题目 得分
  2. 八 九 总分 I like
B.When _
What’s your hobby? C.listening to music.

一、选择: A)、找出下列单词中画线部分读音与其它三个不同的选项: (1×
  5=5 分) ( )
  1.A.bus B.supermarket C.excuse D.use ( ( ( ( )
  2.A.teacher )
  3.A.warm )
  4.A.what )
  5.A.went B.weather B.card B.who B.bed C.eat C.park C.where C.me D.please D.mars D.white D.ged
A.collect stamps B.make kites
  3.He playing the piano. A.likes B.like C.do
  4.Does he go to school bus? A.on B.by C.with
  5. What A.does
  6.I want A.be
your father do ? B.do C.is a science teacher one day! B.to be C.being
B):选出下列每组中不属同类的一项: (1×
  5=5 分) ( )
  1.A.plays B.goes C.reads D.does ( )
  2.A.driving B.reading C.sing D.doing ( )
  3.A.I B.me C.you D.they ( )
  4.A.on B.behind ( )
  5.A.driver B.teacher 二、词型转化: (1×
  12=12 分)
  9.watch(单三形式) C.next to D.get to C.office D.doctor
  6.get off(反义词组)
  5.come from
  8.ride a bike

  7.He usually TV at night. A.watches B.watchs C.sees D.looks
  8.Look! they are the new books A.read B.reads C.to read D.reading
  9.I want buy a pair of shoes. A.too B.to C.two
  10.What’s hobby ? What’s hobby? What’s hobby? A.you ,he ,li lei B.your ,he ,li lei’s C.your ,his ,li lei’s
  11.She is A.a ,a artist. He is B.an ,a C.an ,an TV reporter.

  11.dive(现在分词) 三、英汉互译: (1×8=8 分)
  1.wake up
  7.higher and higher 四、单项选择: (1×
  19=19 分)

  12.You can a sprout in several days. A.look B.see C.watch
  13.There several students in the classroom. A.is B.are C.be
  14.I’m to the sky. A.go B.going C.goes
  15.I am going to the piano. A.do B.play C.plays
  16.Take No,7 bus . A.am B.a C.the
  17.Turn right the hospital.
are you going to do this afternoon?
  5.I usually A get B up in C 6:15 in D the morning. ( )

  18.It’s from of the bank . A.on B.at C.in
  19.I’m one year than you. A.old B.older C.young 五、选用适当的词填入下列句子中: (1×
  5=5 分) on what in am are next to
  1.I want to go there
  2. I
  3.My home is
  5.They foot.
八、句型转化: (8×
  2=16 分)
  1.My mother is an accountant.(划线提问)
  2.I’m going to visit my grandparents this weekend. (划线提问)
  3.My plant is not tall.(变为肯定句,句意不变.)
  4.You can go to work by the No, I bus. (划线提问)
  5.I want my flower every day.(把主语改为 Any)
  6.Today they have science lesson.(变一般疑问句子) ( work).
  7.Li Lei’s mother works in a company. (划线提问)
  8.Liu Yun likes playing the piano. (划线提问) 九、小作文: 分) (8 以 My pen pal.为题写一篇小作文。 (要求:字数在 70 字左右)
going to Xi’an this morning. the hospital.
are you going to do ? going to visit the teacher.
六、用动词的适当形式填空: (2×
  6=12 分)
  1.I don’t
  2.She (like) er hu. (do not)like diving.

  3.My mother works in a factory ,she is a
  4.She likes to
  5.Father is
  6.There are many
  1.It’s A
  2.We A
  3.My A
  4.Go A has B hot B the C on C (drink) tea. (strong) than mother. (chind)in the park. the river . ( D seed. ( D two green C leaves. ( D ) ) ) )
七、下列各句都有一处是错误的,请找出,并改正: (2×
  5=10 分)
plant have B
straight at five B C
minutes. ( D



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