小学英语六年级专项练习( 小学英语六年级专项练习(四)
Class Name NO. Mark Listen and judge 你将听到一段独白或对话,根据录音内容判断下列句子的对 错。对的请在题前的括号内打“√” ,错的打“×” 。该对话将读三遍。 (一)
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  5. ( (四)
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  2. ( )My home is near the park. )I have to walk to the subway station. )Li Hua felt sick yesterday morning. )Li Hua hurt his leg yesterday morning. )Li Hua must take some medicine and drink more hot water. )The doctor said Li Hua must go to school in the afternoon. )If you get the flu, you usually have a fever and a headache. )Mary is 13 years old this year. )Mary is going to have her birthday party at home. )We are going to go to Mary’s birthday party on foot. )My present for Mary is a teady bear. )Mary doesn’t like Li Hua’s present. )John is 17 years old. )John is shorter than Tom. )Tom is 9kg heavier than John. )Tom is smaller than John. )Tom and John usually go to school and go home on foot.

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)I go to the No. 12 bus stop by subway. )I go to the post office by bus. )I have to take a bus to the park from the post office.
)Zhang Peng went to Beijing last weekend. )He took many pictures. )He went fishing with his friend. )He was happy. )He was sick at last.
) Sarah, Mike and Amy are cousins. ) Mike is an English boy. ) Sarah is 10 cm shorter than Mike. ) Sarah is 45 kg. ) Amy is from America.
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  5. ( ) In the morning, Amy went to the museum by bike. ) She had lunch with her aunt. ) She went to school to play the piano. ) She went back home at 5:00 pm. ) She went shopping with her mom by bus.
Listen and judge 你将听到一段独白或对话,根据录音内容判断下列句子的对错。对的请在题 前的括号内打“√” ,错的打“×” 。该对话将读三遍。
  1. Tom and John are good friends. Tom is 15 years old, two years older than John. John is 156cm tall and Tom is 169cm. John is 40kg and Tom is 59kg. They usually go to school and go home together. It is fun to see they walk together every day.
  2. We are going to Mary’s thirteenth birthday party this weekend. We are going to take No.12 bus to her home. We are going to buy some presents for her. I am going to buy a teady bear and Li Hua is going o buy a book. I think my present is better than Li Hua’s.
  3. Li Hua didn’t come to school yesterday morning. He went to see a doctor. He told the doctor he had a headache and a sore throat. He had a fever, too. The doctor said he got the flu and gave him some medicine. The doctor told him he must drink more hot water and stay in bed for two days.
  4. It’s not easy to go to the park from my home. First, I have to go to the subway station on foot and go to the No. 12 bus stop by subway. Then I take the No. 12 bus and get off at the post office. The park is next to the post office.
  5. A:What did you do last weekend, Zhang Peng? B: First, I took a trip with my classmates. We took so many pictures on the Great Wall. Later, I went to visit my friends, we sang and danced together. Then, I went swimming. A:Oh, so you had a happy weekend, right? B: No, no. A:Why? B: I had a cold at last! A: Oh, poor John.

  6. Hello! My name is Sarah. I have two good friends. They are Mike and Amy. Mike is from London. He is
  14. He is two years younger than me. But he is 10cm taller than me. H e is 170cm. Amy is from America. She is 45kg. She is 5kg heavier than me. She is tall and pretty. I like them very much.
  7. I am Amy. Today I had a busy day. In the morning, I went to the library by bike. I read books there. After that, I visited my aunt and had lunch with her. In the afternoon, I went to the school for the music class by bike. I played the piano for 2 hours. Then, it was 5:00 pm. I went back home by bike. In the evening, I went shopping with my mom. We took the taxi to the shopping mall. I am tired now. I am going to sleep.

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