07- 学年( 孟州市 20
  07-2008 学年(下)期末试卷 六 年 级 英 语
题号 一 得分 Listening part 听力部分(40 分)
得分 评卷人
听力部分 二 三 一 二
笔试部分 三 四 五
一、听一听,选择你所听到的单词。 (20 分)
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  1. A. live )
  2. A. haven’t )
  3. A. these )
  4. A. funny )
  5. A. tradition )
  6. A. on )
  7. A. pockets )
  8. A. photo )
  9. A. show )
  10. A brought 得分 评卷人
B. leaf B. didn’t B. this B. fair B. traditional B. in B. pocket B. phone B. set B. bring
C. life C. won’t C. those C. famous C. nervous C. under C. postcard C. phones C. send C. brush
D. left D. weren’t D. that D. foreign D. information D. of D. postman D. photos D. sold D. break
二、听一听,用方框内合适的单词填空。 (20 分)
toothbrush, know, list, ready, airport, nervous, idea, seven, Where, meet Where are you going to go?
G=Grandma D=Daming G: Hello, Daming. D: Hello, Grandma. G: Are you for your trip tomorrow? D: I think so. But I feel . G: It will be all right. I’m going to you in New York.
G: Make a of things to do. ! D: That’s good G: are you going to go? D: To the . G: What are you going to take? D: Clothes, shoes, present, ticket, passport G: When are you going to go to the airport? o’clock tomorrow morning. D: At G: Who’s going to go to the airport? D: Who? I don’t . G: It’s you. D: Oh, me! I’m going.

Writing part 笔试部分(共 60 分)
得分 评卷人
一、选出每组单词中不同类的一项。 (10 分) ...
B. line B. playground B. told B. bored B. bed B. jump B. dictionary B. any B. who B. above C. rice C. classroom C. sent C. team C. chair C. wore C. dragon C. hard C. where C. under D. sausage D. blackboard D. wear D. thirsty D. table(餐桌) D. rang D. excited D. other D. what D. hamburger
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  1. A. cheese )
  2. A. taxi )
  3. A. taught )
  4. A. tired )
  5. A. bad )
  6. A. said )
  7. A. email )
  8. A. another )
  9. A. there )
  10. A. after 得分 评卷人
二、单项选择题。 (20 分)
to Shenzhen B. goes; on B. teacher B. Sorry plane. C. goes; by C. policewoman C. Thank you D. going; by . D. dancer D. Excuse me
( ( (
  1. My father A. go; by A. doctor )
  3. A. Please
  2. My mother always helps sick(生病的)people. She is a , how can I get to the post office?
  4. There are A. many; students B. an; student
in the classroom. C. a; students D. a; student
  5. The mascots( 吉 祥 物 )for the 2008 Olympic games are five lovely friendlies(福娃). Their names are Beibei, Jingjing, and . B. Huanhuan; Nini D. Tuantuan; Nini straight on. And you’ll see the C. next; Go to . C. small C. don’t C. must my friend. C. got; of D. get; on D. new D. doesn’t D. shouldn’t D. next to; Go , Yingying,
A. Huanhuan; Yuanyuan C. Tuantuan; Yuanyuan ( )
  6.-Where is the science museum, please?
A. next; Go ( ( ( ( A. short )
  8. They A. didn’t )
  9. You A. should )
  10. I’ve A. get; from 得分 评卷人
the bookstore. B. next to; Go to B. big go to school last Friday. B. won’t walk on the grass(草坪). B. can a letter B. got; from
science museum. )
  7. My coat is too big, but your coat is too
三、连词成句。 (10 分)

  1. listen to, in, evenings, the, they, CDs, can, the(.)
  2. to, want, a, present, my, cousin, I, take, for(.)
  3. him, you, a bird kite, don’t, why, give(?)
  4. to, a children’s theatre, week, we, last, went(.)
  5. go, will, where, this, summer, you(?)
四、阅读短文,判断句子正误。 (15 分)
Mr King is a worker. He is very busy during weekdays. He likes going fishing on weekends. One Sunday, Mr King went fishing with his friend, Mr Green. They came to the bank of the river and began to fish. Half an hour later, Mr King hooked up( 钓起)a big fish. But he threw it back to the river. Then he went on(继续)fishing. Half an hour later again, Mr King hooked up another(又一个) big fish and threw it into the river again. The third time(第三次), Mr King hooked up a small fish. He was very happy and put it into the pot(鱼篓). Mr Green was very surprised and asked, “Why did you throw the big fish but keep the small one?” “Can’t you see my pot is small?” answered Mr King. ( )
  1. Mr King is a worker. ( )
  2. On Sunday, Mr King and Mr Green went fishing on the lake. ( )
  3. Mr King hooked up two fish. ( )
  4. Mr King hooked up a small fish. He was very happy. ( )
  5. Mr Green’s pot is small. 得分 评卷人
五、小作文。 分) (5
提示:以“My friend.”为题,用英语写一篇小作文。 .. 要求:
  2、不少于 40 个单词。
My friend



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