初二英语下册重点短语集锦 初二英语下册重点短语集锦 Unit 1
  1. 来参加我的晚会 come to my party
  3. 在周六下午 on Saturday afternoon
  5. 去看医生 go to the doctor
  7. 下一次 another time
  9. 玩得高兴 have fun
  11. 棒球比赛 baseball game
  13. 为考试而学习 study for a test
  15. 多谢邀请 Thanks a lot for the invitation.
  17. 保持安静 keep quiet
  20. 文化俱乐部 culture club
  23. 去看牙医 go to the dentist Unit2
  1.长头发 long hair
  3.更外向 more outgoing
  5.正如你所看到的 as you can see
  7. 看起来一样 look the same
  9. 喜欢参加晚会 enjoy going to the parties
  11. 共用; 共有 in common
  2.更擅长运动的 more athletic
  4.更文静 quieter
  6. 在某些方面 in some ways
  8. 看起来不同 look different
  10. 多于; 超过 more than
  12. 同…一样… as…as
  2. 我愿意 I’d love to.
  4. 上钢琴课 have a piano lesson
  6. 太多家庭作业 too much homework
  8. 谢谢邀请 Thanks for asking.
  10. 去商业街/商场 go to the mall
  12. 后天 the day after tomorrow
  14. 临时照看他的妹妹 babysit his sister
  16. 在度假期 be on vacation
  19. 足球比赛 football match
  22. 过来 come over to

  18. 打网球 play tennis

  21. 整天 the whole day

  24. 来加入我们 Come and join us.

  13. 擅长; 在…方面做得好 be good at
  15. 使我大笑 make me laugh
  17. 与…不同 be different from 19 没必要干…it’s not necessary to do …
  21.在友谊中 in a friendship
  23. 喜欢讲笑话 enjoy telling jokes
  25. 停止讲话 stop talking Unit3
  1. 剥去香蕉皮 peel the bananas
  6. 多少 how many/much
  8. 做水果沙拉 make fruit salad

  14. 与…一样 the same as
  16. 大多数 most of
  18. 相反的观点 opposite views
  20.在…战胜…beat sb in…
  22. 善待孩子们 be good with children
  24. 招聘老师 teacher wanted
  26. 呆在家 stay at home

  2.打开 turn on

  3. 切碎 cut up

  4.. 把…倒进… pour…into

  7. 一匙… one teaspoon of
  9. 放进 put in
  10. 一杯 a cup of

  11. 混合在一起 mix up
  12. 两片面包 two slices of bread
  13. 把…放在…上 put…on…
  14. 把…加到…上 add…to…
  15. 在顶部 on the top
  16. 一个…的食谱 a recipe for Unit 4
  1. 郊游 /学校旅行 school trip
  4.吃冰淇淋 have/eat ice cream
  7. 照相 take photos
  2. 去水族馆 go to the aquarium
  3. 闲逛 hang out

  5.买纪念品 buy a souvenir
  6.去动物园 go to the zoo
  8.有…there be …
  9. 其余什么 what else
  11.玩得愉快 have a great time

  10.得到他的亲笔签名 get his autograph
  12. 旅游者中心 the Visitors’ Center

  13.看一部关于… 的电影 watch a movie about …
  14.看海豚表演 watch a dolphin show Outdoor Pool
  17. 礼品店 the Gift Shop
  19. 乘地铁 take the subway
  21.睡懒觉/起得晚 sleep late

  15. 在那之后 after that

  16.户外水池 the

  18.在一天结束时/傍晚时 at the end of the day
  20.乘车回学 take the bus back to school
  22. 开车兜风 go for a drive

  23. 上课 take a class

  24. 在我的下一个休息日 on my next day off
  25. 一个繁忙的休息日 a busy day off
  28. 玩电脑游戏 play computer games
  30. 在院子里 in the yard
  32. 有点无聊 kind of boring
  35. 在我看来 in my opinion
  26. 整天 all day
  27. 看录像 watch videos
  29. 把…拿出来 put…out
  31. 进行一次庭院出售 have a yard sale
  33. 没有一个人 no one
  34.变潮 get wet

  36. 很快见到你 See you soon.
  38. 将来 in the future

  37. 昨天的歌唱比赛 yesterday’s singing competition
  39. 从…回来 come back from
  40. 与…在一起 be with sb Unit 5
  1.国际体育明星 international sports stars 回到:get back( to …) 和…一块去 go with…

  2.出生于…be born in/on …

  3..一位了不起的中国乒乓球运动员 a great Chinese ping-pong player
  4..世界纪录名册 Book of world records
  5..世界打嗝/打喷嚏纪录 Hiccupping/sneezing world record
  6..打破纪录 break the record 创..的纪录 have world record for…

  7.开始干…start doing
  8..太…以至于不能 too…to
  10.打高尔夫球 play golf
  12..为国家对效力 play for the national team
  14.成为一个明星 become a movie star
停止干…stop doing
  9.例如;比如 for example
  11.创作/写音乐 write music
  13..由于 because of
  15.学会骑自行车 learn to ride a bicycle
  17.开始滑冰 start ice skating

  16.一个著名的小提琴家/钢琴家 a famous violinist/pianist
  18.一位善良而慈爱的奶奶 a kind and loving grandmother
  19.成为一位滑冰冠军 become a skating champion
  20.在美国巡回演出 tour the U.S.
  21.学手风琴 learn the accordion

  22.参加 take part in

  23.在国际肖邦钢琴大赛上 in the Chopin International Piano Competition
  24.获一等奖 win the first prize
  26.上清华大学 go to Tsinghua University
  28.女子单打选手 a women’s singles player Unit 6
  1.at home 在家
  4.think about 思考
  6.theGreat Wall 长城 relax at home 在家放松
  2.how long 多久
  5.decide on 决定\选定
  7.go fishing 去钓鱼
  3.get back 回来
  25.健在/活着 be alive
  27.主修;主研 major in
( decide to do )

  8.take a vacation 去度假

  9.something different 不同的东西
  10.go camping 去野营
(something +adj) go bike riding 骑自行车旅行
sports camp 运动野营

  11.go hiking 徒步行
  12.go away 离开
go sightseeing 去观光 13 send sb sth 寄给某人看某物 show sth to sb [have a …time (doing) ]
go fishing 去钓鱼 send sth to sb

  14. show sb sth 给某人看某物 15 .have a good time 玩得愉快
  17.rent videos 租录像

  16. get back to 回到 take a walk

  18.take walks 去散步

  19.vacation plans 假期计划
  20.think about (doing ) 考虑…
  22.do something different
take a long vacation 过长假
  21.Decide on (doing ) sth
  23.plan to do sth 计划去做某事

  24.a relaxing vacation 一个轻松的假期

  25.an exciting vacation 一个让人振奋的假期
  27.at night 在晚上
  29. make a movie 拍一部电影
  31.a good place to do…干什么的好地方
  33.take with …随身携带

  26. forget all my problems 忘记我所有的烦恼
  28.can’t wait to do 迫不及待想干…
  30.finish doing 完成…
  32.leave for 动身前往… Unit 7
  1.程序师 a computer programmer
  3.专业演员 a professional actor
  5.练篮球 practice basketball
  8.搬到…move to …
  10. 高中毕业 finish high school
  12..时装表演 fashion shows 艺术展 art exhibitions

  2.学习计算机科学 study computer science
  4.上表演课 take acting lessons
  6.长大 grow up
  7.将要/ 打算…be going to

  9.搬到有意思的地方 move somewhere interesting
  11.听看来像 sound like 举行艺术展 hold art exhibitions

  13.时尚杂志的记者 a reporter for a fashion magazine
  14.找份兼职工作 find a part-time job
  15.攒钱 save some money
  16.同时 at the same time
  17.周游世界 travel all over the world
  18.为…买…buy …for…
  19.引退到某个安静美丽的地 retire somewhere quiet and beautiful
  20.新年决定 New Year’s Resolutions
  22.取得好成绩 get good grades
  24..上吉它课 take guitar lessons
  26.加大锻炼量 get a lot of exercise
  28.保持健康 keep fit / stay healthy
  30.与…交流 communicate with
  21.学习弹奏一门乐器 learn to play an instrument
  23.组建足球队 make the soccer team
  25.学习外语 learn a foreign language
  27.吃更健康的食物 eat healthier food
  29.学习上更努力 work harder in school
  31.为国际性杂志投稿 write for international magazines

  32.召开迎新会 have a welcome party Unit 8
  1.洗碗 do the dishes
  2.扫地 sweep the floor
  3.倒垃圾 take out the trash
  5.折叠衣服 fold your clothes

  4.铺床/ 整理床铺 make your bed

  6.打扫起居室 clean the living room
  7.让某人搭便车 give sb a ride
  8.开会 have a meeting
  9.忙于做某事 work on / be busy with sth
  11.做家务 do chores
  13.做早餐 make breakfast
  14.洗车 wash the car
  10. 在外呆到很晚 stay out late
  12. 讨厌做…hate to do …/doing…
  15.呆在外边 be outside
  17.向某人借某物 borrow sth from sb
  18.洗衣服 do the laundry

  16.买些饮料和小吃 buy some drinks and snacks
  19.邀请某人去某地 invite sb to somewhere
  20.去商店 go to the store

  21.买饮料和零食 buy drinks and snacks

  22.照顾照看…take care of …

  23.带某人做某事 take sb for sth
take him for a walk

  24.给某人某物 give sb sth / give sth to sb

  25.忘记做某事 forget to do sth
  29.饲养狗 feed dogs
  30.生气 get

  26.和…玩 play with …
  27. 搬新家 move to a new house
  28.向某人寻求帮助 ask sb for help angry/be angry
  31.英语课外作业 English project
  33.需要一些帮助 need some help

  32.去度假 go on vacation Unit 9
  1.舒适的座位 comfortable seats
  3.友好的服务 friendly service
  5.在城里有趣的地方 in a fun part of town
  7.服装店 a clothing store 9 有.质量好的衣服 have good quality clothes

  2.大屏幕 big screens
  4.离家近 be close to home
  6.最好的电影院 the best movie theatre
  8.电台 a radio station
  10.相当差 pretty bad
  14.才艺展示 talent show

  11. 做…调查 do a survey of
  12.质量最差 the worst quality
  13. 特价屋 Bargain House 最有趣的人 the funniest person
  17. 最佳表演者 the best performer 16 属于….go to …
  18.…的价格 the price of

  19.削价/ 减价 cut one’s price(s)
  20.在中国的北部 in the north of China=In northern china
  21.冰雪节 Ice and Snow Festival Unit10
  1.闲谈 small talk
  3.看起来像…look like …
  5.到中午为止 by noon
  2.与…闲谈 have small talk with…
  4.成功的闲谈 successful small talk
  6.很快到来 come soon
  7.在汽车站 at the bus stop
  22.在海南省 in Hainan Province

  8.浏览 look through

  9. 在书店 in a book store

  10.排队 wait in line

  11.等过繁忙的街道 cross a busy street
  12.礼貌的闲谈 polite small talk
  13.多大 how big
  14.球迷 a ball game fan
  15.星期五晚上的比赛 Friday night’s game

  16.干…不容易 it’s not easy doing /to do …
  17.过得特愉快 have a wonderful time (doing)
  18.在星期六晚上 on Saturday night
  20.对… 很友好 be friendly to …
  22.小组内的一成员/一份子 part of the group
  24.干…费了很大劲 have a hard time (doing)
  19.…的一些 some of …
  21.感觉像… feel like…
  23.带…参观 show …around
  25.出现/到来 come along

  26.擅长…be good at …
  27.帮助… 做…help… (to) do …在…方面帮助某人 help …with…
  28.像你这样的朋友 friends like you
  30.让… 很简单 make…easy
  32.干… 很高兴 be happy to do …
  34.和… 一块去 go with …
  29.( 和某人)相处(好)get along( well with…)
  31.…的票 ticket for…
  33.要求…(不要)干…ask sb(not) to do …
  35. 想到…think of …
  38.看两侧 look both ways

  36.爷爷的九十岁生日 grandpa’s 90th birthday
  37.小心/仔细干…be careful to do… 少 at least



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