六年级英语下册寒假练习 3 一.按要求写词
  1. visit(名) 名
  4. enjoy(过去 过去) 过去
  7. important(比较 比较) 比较
  10. ill(同义 同义) 同义
  13. see(过去 过去) 过去
  16.spend(过去 过去) 过去
  2. stop(现在分词 现在分词) 现在分词
  5. visit(名) 名
  8. use(形) (
  11. country(复) (
  14. have(过去 过去) 过去
  17.eat(过去 过去) 过去
  3. much(最高 最高) 最高
  6. write(过去 过去) 过去
  9. country(复) (
  12. go(过去 过去) 过去
  15. do(过去 过去) 过去
  18. buy(过去 过去) 过去
三.单选 ( )
  1. Peter A. ( )
  2. Mary A. ( )
  3. I often A. ( say me something about the activity . B. says C. told D. speak
12 years old tomorrow . is going to be B. will be C. is D. was a newspaper . D. did , readed
my homework after supper .But yesterday evening I do , readed B. do , read me the news . C. to tell D. for telling C. did , read
  4. Thank you very much A. told B. telling
二. 所给词的适当形式填空: 所给词的适当形式填空:
  1. She
  2. My mum
  3. She doesn’t like
  4. I
  5. You can see no
  6. Dinosaurs lived five
  7. There are
  8. People can find some
  9. Would you like
  10. What about
  12. What
  13. He made five (learn) French in France three years ago . (tell) me interesting stories every evening. (eat) meat at all (walk) to school this morning , because my bike (many) dinosaurs today . (million) years ago . (thousand) of students in this school . (dinosaur) bones underground . (have) some bread? (eat) some take away food (not put) the bike here . you (do) last night? (cook) and (keep) warm in winter . (make) by Peking Man . (look) up words . (make) of wool . (get) water from the river nearby. (find) in Dunhuang . (well) , spring , summer or winter? ( ( ( ( ( (is) broken . ( ( (
  5. There’s A. so many
snow . We can’t go out to play . B. too much C. much too D. too many the north of the USA .
  6. Harbin is A. in , in B.
the northeast of China and Canada is in , to C. on , at
D. to , in
  7. What
this is! D. important news
A. important news B. an important news C. important the news )
  8. There A. was a party in an hour . B. is going to have C. will have
D. is going to be
  9. I’m sorry to keep you A. to wait B. waiting
for a long time . C. wait wood. C. out . C. of out . C. puts , go D. put , going D. with of D. with D. waited
  10. Their house is made A. to B. from
  11. This sweater is made A. )
  12. He A. put , go to B. from on his coat and

  14. We can see some small art work
  15. We use dictionaries
  16. The sweater is
  17. You may
B. put , went
  1. Last Friday , the children had social studies.(否) 否 Last Friday , the children social studies .

  18. The wonderful paintings
  19. Which do you like
  20. Some
(visit) came from Australia . (last) from may to July . (live)in a cave long long ago . ) (get)the dictionary? )

  2. Miss Liu told them about some animals .(一般 一般?) 一般 Miss Liu them animals?

  21. Summer in China
  22. Peking Man
  23. How did you

  3. Dinosaurs were huge animals . (否) Dinosaurs huge animals .

  4. Some dinosaurs ate grass.(一般 一般?) 一般 any dinosaurs grass?
I don’t know
D. Your mother is coming here
六.完形填空: 完形填空: It was Sunday . Mrs. Read got up early in the 1 . She had some housework to do . 2 . She had bought it ten busy

  5. His head was like a monkey’s .(一般?) 一般? 一般 his head
  6. It was sunny . the weather
  7. They brought young trees . they ? ? a monkey’s?
After breakfast she had a look at the watch and found it didn’t
years ago , so she wanted to buy a new one . Her daughter , Sue ,was only four . Her 3 with his work that day and nobody Sue to 5 4
the girl . She couldn’t leave her at home . So she took 6 in the shop .
shop in the town . It was fine that day and there were a lot of 7
Mrs. Read and her daughter went to the third floor and she began to
the watch she liked

  8. They got water from the river-nearby . they
  9.Last Saturday was march 12th . the 五.阅读选择或判断 I can still(仍然 remember my first day at school . I was only 6 years old at that time . It was a 仍然) 仍然 very big room . I sat at the desk near the window . There was another little boy next to me . He sat there and quiet at first . Then he began to cry , because he didn’t want to stay there .More and more students came in , but the boy didn’t stop crying . “Mom , I want to go home .” He cried again and again . Later , the teacher came in . She went to the little boy , and said something to him . I couldn’t hear what she said. Soon the boy stopped crying and began to smile . Until now , I still don’t know what the teacher said to the little boy . ( )
  1. When did the writer(作者 go to school? 作者) 作者 A. 3 years old . ( B. 7 years old C. 6 years old D. 9 years old last day? water ?
best there . But after she bought one , she couldn’t find Sue . She ran to the manager’s(经理 office 经理) 经理 and asked for help . The man began to go up and down to look for the little girl with her . Suddenly the woman 8 someone calling , “Kate!” She found it was her daughter! How happy she and 9 .” “Why not call 10
the girl were! “ Whose name did you call , dear?” asked the woman . “
‘mother’?” “There are lots of mothers in the shop ,” said the girl “Which mother would me?” ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( D. On the chair ( )
  1. A. morning )
  2. A. run )
  3. A. teacher )
  4. A. helped )
  5. A. big )
  6. A. bikes )
  7. A. choose )
  8. A. saw )
  9. A. Her )
  10. A. ask B. afternoon B. tell B. husband B. looked at B. the biggest B. chairs B. make B. thought B. Hers B. answer C. evening C. work C. son C. looked for C. small C. people C. reach C. hoped C. You C. call D. night D. walk D. student D. looked after D. smallest D. animals D. show D. heard D. Yours D. love
  2. Where did the writer sit near the window? A. In the room B. On the desk C. At the desk
  3. Why did the boy cry? A. Because he wanted to go home C. Because he wanted to stay there B. When the teacher went away with his mother D. Because he wanted to sing there
七.首字母填空: 首字母填空: Bill Gates was b in Washington D.C in October , 19
  59. He was a very clever boy , His science and math . When somebody a y what he wanted
favourite subjects at school w
  4. When did the little boy stopped crying? A. When the classmates came in B. When the teacher came in D. When the father came in
to be, he always answered , a scientist . When he was 13 c i . A
old , Bill began to play with
that time , computers were very huge machines(机器 .Once he was 机器) 机器 lots of time doing
C. When the writer came in (
in a very old computer. He and some of his friends s
  5. What did the teacher say to the little boy? A. You must stop crying B. You can listen to the music
unusual(不寻常)things with it . At last , they worked out(设计 a software(软件 不寻常) 设计) 软件)programme(程序 程序) 不寻常 设计 软件 程序 with the o machine . Bill sold it f 4200 dollars when he was only 17 .


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   童梦无忧网 试管婴儿论坛 www.tm51.com 本文由文舟小学贡献 doc 文档可能在 WAP 端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择 TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 PEP 新教材四年级下册英语教案 草塔镇南屏小学 郑力娣 一、教学目的 1、激发学生学习英语的兴趣,培养他们学习英语的积极态度,使他们初 步建立 学习英语的自信心; 2、培养学生具有一定的语感和良好的语音、语调书写基础,以 及良好的学习习 惯; 3、使他们初步具备用英语进行简单日常交流的能力。 4、同时培养学 生的观察、记忆、思 ...


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