5.B 二、
  5.cheap 三、Mr. Black: bike Liu Yun: foot Wu Yifan: subway Bai Ling: subway 四、
  4.B II. 选择填空:
  1. C
  15. C
  19. A
  36. C
  40.A III.翻译测试:一、你好, 我叫刘云。我打算过一个忙碌的周末!首先,我
要和我的妈妈去超级市场。我们放学后去。然后,八点钟,我打算去看望我的姑 姑。我们打算在一起看电视。那将会很有趣!在周六,我要乘地铁去商业区。我 要买一张新 CD。然后,我要回家看。你呢?你的周末什么样?

  1. How do you go to school every day? I usually go to school by bus.
  2. Do you know the traffic rules?
  3. How about by train?
  4. What does the boy want to buy?
  5. What are you going to do the day after tomorrow? IV.完型填空:A ①cinema ②next ③hospital ④ straight ⑤far B ①How do we go there? ②far ③I can ④ can’t
V. 阅读理解:A
  1)Zhang Peng’s home is in the apartment.
  2) They go to the park by bus.
  3) They go to the park in the morning.
  4) It’s near the subway station. VI.句型转换:
  1、How do you go to school?
  2、Yes, I can.
  3. red, yellow, green
  4. I am going to walk near a lake.



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