初一英语上学期期末综合试题( 初一英语上学期期末综合试题(二) 笔试部分 I、单项选择
  1. This is a girl. name is Kate. A. She B. Her C. Its D. His

  2. I can see four on the table. A. cake B. a cake C. cakes D. the cake

  3. Mr Green has three : Jim, Jeff and Jean. A. sons B. daughters C. twins D. children

  4. Mum, is my friend, Li Lei. Li Lei, is my mother. A. he; she B. she; he C. this; this D. this; that

  5. "What's that English?" "I don't know." A. in B. on C. for D. at

  6. , Jim. Can you colour it red? A. Sorry B. I'm sorry C. Excuse me D. Thank you

  7. Ann! That bag yours. A. looks after B. looks like C. look like D. looks

  8. It's time for bed. Please your shoes and clothes, Tom. A. put on B. look after C. look at D. take off

  9. We can see a boy, a girl a man in that room. A. or B. but C. too D. and

  10. Tom is brother. A. Lucy and Lily's B. Lucy's and Lily C. Lucy's and Lily's D. Lucy and Lily II. II.选择正确的对话语序
  11.①Which woman? ②Who's that woman? ③She's my teacher. ④The one on the red bike. A. ①②③④ B. ①③②④ C. ②③①④ D. ②①④③
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  12.①No, it isn't. ②It's a jeep. ③What's that? ④Is it yours? A. ④①③② B. ②④①③ C. ③②④① D. ④①②③

  13.①Great! Let's go and have a look. ②What's in it? ③Where's Tom? ⑥In the tree? Why? ⑦There's a small bed, a table and a clock. A. ②⑦③⑤⑥④① C. ④①②⑦③⑤⑥ III. III.阅读理解 ( A) My name is Ling Feng. I am a Chinese boy. At school I have a good friend, Mike. He is an English boy. He is twelve, but I am thirteen. We are in No. 5 Middle School. We are in the same grade, but we are in different (不同的) classes. Mike's sister is not a student. She is four. His mother can look after her at home. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正(T)误(F):
  14. Mike is Ling Feng's friend at school.
  15. Ling Feng and Mike have the same age.
  16. The two boys are in the same schools.
  17. Mike's sister is a student, too.
  18. From this passage (从这篇短文中) , we can know the mother's name. ( B) I have a good friend in my home. It is a bird. Its name is Polly. It's three. It is yellow and very beautiful (美丽). I play with it after school. My classmates-Ann and Kate often(时常) come to see it. B. ③⑤②⑦⑥④① D. ③⑤⑥④②⑦① ④There's a tree house there. ⑤He's up there in the tree with Bill.
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the "ABC". I like it very much. 根据短文内容,回答问题。
  19. Who is my friend? A. Polly. B. Ann. C. Mike. D. Kate.
Polly sings (唱歌) every day. I teach (教)it to sing the "ABC". Now it can sing

  20. Is Polly a bird? A. No, it is. B. No, it isn't. C. Yes, it is. D. Yes, it isn't.

  21. How old is Polly? A. One. B. Five. C. Three. D. Four.

  22. Who teaches (教) Polly to sing the "ABC"? A. I do. B. You do. C. She does. D. He does.

  23. Where's Polly? A. It's a school. B. It's in my home. C. It's in the sky (天空). D. It's in a tree. ( C)

  24. Ann is . A. Lucy's mother. C. Mike's grandpa B. Sam's grandma D. Kate's daughter

  25. We call (叫) Ann Brown now. A. Mrs Jim B. Miss Ann C. miss Brown D. Mrs Green

  26. Kate is . A. Sam's mother B. Lucy's father C. Mike's sister 星沙英语网 www.RR3
  65.com D. Mike's brother

  27. There are people is Ann's family. A. four B. six C. eight D. two

  28. Sue is . A. Lucy's aunt B. Jim's daughter C. Kate's sister D. Bill's sister
  1. Li Lei (be) at school.
  2. There (be) some books on the desk.
  3. What's in (Jim) room?
  4. (come) and meet the family.
  5. Where (be) Lucy's shoes?
  6. Let's (look) at the map on the wall.
  7. Miss Gao is (they) teacher.
  8. It's time (go) to bed.
  9. Kate is a new student. She's . (America)
  10. Where are your (box)? V、用所给的疑问词(组)填空 what colour, what, how, how old, where, who, what class, which, how many, what time
  1. are you in? I'm in Class
  2. are you? I'm
  3. is one and two? 星沙英语网 www.RR3
It's three.
  4. is the boy? He's my brother.
  5. is Tom? He's at home.
  6. are you? I'm fine.
  7. is it? It's red.
  8. girl? The one in the white hat.
  9. kites can you see? Ten.
  10. is it? It's a quarter to nine. VI、(A)用所给词完成下列对话,每空一词。 no, sorry, number, speak, this, it A: Hello! May I to Mr Liu?
B: Mr Liu? There is Mr Liu here. Who is this, please? A: is Jack. Is 62335676? B: No. That's a wrong . A: Oh, . B: That's OK. (dial again 重播号) B)用所给字母提示继续完成下列对话,每空一词。 C: H! A: Yes. Is that Mr Liu? C: Jack. My friend Bill can't f his gloves. Can you h him find it? C: Yes. Please c to my room. There are a pair of (一副) gloves here. Maybe 星沙英语网 www.RR3
(或许) they are h. A: Good. We'll come soon. See y later. C: Bye-bye. 参考答案 选择题
  28.A 非选择题
  1. is
  2. are
  3. Jim's
  4. Come
  5. are
  6. look
  7. their
  8. to go
  9. American
  10. boxes V.
  1. What class
  2. How old
  3. What
  4. Who
  5. Where
  6. How
  7. What colour
  8. Which
  9. How many
  10. What time VI.
  1. speak
  2. no
  3. This
  4. it
  5. number
  6. sorry
  7. Hello
  8. find
  9. help
  10. come
  11. his
  12. you
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