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高二上学期期末模拟试卷 高二上学期期末模拟试卷 模拟
第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 单项填空(满分 15 分)
  21. the man’s rude behavior cost him his job, he was still in high spirits. A. As B. Despite C. Because D. While
  22. We can make some adjustments the reactions of the customers. A. in answer to B. in response to C. in reply to D. A,B and C
  23. After graduation, he the challenge, which all his spare time. A. took up; took up B. took on; took on C. took in; took over D. took on; took in
  24. All those about the poor children should be . A. concerned; thanked B. are concerned; thanked C. who are concerned; thanked for D. are concerned; thanked for
  25. My son his clock when I went to get a cup I in his study. A. was winding up; had left B. would up; had forgotten C. had wounded; left D. was winding up; forgot
  26. I wonder what it is that counts when it learning a foreign language. A. comes to B. focuses on C. speaks of D. deals with
  27. Mind if I play a record now? . A. Sorry, I don’t. B. No, just do it, please. C. Yes, go ahead. D. Of course I do.
  28. Some consider digital TV superior satellite TV because it allows the same services to be delivered with clearer pictures than before. A. being; to B. being; than C. to be; to D. to be; than
  29. It will be many years he turns engineer. A. that; an B. when; a C. until; \ D. before; \
  30.book you choose on the shelf our school library. A. Whichever; is belonged to B. Whichever; belongs to C. No matter which; belong to D. Whatever; is belonged to
  31. Come and see me whenever . A. you are convenient B. you will be convenient C. it is convenient to you D. it will be convenient to you
  32. I feel it that I can make a speech my school. A. honored; on behalf of B. an honor; on behalf of C. honoring; on the behalf of D. honor; on the behalf of
  33. Chinese economy suffered a great loss from the May12 earthquake the snow and ice storm in February, 20
  08. Which of the following is NOT true? A. as well as B. in addition C. besides D. apart from
  34. She tried her best to the life there, but failed to make any . A. adjust to; sense B. adapt to; trouble C. adapt to; effort D. adjust to; difference
  35. But for the fact that China also affected by the global economic crisis, we fewer unemployed workers now. A. is; would have B. were; would have C. was; would have had D. were; would have had
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家 第二节 完型填空(满分 20 分) The smell of old, dusty books reminds me of my father. A greedy(贪婪的) 36 , he had many books, most of which went unread. He owned books on 37 from medicine to history and to several sets of encyclopedias (百科全书). When I enter one of his 38 bookshops where he used to buy books, such as Powell's, I am 39 back to a time when the two of us were 40 . I saw him standing by a bookshelf, 41 through a medical magazine, or opening his wallet to pay for yet 42 book, knowing well that Mom would 43 him on "waste money on books and you will never 44 !" I can not hold back my smiling at his mixed feelings, and the impressive memories always strike me even today. Walking past rows and rows of books in our study, I remember 45 , after the cancer struck, he came less and less and read fewer and fewer books. They became just part of the 46 , collecting only dust and
  47. Near the end, perhaps knowing he would never get to read them all, he gave almost all of the books away, 48 only a few. He treated them with an almost holy (神圣的) respect, 49 any crease (皱褶) or damage would destroy them totally. 50 was the man who would pay little attention to a huge coffee mark on a book, replaced by one who would burst into terrible 51 even at a small crease. I have read a few now after he died, and each time it 52 a hurt in my heart. But I suppose it is a kind of quest (追求), because if I can take on his eagerness for 53, his cheerful smile for happiness, and his willingness to help others, then like a match in the darkness, I will bring a little light into the world. And if that light 54 others, maybe it will spread far and wide, 55 up the heavens. I think he'd like that.
  36. A. poet B. collector C. author D. writer
  37. A. something B. none C. nothing D. everything
  38. A. lovely B. fond C. favourite D. enjoyable
  39. A. brought B. held C. dated D.hit
  40. A. surprised B. happy C. disappointed D. sad
  41. A. getting B. seeing C. working D. looking
  42. A. another B. one C. more D. other
  43. A. shout B.speak C. lecture D.say
  44. A. care B. read C. like D. write
  45. A. where B. who C. what D. how
  46. A. background B. sign C. furniture D. symbol
  47. A. memories B. time C. information D. powder
  48. A. remaining B. keeping C. holding D. taking
  49. A. only if B. if only C. even if D. as if
  50. A. Missed B. Gone C. Absent D. Disappeared
  51. A. joy B. fun C. anger D. happiness
  52. A. causes B. makes C. takes D. damages
  53. A. power B. peace C. money D. knowledge
  54. A. pulls B. touches C. pushes D. affects
  55. A. lighting B. giving C. going D. taking 第三部分 阅读理解 (满分 40 分) A On May 29, 1973, Thomas Bradley, a black man, was elected mayor of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the third largest city in the United States, with a population of three million. About sixteen percent of the city’s population are black .
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家 News of this election appeared on the front pages of newspapers everywhere in the United States. Here is how one major newspaper reported the event . LOS ANGELES ELECTS BRADLEY MAYOR UNSEATING YORTY BLACK WINS 56% OF VOTES Bradley called his victory over Yorty “ the fulfillment of a dream ”. During his childhood and youth, people had kept telling him , “You can’t do this, you can’t go there, because you are a Negro. ” Nevertheless he had won a decisive victory over a man who had been won
  43.7 percent. Los Angeles voters have had many opportunities to judge. Thomas Bradley had to form an opinion of him, The son of a poor farmer Texas, he joined the Los Angeles police force in 19
  40. During his twenty-one years on the police force he earned a law degree by attending school at night. He was elected to the city council years ago. At the time of the Los Angeles election, three other American cities already had black mayors, but none of these cities had as large a population as Los Angeles. Besides, the percentage of blacks in those other cities was much larger. Cleveland, Ohio, had thirty-six percent black when Carl Stokes was elected mayor of Cleveland in 19
  67. In the same year Richard Hatcher was elected mayor of Cary. In Newark, New Jersey, sixty percent of the population were black when Kenneth Gibson was elected in 19
  70. Thus election of a black mayor in those cities was not very surprising . In Los Angeles, thousands of white citizens voted for Thomas Bradley because they believed he would be a better mayor than the white candidate. Bradley had spent forty-eight of his fifty-five years in Los Angeles. Four years ago, Bradley lost mayoral election to Yorty. This time Bradley won .
  56. People kept telling Bradley not to “go there” in his childhood because A. he was too young B. he was a black boy C. he came from a poor farmer’s family D. he himself hated the whites
  57. In the author’s opinion, It was surprising that A. the whites would vote for a black mayor B. the black mayor lost his mayor election to Yorty four years ago C. the black mayor came from a poor farmer’s family D. there would be so many black mayors
  58. From the passage, we can learn that people A. voted for Bradley because of his black color B. cared much about his color when they voted C. voted for him to give a chance to fulfill his dream D. voted for him because they trusted him
  59. Bradley hit the front page headline, for A. he was the first black mayor in history B. he once served in the Los Angeles police force C. he was the first black mayor of one of the largest cities in the USA D. a poor farmer’s son could also win an important election
  60. From Bradley’s victory in the election we can see that A. blacks had equal rights as whites in the USA B. black people’s situation began to be improving much more than before C. one can be successful through hard work in the USA no matter what color he is D. it is certain that someday the USA will have a black president B
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家 The Wall Street Journal Asia Edition (U.S.), the Globe and Mail (Canada), the Guardian (U.K.), among other foreign news agencies, have recently published articles on China's earthquake relief. They have all praised the earthquake relief efforts made by the Chinese government. The Wall Street Journal Asia Edition published an article on May 21 saying that on the eighth day of the most serious natural disaster to hit China in decades, the main task of rescuing survivors from the ruins had been quickly replaced by the great challenge of helping them. The article said that people overseas have been deeply impressed by earthquake relief efforts by the Chinese government. The Associated French Press (AFP) reported on May 21 that China has become more open in the whole rescue action. Aircraft loaded with relief supplies from Ukraine, Russia, the United States, Singapore and many other countries have arrived in disaster areas in southwestern China. The Associated Japanese Press (AJP) published an article on May 21 reporting that China is making great efforts to deal with a formidable task caused by the earthquake how to provide temporary shelter for so many people. The article said that many tents have been built; and food and medical care are provided to the people whose lives have been completely disrupted(搅乱)by the earthquake. The Global and Mail of Canada published an article on May 20 that said the rapid earthquake relief work in Sichuan shows China's powerful economic strength. An article carried in the British Guardian said that one week after the Sichuan earthquake, China began a three-day national mourning(哀悼) period at 14:28 on May 19, and all Chinese people stood in silence for three minutes in memory of the victims. The ongoing search and rescue action are still encouraged by one unexpected survivor after another. Chinese officials said that, so far, no epidemic(流行病) had occurred after the earthquake.
  61. How many press media are mentioned in the article? A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6
  62. what is the possible meaning of the underlined word formidable in paragraph 4 ? A. difficult B. quick C. light D. heavy
  63. According to the passage, what is the most difficult and important task in the earthquake-hit areas for the present ? A. rescuing survivors B. providing temporary shelter and food for the victims C burying dead bodies D. clearing away the ruins
  64. What is the best title of the passage? A. Foreign media praise China's earthquake relief B. The rapid earthquake relief work in Sichuan shows China's powerful economic strength C.The most serious natural disaster to hit China in decades D. Tens of thousands of people’s lives have been completely disrupted by the earthquake.
  65. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage ? A. Chinese government made great efforts to relieve the people after the earthquake B. many countries in the world provide China with the relief sup C. in the earthquake-hit areas, people’s lives have been completely disrupted by the earthquake D. the ongoing search and rescue action have completely stopped at the present time C NOT all memories are sweet. Some people spend all their lives trying to forget bad experiences. Violence and traffic accidents can leave people with terrible physical and emotional scars. Often they relive these experiences in nightmares.
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家 Now American researchers think they are close to developing a pill, which will help people forget bad memories. The pill is designed to be taken immediately after a frightening experience. They hope it might reduce, or possibly wipe out, the effect of painful memories. In November, experts tested a drug on people in the US and France. The drug stops the body releasing (释放) chemicals that fix memories in the brain. So far the research has suggested that only the emotional effects of memories may be reduced, not that the memories are wiped out. They are not sure to what degree people’s memories are affected. The research has caused a great deal of argument. Some think it is a bad idea, while others support it. Supporters say it could lead to pills that prevent or treat soldiers' troubling memories after war. They say that there are many people who suffer from terrible memories. "Some memories can ruin people's lives. They come back to you when you don't want to have them in a daydream or nightmare. They usually come with very painful emotions," said Roger Pitman, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. "This could relieve a lot of that suffering." But those who are against the research say that maybe the pills can change people’s memories and changing memories is very



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