Ask and answer
mmer autumn nter spri spring summer autumn winter Which season do you like best? 你最喜欢哪个季节? I like…best. 我最喜欢……

Dear Miss Ma: How are you ? Do you remember my uncle He is from New teapots of John? He likes the York Yixing very much. He is going there in Summer Holiday . But he wants to know the weather about Yixing. Can you tell me ? With best wishes Ben
What’s the weather like in spring ? It’s … . warm sunny rainy windy
What’s the weather like in summer ? It’s … . hot sunny
rainy windy
What’s the weather like in autumn ? It’s … . cool sunny
rainy windy
What’s the weather like in winter ? It’s … . cold sunny rainy windy snowy
Say a chant: There are four seasons in Yixing. Sping ,summer,autumn and winter. Sping is warm, sometimes it’s rainy. Summer is hot, I hope it’s windy. Autumn is cool, usually it’s sunny. Winter is cold, sometimes it’s snowy. Welcome you , welcome you ,Yixing is friendly.
Listen and answer questions

  1. Who is going to New York next week?
Su Yang’s dad. 将要, 将要,打算

  2. What is Su Yang doing?
She is asking Ben questions about the weather in New York.
Learning Tip (学习方法小提示): 听录音前,先仔细读题;在听录音时抓住关键词, 快速在书上划下来。
Read and fill in the form seasons
spring summer autumn winter
Learning Tip (学习方法小提示 学习方法小提示): 学习方法小提示 我们在寻找某些信息时,应快速通篇跳读,找到所需要 我们在寻找某些信息时,应快速通篇跳读, 的部分。找到关键词后,可放慢速度,仔细读要查找的内容。 的部分。找到关键词后,可放慢速度,仔细读要查找的内容。
rainy and warm hot cool, sunny and windy cold
Listen, read and follow
Learning tip(有节奏 有表情的大声朗读) 有表情的大声朗读) (有节奏,有表情的大声朗读
Fill in the blanks(根据课文内容填空)
In New York, there’s a lot of rain spring in . The weather in hot summer is as as in Nanjing. Autumn is the best season in cool sunny New York. It’s and . In winter it’s than in colder Nanjing. Dad, you need to buy some warm clothes.
Do a survey
Name Season
Miss Ma
Su Hai
cold and snowy
hot and sunny
make snowmen
go swimming
Ask your partners(伙伴) the following questions and then fill in the form(填表).
  1. Excuse me, … Which season do you like best?
  2. What’s the weather like in …?
Homework * Read Part A fluently.
** Write a short passage(小短文 --小短文) 小短文 Weather in Yixing. The
*** 观看天气预报,第二天用英语转述。 观看天气预报,第二天用英语转述。
(复)snowmen 复
make snowmen


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