Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class Name
Anna is very 1 She doesn't 4 6
and shy. She likes to study and do her 2
in her room. She is very 3 .
TV 5 go to the movies. She likes music. 7 . She likes to talk 8 the phone. 9
friend is Maria. Maria is very funny and
likes to go to the movies, too. She also like s to 10 pop and dance CDs. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. friendly )
  2. A. homework )
  3. A. tall )
  4. A. see )
  5. A. and )
  6. A. His )
  7. A. outgoing )
  8. A. in )
  9. A. She )
  10. A. hear B. serious B. housework B. sad B. look at B. or B. She B. serious B. by B. Her B. listen to C. generous C. homeworks C. smart C. read C. but C. Her C. unfriendly C. from C. Hers C. sing D. outgoing D. houseworks D. hungry D. watch D. as well as D. He D. shy D. on D. Herself D. watch
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class Name
Edinburgh Festival Every year, thousands of people come to Edinburgh(爱丁堡),the capital(首都) city of Scotland, to be part of the Edinburgh Festival. For three weeks every August and September the city is filled with actors and artists from all over the world. They come to Edinburgh for the biggest arts festival in Britain. During this time the streets of the city are alive with music and dance from early morning until late at night. You can even see artists painting pictures on the streets. One of the best parts of Festival is the “Fringe”, where students do comedy shows in small halls and cafes. Tens of thousands of tourists come to the Festival to see new films and plays and hear music played by famous musicians. This year, you can see over five hundred performances with actors from more than forty countries. The tickets for these performances are quite cheap and it is usually easier to see your favorite star in Edinburgh than it is in London. So come to Edinburgh next summer, but remember it can be difficult to find a room, so why not book your hotel now? True or False. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. The Edinburgh Festival is a month long. )
  2. You can hear music all day during the Festival. )
  3. More than ten thousand students come to the Edinburgh Festival every year. )
  4. It is usually more difficult to see famous actors in London than in Edinburgh. )
  5. It is expensive to see a play in Edinburgh.
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。
There is a shy girl in our class. She is thirteen years old. She is not tall and she is not short. She is a little fat. Her face is round, like an apple. She has two big black eyes and a small nose. Her mouth is big, but her ears are small. Her hair is short and black. She likes the color red. But today she is wearing a yellow sweater, blue jeans and brown shoes. She dislikes getting up early, so she is usually late for school. She doesn't like to talk to others. She likes little animals. She has a little black dog. She and the dog are good friends. 根据短文内容及首字母提示,完成下列对话。
  1. -How old is the girl? -She isn’t years old.
  2. -How tall is the girl? -She is m height.
  3. -What color is the girl's hair? -It is b .
  4. -What is the girl's favorite color? -It is r.
  5. -What does the girl like? -She likes little a .
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class A Happy Sun day I have four goldfishes in my room. They are very beautiful. I love them very much. On weekdays, I’m always busy. I must study and do homework and so on, so I have no time to care(照顾) them. Name
But today is Sunday, I am very free. Then, I start to enjoy my goldfishes. They are colorful, but each has a big mouth, two small eyes and a long tail(尾巴). I take the food and intend(打 算)to feed them. They are very intelligent(聪明). It seems that they know I will feed them, so they are coming up from everywhere. Everyone is opening up its big mouth and waiting for the delicious food. I am smiling! They look very lovely! Then, I put the food into the tank(水缸). They are eating it very quickly. I enjoy this process(过程) very much! Today, I am really happy! What a happy Sunday!
  1、How many goldfishes are there in the home?
  2、Why can not the writer(作者) care the goldfishes on weekdays?
  3、What do the goldfishes look like?
  4、When can the writer feed the goldfishes?
  5、Does the writer have a good time on Sunday? Grade date
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class Name
Do you know how to study better and make your study more effective (有效的)?We all know that Chinese students usually study hard for long hours.This is very good,but it doesn't 1 you want to study effectively,you must have enough sleep,enough food,enough rest and 2 .Every day you need to go out for a walk or visit some friends or some nice places.It's good a lot.If
for your 3
.When you return to your studies,your mind will be refreshed (清醒)and you'll 4
more and study better.Here takes English learning as an example.First you make a lot of progress (进步)and you feel 5 .Then your languages study seems to stay the same and you may 6 7 you needn't lose hope.At some point your language
it.This can last for days or even weeks, study will 8
take another big jump.You'll see that you really have been learning all the time.If
you get enough sleep,food,rest and exercise,studying English can be very effective and 9 .Don't drop it along the way.Learn slowly and you're sure to get 10 B.keep? B.exercise ? B.ask? B.worried ? B.miss? B.yet? B.not? B.helpful ? B.a good ? C.housework C.sleep C.think C.happy C.leave C.or C.never C.interesting unhappy D.time? D.learn? D.strange? D.drop? D.till? D.always? D.important? unknown? result.? D.look?
( )l.A.spend ( )
  2.A.homework ( ) ( )
  4.A.hear ( )
  5.A.surprised ( )
  6.A.forget ( )
  7.A.and ( )
  8.A.again ( )
  9.A.useful ( )
  10.A.a bad
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class Name
Mr.Wu: Good morning, Bruce. Sit down,please. May I ask you some questions?? Bruce: Certainly. What do you want to know?? Mr.Wu: First, when were you born, Bruce?? Bruce : On June 22,19
  90.? Mr.Wu: Secondly, where were you born?? Bruce: In Sydney, Australia.? Mr.Wu: Where was your father born??
Bruce: He was born in Sydney, too.? Mr.Wu: When was he born?? Bruce: Sorry, I don't know. But I know he's about forty years old.? Mr.Wu: I see. What does your father do?? Bruce: He's a doctor. He works in a hospital here.? Mr.Wu: Is your mother working in China, too?? Bruce: No, she works in Sydney. She's coming to China soon.? Mr.Wu: Oh, that's very good. I have no more questions. Thank you, Bruce.? Bruce: You're welcome, Mr.Wu. Good-bye.? Mr.Wu: Good-bye.? ( )
  1.When was Bruce Born?? B.In 19
  90. ? C.In July. D.On June
A.On July
  22. (
  2.Where was Bruce born?? B.In Australia. ? C.In America. D.In England.?
A.In China. (
  3.When was Bruce's father born?? B.In 19
  54. ? C.In 19
  67. D.In 19
A.In 19
  64. (
  4.What does his father do?? B.He's a teacher.? D.It doesn't tell us.?
A.He's a worker.? C.He's a doctor.? ( )
  5.Where is Bruce's mother working now?? B.In Australia. ?
A.In China.
C.In America.
D.In England.?
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class Name
One day,Sam plays football in the street.Now he kicks the ball so hard that the ball broke one window of a house nearby and fell in.A lady comes to the window angrily at once.? The lady: What are you doing here?? Sam: I' m sorry, Madam. I didn't mean to.? The lady: Now the window is broken. I won't give you the ball.? Sam (comes to a new idea suddenly):I could ask my father to fix it.? After a few minutes, a man, with tools in his hands, comes with Sam. The lady let Sam take the ball away. Soon the man finishes fixing the window.?
The man: It costs you ten yuan, Madame.? The lady (surprised): Aren't you the father of the boy?? The man (more surprised): But aren't you his mother?? True or false:?? ( )
  6.Sam didn't want to break the window but he did.? ( )
  7.Sam asks his father to fix the window.? ( )
  8.The lady let Sam take the ball when the man finishes fixing the window.? ( )
  9.The man and the lady are Sam's parents.? ( )
  10.The lady is surprised because the man is Sam's father.? Grade date
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class My school life My home is far from our school. So I live in school from Monday to Friday. In school, there are many friends. We can play and study together. It's fun. This term, school begins at 8:
  00. We have more(更多的) time to sleep. Everyone is happy. I usually eat bread for breakfast at half past seven. After lunch and supper, I usually go for walks(去散步) with my classmates for about fifteen minutes(分钟). We have twelve subjects in school. I like English best! Our English teacher teaches us a lot. And she is lovely and fairly. We all like her. We have much fun in English classes. In school, I hate washing clothes(洗衣服). It's tired and boring. We don't have too much homework in school. Sometimes, I go to the lib rary to read books. It's good for me. Now I am in grade 2, I must work hard. I think I can be a good student. What about you? Let's study hard together! 根据短文完成下边的对话 A?reporter B?me A:Do you go to school every day? B:No. I live 11 our school. So I live in school on weekdays. A:Do you like to live in school? B:Yes. Because I can 12 with my friends. A:When do you begin school? Name
  13. A:Well, you can have more time to sleep. B:Yes, and Everyone is happy. A:What do you usually do after lunch? B:
  14. A:It ’s good for your health(健康). Can you tell me what your favorite subject is? B:
  15. A:Thank you! Grade date
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class Name
Bill is an Australian 1 . is twelve. e lives 2 his family in China. He H There are 3 people in his family.His father David Clinton,his mother Catherine and his little sister Abbey.He has a yellow dog. 4 name is Barbi.Look! Abbey is 5 with Barbi.His father is mending (修 理) his Car.His mother is cleaning the house.What is Bill doing? Ah,he is doing 6 homework in Chinese.He can't 7 Chinese well,but he loves Chinese very much.Bill’s 8 teacher. His mother works at a TV station.Bill and his works in a middle school as an 9 10 go to the same schoo
  1. ( )
  1.A.child B.boy D. girl ( ) B.with C.on D. at ( )
  3.A.three B.four C.five D. two ( )
  4.A.It's B.His C.Its D. Her ( )
  5. A.1iving B.talking C.playing D. eating ( )
  6.A.her B.its C.his D. my ( )
  7.A.say B.speak C.tell D. talk ( )
  8.A.mother B.father C.sister D. dog ( )
  9.A.Chinese B.Japanese C.English D. Australian ( )l
  0.A.boy B.girl D. sister
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class
Wet paint A young man and an old man are walking in the park. The old man is behind the young man. There is a chair in front of the young man. The old man is very glad(高兴) to see the chair. He wants to sit on the chair for a res(休息)t. He walks to the chair. The young man walks to it, too. So the old man begins to run. Now he is in front of the young man. The young man says, “Don’t sit on that chair!” The old man doesn’t listen to him. He’s sitting on it. He looks happy. The young man comes over to him. He is holding a small board(木板) in his hand. It says, “Wet paint” ( )
  1. The old man is A. in front of ( B. beside the young man. C. behind on the chair. C. put a board
  2. The old man wants to A. stand B. sit and rest
  3. Why does the old man run? B. The young man is behind him.
A. He is happy to run.
C. He doesn’t want the young man to sit on the chair. ( )
  4. Why does the young man say “Don’t sit on the chair”? B. the paint is wet. . Because
A. he wants to sit there. (
C. he doesn’t like the old man.
  5. Maybe the old man’s pants are A. short B. not clean C. wet
Activity is the only road to knowledge . 行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 Class Name
Harry is nine years old. He goes to the school next to his home. He always walks to and back from school. One day he comes back home from school late. His mother sees him and asks


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