Fun With English 6B Unit 6 Planning for the weekend
part A
MoTou Primary School Zhang Hongyun
Work in pairs: A: What are you going to do this weekend? B: I’m /We’re going to …
Play a game.
What is he/she/it going to do? What are they going to do?
Play a game.
What is he/she/it going to do? What are they going to do?
What day is it today? It’s Staurday. What’s the weather like today? It’s warm and sunny. What are they talking? They’re talking about their plans for the weekend.
听读课文,判断下列句子正误,正确的写“ 错误的写 听读课文,判断下列句子正误,正确的写“T”,错误的写 “F”。 ( T )⑴ David is going to see the Beijing opera with Gao Shan. ( F )⑵ David is going to meet Gao Shan at six in front of the Garden Theatre. ( T )⑶ There is a concert in the school tomorrow. ( F )⑷ David is going to play the piano at the concert. ( F )⑸ Nancy is going to play the violin at the concert.
选择你喜欢的人物,分角色朗读课文,填表。 选择你喜欢的人物,分角色朗读课文,填表。
Gao Shan
see a Beijing opera play the violin play the piano
on Saturday afternoon on Sunday afternoon on Sunday afternoon
David Nancy
朗读下列短语或句子, 朗读下列短语或句子, 然后再将其译成汉语。 然后再将其译成汉语。

  1)Hello.Is that Gao Shan? ) (
  2)warm and sunny ) (
  3)have school ) (
  4)call Gao Shan ) (
  5)talk about their plans ) (
  6)see a Beijing opera )
( 7 ) Would you like to join us? ? (
  8) in front of ) (
  9) by the way ) (
  10) tomorrow afternoon ) (
  11)at the concert ) (
  12)of course )
完成下列句子。 完成下列句子。
  1)They are going to take (take) photos this morning. ) (2 ) Su Hai is going cook (cook) nice food for me soon . (3 ) Are you going to play (play)football next Sunday? (4 ) What is she going to do (do ) tomorrow evening?. (
  5)I am going to New York next year.

  1.听磁带,模仿录音中的语音语调, 熟读课文。


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