6B Unit 6
Planning for the weekend
Look and find
(试着去理解文章,并找出其中反复出现的句型。) 试着去理解文章,并找出其中反复出现的句型。) 试着去理解文章
Planning for the weekend
Hello,boys and girls. I’m sunny. I’m going to do housework on Saturday morning. Mum and 。 表示打算做某事,将要做某事。 表示打算做某事,将要做某事I are going to go shopping on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning, I’m going to visit my friends. In the afternoon, I’m going to read books. Would you like to join me ?
be going to +动词原形 动词原形
Look and say
I’m going to …
Read and guess

  1. Grandpa sits down under a tree with a newspaper. He is going to read a newspaper.
  2. Mum sits down in front of the TV. She is going to watch TV.
  3. David is standing beside a telephone. He is going to call somebody.
Listen and answer

  1. Whom is David going to call? He is going to call Gao Shan.
  2. What are they talking about? They are talking about their plans for the weekend.
Learning tips: 当我们听短文时,可以抓住问题记录关键词。 当我们听短文时,可以抓住问题记录关键词。
Look and learn
It is 8:30 on Saturday morning. It is warm and sunny. The children do not have school today. David is calling Gao Shan. They are talking about their plans for the weekend.
Watch and answer

  1. What are they going to do on Saturday?
Learning tips: 当我们需要通过观看动画获取信息时, 当我们需要通过观看动画获取信息时,也 可以试着记录关键词。 可以试着记录关键词。
Watch and answer
Watch and answer

  1. What are they going to do on Saturday? They are going to see a Beijing opera.
  2.By the way, when and where are they going to meet?
(顺便问一下) 顺便问一下)
They are going to meet at in one thirty the Garden Theatre. front of
Read and fill in the form
What are they going to do on Sunday? Who
Play the violin
Play the piano Nancy At the concert Learning tips: Gao Shan 当我们阅读短文时, 当我们阅读短文时,可以通过划出关键词或 Wang Bing 句来获取信息。 句来获取信息。 See them Liu Tao Yang Ling
… is going to … … are going to …
Read and write
David is on Saturday morning. They are talking about for the weekend. On Saturday ,Gao Shan and his Dad are going to. David would like to . On Sunday, David play the violin .Nancy is going to .Gao Shan will Wang Bing, Liu Tao and Yang Ling. calling Gao Shan is going to come with at the concert join them play the piano their plans
see a Beijing opera

  3.好好想想你本周末的活动计划,并把它写下来, 下节课互相交流。
Thank you! Goodbye!



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