international tourism 国际导游 local guide 地陪,地方导游 national guide 全陪,全程导游 national tourist organization 全国旅游组织 China's National Tourism Administration 中 国旅游局 low / off / off-peak season 淡季 Peak/ tourist / on season 旺季 shoulder period/season 平季
state-list famous historical and culture cities 国家级历史文化名城 tour arrangement 旅游安排 tour brochure 旅游小册子 tour catalog 旅游团目录 tour conductor/director 旅游团陪同 tour route 旅游路线 tourist spots 旅游点 travel industry 旅游业
advance deposit 定金 reservation 订房间 registration 登记 cancellation 取消预定 rate sheets 房价表 standard rate 标准价 inn 旅馆,饭店 lodge 小旅馆 hostel 招待所 motel(=motor hotel)汽车饭店(旅店) budget hotel 廉价旅馆
economy hotel(one-star hotel)一星级饭店 some comfort hotel(two-star hotel)二星级饭店 deluxe hotel(five-star hotel)五星级饭店 family suite 家庭套房 single room 单人房(一张单人床) double room 双人房(二张单人床) big single room大床房(一张双人大床)
tripe room 三人房(三张单人床) economy room(ER) 经济间 standard room(SR) 标准间
superior room(UR) 高级套房 standard suit(ss) 套间 deluxe room(DR) 豪华间 presidential suit(PS) 总统套房 honeymoon suite 蜜月套房 valuables 贵重品 Access all day.全天开放 Free entry for all. 向所有人开放
Admission is free 不收门票 Child reductions 儿童优惠 Concessions (票价)优惠 Day trip to … ……一日游 Shopping offers 提供购物机会
一、主语+插入语+谓语动词+宾语 主语+插入语+谓语动词+
  1.泰山位于中国山东省境内,方圆约360 平方公里,是中国五岳之首。 Mount Tai, located in Shandong Province and covering an area of 360 square kilometers, is the first of China’s Five Mountains.

  2.融文化与自然景观于一体的黄山是中 国四大名山中最负盛名的一座。 Mountain Huang, a perfect combination of culture and natural landscape, is the best known among the four renowned great mountains in China

  3.九寨沟在四川阿坝藏族自治县南平县 境内,是一片纵深达35公里的自然风景 区。 Jiuzhaigou, located in Nanping County, Arba Tibetan Autonomous Region of Sichuan Province, covers a land of natural beauty with 35 kilometers long.

  4.离江苏省著名旅游城市仅40公里之 遥的周庄,被誉为中国的威尼斯是全 国著名的旅游景点。 Zhouzhuang, only 40 kilometers away from Suzhou, a famous tourist city in Jiangsu Province, is crowned as “the Oriental Venice”.
二、状语+主语+谓语动词+宾语 状语+主语 谓语动词 谓语动词+ 状语

  1.源于对楚文化的理解,琴台大剧院采 用了国内同类剧院中独有的原创设计。 Based on the characteristics of Chu culture, Qintai Theatre adopts the unique design of similar theatres.

  2.太湖明珠无锡,位于江苏省南部,地处美 丽富饶的长江三角洲中心地带。这里气候 宜人,特产丰富,风景优美,是中国重点 风景旅游城市。 Like a bright pearl set on the Taihu Lake and situated in the center of the beautiful and fertile Changjiang Delta in southern Jiangsu Province, Wuxi is one of China’s major tourist cities, with its pleasant climate, rich natural resources and picturesque scenery.

  3.第八届中国艺术节的主会场琴台大剧院,从远 处看去,它外伸的构件既像是钢琴敲击的簧片, 又似当空飞舞的水袖,粗旷、张扬之中蕴涵着丰 富的楚文化内涵。 Looking from a distance, Qintai Theatre, a place where the 8th China Arts Festival will be held, looks like piano reeds and sleeves flying in the sky, which embodies the connotation of Chu culture.

  4.黄鹤楼雄踞蛇山之首,背倚万户林立的武昌城, 面临汹涌浩荡的扬子江,相对古雅清俊晴川阁。 由于这独特的地理位置黄鹤楼被誉为“江南三大 名楼”之一。素来享有“天下绝景”和“天下江 山第一楼”的美誉。 Located on the top of Snake Hill, the Yellow Crane Tower stands against Wuchang, faces the vast Yangtze River and the elegant Qingchuan Pavilion. Thanks to its unique geological location, the Yellow Crane Tower is reputed as one of the “three famous southern towers”. It enjoys such titles as “best scenery under heaven” and “the first tower under heaven”
古语说:"上有天堂下有苏杭".现在我就 杭州的西湖说说. 著名的西湖 像一颗耀眼的珍珠嵌 入在靠近杭州湾口的美丽而肥沃的中 国东海岸.湖泊面积
  5.6平方公里.西湖 是令人着迷的,它用于许多吸引海内外 游客的景致. 最浪漫的现场,必看西湖的断桥.断 , . 桥的特点是一个著名的明间故事.许仙 和一个美丽的女子,实际上师一条千年 白蛇,第一次在这里见面,并爱上了对 方. 由于西湖感人的爱情故事和美丽 的景色.我想,如果我有足够的钱和时 间的话,我也会去那里旅游的.
古语说:"上有天堂下有苏杭".现在我就杭州的西湖说说. 著名的西湖 像一颗耀眼的珍珠嵌入在靠近杭州湾口的美 丽而肥沃的中国东海岸.湖泊面积
  5.6平方公里.西湖是令人着 迷的,它用于许多吸引海内外游客的景致. An old saying: "in Heaven there is Paradise, on earth Su Zhou and Hang Zhou". Now, I want to say something about West Lake Hang Zhou. The famous West Lake is like a brilliant pearl embedded in the beautiful and fertile shores of the East China Sea near the mouth of the Hang Zhou Bay. The lake covers an area of
  5.6 square kilometers. The view of the West Lake is simply enchanting, which offers many attractions for tourists at home and abroad.
最浪漫的现场,必看西湖的断桥.断桥的特点是一个著名的明 间故事.许仙和一个美丽的女子,实际上师一条千年白蛇,第一 次在这里见面,并爱上了对方. 由于西湖感人的爱情故事和美丽的景色.我想,如果我有足够 的钱和时间的话,我也会去那里旅游的. The romantic science around the West Lake is the Broken Bridge. The Broken Bridge is where the characters of a famous Chinese folktale. Xu Xian and a beautiful girl, who is actually a 1000 years old white snake, first met here and fell in love with each other. Because of the moving love story and the beautiful scenery in the West Lake . I think if I have enough money and time. I will also go there to travel.
中国国际旅行社为各位安排了富有中国民族文化特色的有 趣的旅游线路。各位将要游览举世闻名的景点和名胜,参 观雄伟的古建筑群,观赏珍贵的中国文物。你们还将有机 会欣赏中国戏剧和杂技表演,品尝纯真的中国烹调和地方 风味小吃。我国人民传统的热情和好客将使各位的访问愉 快而又难忘。 在各位做出选择之前,我想谈一下本旅行社有关团体旅游 的报价问题。首先,参加团体旅游的个人其报价均含交通 费、住宿费、膳食费、观光费、导游服务费以及双程国际 机票。 其次,每位成人游客可以携带一名年龄在12岁以下儿童, 以半价收费。最后,如果发生某些不可预见的、使旅游无 法正常进行的情况,本旅行社则保留修改原定计划的权利, 包括全额退费。
中国国际旅行社为各位安排了富有中国民族文化特色的有趣 的旅游线路。各位将要游览举世闻名的景点和名胜,参观雄 伟的古建筑群,观赏珍贵的中国文物。你们还将有机会欣赏 中国戏剧和杂技表演,品尝纯真的中国烹调和地方风味小吃。 我国人民传统的热情和好客将使各位的访问愉快而又难忘。 China International Travel Service is offering you an interesting tour program that is characteristic of Chinese national culture. You will visit world-famous scenic spots, historical sites and magnificent ancient architectural complexes, and appreciate precious cultural relics. You will also have opportunities to enjoy Chinese operas and acrobatic shows, and taste authentic Chinese food and local delicacies. The traditional warmth and hospitality with which the Chinese people entertain their guests will make your visit a pleasant and memorable experience.
在各位做出选择之前,我想谈一下本旅行社有关团 体旅游的报价问题。首先,参加团体旅游的个人其 报价均含交通费、住宿费、膳食费、观光费、导游 服务费以及双程国际机票。 Before you make a decision on our tour, I’d like to make some remarks about the quotation policies regarding the group tours with this travel agency. First, and individual’s quotation for each group tour includes the cost of transportation, accommodation, meals, sightseeing, tour-guide service and round-trip international airplane tickets.
其次,每位成人游客可以携带一名年龄在12岁以下 儿童,以半价收费。最后,如果发生某些不可预见 的、使旅游无法正常进行的情况,本旅行社则保留 修改原定计划的权利,包括全额退费。 Next, each adult can take a child under the age of twelve, whose quotation is calculated on a halfprice basis. And finally, we reserve the right to make changes to the set itinerary should we encounter any unforeseeable circumstances which would prevent us from otherwise normal operations, including a full refund.
藏族自治区 Tibetan Autonomous Region 自然风景区 land of natural beauty 终年积雪 snow- topped throughout the year 世外桃源 a heaven of peace 沉淀物 sediment 五花海 multicolored sea 表达爱慕之情 …as a token of love 自然生态 natural ecology 生物进化 evolution of organism 地理学 geology 气象学 meteorology
九寨沟在四川阿坝藏族自治县南平县境内, 九寨沟在四川阿坝藏族自治县南平县境内,是一片纵深 公里的自然风景区。 达35公里的自然风景区。风景区内原始森林遍布,群山 公里的自然风景区 风景区内原始森林遍布, 连绵,山顶终年(perennially)积雪,山谷湖泊纵横,奇 积雪, 连绵,山顶终年 积雪 山谷湖泊纵横, 珍异兽(rare and precious birds and animals)穿梭往 珍异兽 穿梭往 进入九寨沟如同进入世外桃源一般, 来。进入九寨沟如同进入世外桃源一般,人间烦恼都会 置于脑后。 置于脑后。 Jiuzhaigou lies in Nanping County, Arba Tibetan Autonomous Region of Sichuan Province, covering a land of natural beauty with 35 kilometers long. This land is characterized with verdant and lush forests, perennially snow-topped mountain peaks, stretches of serene lakes, and various rare and precious birds and animals. On entering the resort, you will find yourself strolling in a heaven of peace, leaving behind all troubles and vexations.
九寨沟是水的天地,九寨沟的水是 人间最清澈的水,水构成了九寨沟 最富魅力的景色,是九寨沟的灵魂。 无论是宁静的湖泊,还是飞泻的 (plunging)瀑布,都是那么的神奇迷 人,令人流连忘返。 Jiuzhaigou is a world of water, the clearest in the world. Water brings Jiuzhaigou its most enchanting views; water is the soul of Jiuzhaigou. Whether you are met with serene lakes or plunging waterfalls, you will enjoy yourself so much among the charming sights that you are reluctant to leave.
当地人把九寨沟的湖泊叫做“海子” 九寨沟共有 当地人把九寨沟的湖泊叫做“海子”。九寨沟共有108个海 个海 虽大小不一,形状各异,却都清澈(limpidity)见底。这 见底。 子,虽大小不一,形状各异,却都清澈 见底 些湖泊有的隐匿在峡谷中,有的镶嵌在原始森林中。 些湖泊有的隐匿在峡谷中,有的镶嵌在原始森林中。天晴 湖中颜色各异的水藻(algae)和沉淀物在阳光的照射下, 和沉淀物在阳光的照射下, 时,湖中颜色各异的水藻 和沉淀物在阳光的照射下 发射出一圈圈斑斓的光环,所以又被人们叫做“五花海” 发射出一圈圈斑斓的光环,所以又被人们叫做“五花海”。 The local people call these lakes “haizi”(meaning ” “little sea”). Jiuzhaigou has 108 “haizi” of varying ” ” sizes and shapes, but all of limpidity to the bottom of the lakes. Some of the lakes are hidden in the valleys, and others inlay the forests. On sunny days, various colors of algae and sediments at the bottom of the lakes project colorful light rings in the sunshine. The lakes, thus, have acquired another name “Wuhua Sea” ” (meaning “multicolored sea”) from the locals. ”
当地有一个动人的传说,很久以前,在九寨沟的东山上住着 一位美丽善良的女神,西山上住着一位勤劳勇敢的男神。两 人日久生情。一天男神为了表达自己的爱慕之情,特意送了 一面又大又亮的神镜给女神。女神在接过(reached out for) 神镜时,由于心情过于激动,镜子竟然从她颤抖的手中滑落, 掉到山下,碎成了108块,从此给九寨沟留下了108个形态 各异、晶晶闪亮(winkling and glittering crystal)的湖泊。 A romantic local legend goe



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