2007 年高考冲刺背诵材料
引言 经过高三全体英语老师的辛勤努力和协同作战,2005 届洪泽县中学高考考前辅 导资料经过近一个月的筹措现今终于付梓.这是一份绝密资料!这是一份夺取高考 胜利的必读力作!本资料包括三个系列,即高考考前知识回归巩固习题,作文高频 高考考前知识回归巩固习题, 高考考前知识回归巩固习题 短语集,易错词汇集.望同学们在这黄金时段加倍努力,只争朝夕,有计划,有目 短语集,易错词汇集 的地做好高考考前复习迎考准备工作.
I. 高考高频率而形式你们又常写错的单词(必须弄清词义,再背写) 高考高频率而形式你们又常写错的单词(必须弄清词义,再背写) :

  1.ability n.能力;才能
  2.absence n.不在;缺席
  3.accident n.事故,意外事
  4.abroad ad.到(在)国外
  5.achieve vt.达到,取得
  6.activity n.活动
  7.actual adj.实际的;现实的
  8.afford vt.付得起费用;抽得出时间
  9.against prep.反对
  10.advise v. advice n.建议
  11.affect vt. 影响
  12.aircraft n.飞机(单复同)
  13.ancient adj.古老的,古代的
  14.anger n.愤怒 adj.angry
  15.anxious adj.焦急的,忧虑的
  16.apology n.道歉,谢罪 vi.apologize
  17.appreciate vt 欣赏,感激
  18.argue v. argument n.争论
  4.uni versity

  19.attack. vt.攻击,袭击
  20.attract v.吸引,引起
  21.average adj.平均的;普通的 n.
  22.awake?awoke-awoken vt.唤醒 adj. 醒着的
  23.balance n.平衡
  24.behaviour n.行为,举止;vt.behave
  25.belief n.信条,信念
  26.belong vi.附属;属
  27.bravery n.勇气 adj.brave
  28.breath n. breathe vi.呼吸
  29.brief n.简洁的
  30.broad adj.宽大的
  31.born adj.出生的,天生的
  32.burial n.埋葬 bury vt.
  33.business n.工作,职业;生意,交易; 事业
  34.buy-bought-bought v.买

  33.source (来源)
  35.knowledge millionaire mistake(mistook, mistaken) model modern musician ninth noisily November nowadays painter Paris (要大写) Passenger(乘客) petrol physicist pilot(飞行员) playroom(游戏室)

  37.silence Thursday tie (tied tied tying) towel (毛巾) truly truth twentieth unfortunately visitor viewer(观众) poem poet poisonous(有毒) political politician politics pride professor(教授) pronounce pronunciation proud province purse(钱包) pyramid quality(质量) quilt



  24.lay/laid(产卵放置) )
  25.learnt/learnded raise, reality, reasonable, receive, recommend,(推荐) recycle,(循环.回收) refrigerator,(冰箱) regular, remain, present, requirement, research, restaurant , retire, revision, reward, revolution, ride (rode, ridden),(骑车) ring (rang, rung), (铃响) rise (rose, risen), (上升) rubbish, safety, salary,(工资) easily ad. 容易地 eat ( ate, eaten ) v. 吃 effect n. 效果,作用 effort n. 努力,艰难的尝试

  36.leaf/leaves satellite,(卫星) satisfaction, Saturday, scene, science , secretary, senior, separate, serious, service, September, shake(shook, shaken), (摇) shoot (shot, shot) , signal,single,(信号.单一) silence, similar, sincerely, sleep (slept, slept), smell s(smelt, smelt), society,(社会) soldier, sorrow, southern , spare, special. eighth num. 第八 encourage vt. 鼓励 energetic adj. 精力旺盛的 enlarge vt. 扩大
environment n 环境 especially adv. 尤其,特别 examine vt. 检查,诊查 except prep. 除之外 expect vt. 预料;盼望;认为 experience n. 经验;经历 expert n. 专家,能手 explanation n. 解释,说明 fall (fell, fallen) vi. 落(下),降落;倒 familiar adj. 熟悉的 farthest adj.&adv. 最远的 favourite adj. 喜爱的 n. 特别喜爱的人 (物) feed (fed,fed) vt. 喂(养),饲(养) feel (felt ,felt) v.& link. 感觉, 觉得; 摸, 触 fly (flew ,flown) vi. (鸟,飞机)飞 ;(人 乘飞机) 飞行;(旗子等)飘动 vt.空运 (乘客,货物等);放(风筝,飞机模型等) forbid(forbade ,forbidden) vt. 禁止, 不许 be strict with sb be strict in sth stick stuck stuck strike struck struck succeed (vi) success(n) successful(adj) support surprise(n/v) surprising surprised(adj)
foreigner n. 外国人 forget (forgot ,forgotten) v. 忘记;忘掉 forgive( forgave ,forgiven) vt. 原谅,宽 恕 fortunately adv. 幸运地;侥幸地 forty num. 四十 generally adv. 总的来说,大体上 Germans n.(pl.) 德国人 government n. 政府 graduation n. 毕业,毕业典礼 grammar n. 语法 grow (grew, grown) v.生长; 发育; 种植; 变成 habit n. 习惯,习性 hang (hanged, hanged) v. 处(人)绞刑; 上 吊 hang (hung, hung) v. 悬挂,吊着;把吊起 happen (happened ,happened) vi. 偶然发 生
in surprise to one's surprise be surprised to do temperature(温度) take one's temperature terrible think thought thought though through thorough
(G 常错词语 carry catch(caught,caug ht) century chance charge choice choose Christmas tree climb cloudy collect college comfortable communicate compare competition concert condition congratulation contribution convenience convenient cost cough create culture custom dangerous dead deadline 拿,搬,带,提,抬, death 背 接住,捉住,赶上,染 上 世纪,百年 机会,可能性 收费,索价,充电,价 钱 选择,抉择 选择 圣诞树 爬,攀登 多云的,阴天的 收集,搜集 学院,专科学校 舒服的,安逸的,自在 的 交际,传达(感情) 比较,对照 比赛,竞赛 音乐会,演奏会 条件,状况 祝贺,庆贺 贡献 便利 便利的,方便的 值,花费 咳嗽 创造,造成 文化 习惯,习俗,风俗习惯 危险的 死的,无生命的 截止日期,最后期限 decision description destory diary difference different difficult difficulty disadvantage disappointment discussion draw(drew,drew) drink(drank,drunk) drive(drove,driven) 死 决定,决心 描绘,描写 破坏,毁坏 日记,日记本 不同 不同的,有差异的 难的,艰难的,不易相 处 困难,费力 不利条件,弱点 失望,沮丧 讨论,辩论 绘画,拉,拖,提取 喝,饮 驾驶,开,驱赶
II. 高 考 作 文 高
频率短语 a student of senior Three make full use of one's night time develop the ability to look after oneself have one's own thought have more time to work at one's lessons most of middle-school students take an important exam have a right attitude towards exams make good preparations for exams only in this way can sb. do sth. suffer from the pressure of exams keep a peace mind do some outdoor exercises take a bath with warm water make it impossible for sb. to do sth. bear heavy burden be rushed to so many extra courses have no time left to enjoy oneself or to do what sb. likes have too much expectation from sb. do no good to both their mind and health 领某人参观某地 被……打动/吸引 在某天下午的三点钟 课外活动 造成…..损失 有多少人口 有一千年的历史 某人高
  1.72 米 一位中年/老年妇女 做谋事有困难 对……有不良影响 努力做某事 交通方便 给某人带来很多方便
一个高三年级的学生 充分利用晚自习时间 培养独立生活的能力 有自己的想法 有更多的时间学习功课 大多数中学生 参加重要的考试 正确对待考试 为考试作好准备 只有用这种方法某人才能…… 遭遇考试的压力 保持一种宁静的心态 做一些户外的活动 洗个热水澡 使某人无法做某事 负担过重 忙于许多额外的课程 没有时间玩或做他喜欢的事 对某人有太多的希望 对他们的身心和健康没有好处
B) show sb. around sp. be deeply struck by at about four o'clock on the afternoon of… out-of-class activities cause a damage of… have a population of… have a history of one thousand years be
  1.72 meters in height/tall a middle-aged/elderly woman have difficulty/a hard time in doing sth./with sth. have a bad effect on … make a great effort to do sth. The transportation is convenient. bring sb. lots of convenience
if it's convenient to you be of high quality Sth. is cheap/expensive. Price is low/high. be strict with sb. and in sth. win a prize for sth receive/get a doctor's degree in sth. reach/come to an agreement/conclusion prevent the environment from being polluted take action/measures to do sth./about sth. make an announcement Everybody is welcome/required to do sth. 须做…… speak on behalf of/representing sb. I'll be thankful to sb./appreciate it. I'm writing to…/I'm calling to…/I came to… 我来是…… ask for a sick leave of 3 days /3 days of sick leave/a 3-day sick leave be 10 minutes' walk/ride/drive from sp. 车路程
如果你方便的话 质量上存 价格便宜/昂贵 价格便宜/昂贵 对某人严格/某事认真 获得……奖 获得…...博士学位 达成共识/得出结论 防止环境污染 采取措施….. 发通知 欢迎大家做某事/所有的人都必 代表某人讲话 非常感激 我写信是……/我打电话是……/ 请三天病假 离某地十分钟的步行/乘车/开
五口之家 背着书包 对….进行采访 就业观点 薪金丰厚的工作 自己创业 等待良机 赚钱养活自己 积累经验 把开水倒入锅中 在汤中加些盐 让我告诉如何 70%的学生 说实话 集中注意力学习 a family of five carry one's schoolbag have an interview with opinions on job choosing a well-paid job start their own business wait for better chances earn money to support themselves get working experience pour the boiled water into the pot add some salt to the soup let me tell you how to 70% of the students seventy percent of the students to tell you the truth fix one's attention on study
使用手机会增加父母经济负担 using mobile phones will add to the parents' economic burdens 时代发展了 times have developed 返回商店 return to the shop 几天前我买了一双运动鞋 bought a pair of sports shoes the other day D)
  1.众所周知 As is known to all,…
  2.没有丝毫的犹豫 without the slightest hesitation
  3.非常愿意 be willing/ready to do…
  4.而且 What'smore;besides;In addition;furthermore
  5.充分利用空余时间 make full use of spare time
  6.抓住机会尽可能提高我的口语 take this chance to improve my spoken English as much as possible
  7.在信息社会 in an information society
  8.同意老师的建议 agree to the teacher's suggestion
  9.反对老师的观点 be against the teacher's idea;be opposed to…;object to…
  10.结果 As a result,…
  11.参加考试 take/have/sit(for) an exam
  12.对待…有正确的态度 have a right/correct attitude towards…
  13.实事上 As a matter of fact;In (actual) fact;
  14.在某些方面 in some aspects
  15.为…作好准备 make good preparations for…
  16.保持平静的心态 keep a peace mind
  17.进行户外运动 do some outdoor exercise 18 总之 in short;in a word
  19.首先,最重要的 above all
  20.偶然,无意中 by chance/accident
  21.对(于)…很积极 be active in
  22.合计为 add up to /come to/amount to/total
  23.承让错误 admit one's mistake
  24.接受某人的建议 take / follow one's advice
  25.就…提出建议 give advice on
  26.建议某人做某事 advice sb. to do sth.
  27.在…岁时 at the age of
  28.实现目标 achieve one's aim
  29.积极参加 take an active part in…
  30.由于… because of/thanks to/ /as a resultof/on account of/…

  31.满腔怒火 be filled with anger 32 因…而生气 be angry at sth.
  33.生某人的气 be angry with sb.
  34.通知 make an announcement
  35.没有回答 give no answer /reply
  36.为…而担心 be anxious/worried about
  37.急于做某事 be anxious/eager to do sth.
  39.因某事向某人认错或道歉 make/offer an apology to sb for sth; apologize to sb. for sth.
  40.与某人争论某事 argue with sb. about sth.
  41.请某人指点 / 帮 ask sb. for advice / help
  42.惊讶… be astonished/surprised/ at sth.
  43.引起(注意,兴趣等) attract one's attention
  45.保持/失去平衡 keep / lose one's balance
  46.洗冷水澡 have / take a cold bath
  47.阵亡 be killed in battle
  52.出身于农民家庭 be born in a peasant's family
  53.动动脑子 use one's brains/head
  54.打破纪录 break the record
  55.刷牙 brush one's teeth
  56.呼救声 a call(cry) for help
  57.保持镇静(别慌) keep calm 保持安静(别吵) keep quiet 保持不动(别动) keep still 保持沉默(别说话) keep silent
  58.情不自禁… cannot help doing
  59.打牌 play cards
  60.医疗护理 medical care
  61.假若那样的话 in that case
  62.以防万一 in case
  64.赶上(或超过) catch up with
  65.偶然 by chance/accident
  66.免费 free of charge
  67.童年时 in one's childhood
  68.为…鼓掌 give sb. a clap
  69.接近 get close to
  70.(偶然)遇见或发现 come across
  1. have a face- to- face talk with sb .
  1.和某人 进行面对



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