PEP六年级英语下册 PEP六年级英语下册 Unit 4 My holiday
Part B Let s talk Let’s
洞水小学: 洞水小学:陈昌容
Where did you go on your holiday? We went to Canada on our holiday. How did you go on your holiday? We went by airplane on our holiday. What did you do on your holiday? We skied and made a snowman on our holiday. Did you have a good time on your holiday? We had a lot of fun our holiday.
Where did you go on your
余 庆 中 学
天 安 门
Yu Qing
翁 安 江 界 河 大 桥
Bei Jing
上 海 东 方 明 珠 塔
Weng An
构 皮 滩 水 电 站
Shang Hai
遵 义 会 址
Tai Ping
Zu Yi
What did you do on your holiday?
went hiking
rowed a boat
went shopping
went ice-skating
Where did you go on your holiday?
What did you do on your holiday?
Let's try
Listen and circle
How do
you go
to school ?
by bike
on foot
构 皮 滩 水 电 站
Tai Ping Bei Jing
天 安 门
遵 义 会 址
冰 雪 大 世 界
How did you go there ?
Zu Yi
Where did she go on her holiday?
How did she go there?
What did she do?
you are sarah.
What’s your name?
Where did you go on your holiday?
How did you go there?
What did you do?
Who How What
Where Harbin
by train
went sking
Sarah went to Harbin. She went there by train. She went sking.


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