年职称英语考试综合类(A 2002 年职称英语考试综合类(A 级)真题 (全)
下面共有 15 个句子,每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语画有底横线,请从每个 句子后面所给的 4 个选项中选择 1 个与画线部分意义最相近的词或短语. 答案一 律涂在答题卡相应的位置上. 1 The price of vegetables fluctuates according to the weather. A jumps C falls B rises D changes
2 Did you do that to irritate her? A tease C annoy 3 B attract D protect
Mary looked pale and weary. B tired D peaceful
A ill C worried
4 The water in this part of the river has been contaminated by sewage(污水). A polluted C mixed B downgraded D blackened
5 Her treatment of the subject is exhaustive. A very boring B verythorough
C very interesting D very touching 6 Alice is a fascinating girl. B a pretty D a pleasant
A a beautiful C an attractive
7 Her mood can be gauged by her reaction to the most trivial of incidents. A displayed C proved B shown D assessed
8 The old lady let her flat to an English couple. A offered C provided 9 B rented D sold
She stood there crying and trembling with fear. B staggering D murmuring
A shaking C struggling
10 They strolled around the lake for an hour or so. A ran C walked B rolled D raced
11 The conclusion can be deduced from the premises. A argued C permitted B derived D come
12 I can no longer tolerate his actions. A put up with C take B accept D suffer from
13 Our plan is to a11ocate one member of staff to handle appointments A ask C assign B persuade D order
14 She has been the subject of massive media coverage. A extensive B negative
C responsive
D explosive
15 I expect that she will be able to cater for your particular needs. A supply C provide D B reach meet (第 16~22 题,每题 1 分,共 7 分)
第 2 部分:阅读判断
阅读下面这篇短文,短文后列出 7 个句子,请根据短文的内容对每个句子做 出判断.如果该句提供的是正确信息,请在答题卡上把 A 涂黑;如果该句提供的 信息是错误信息,请在答题卡上把 B 涂黑;如果该句的信息文章中没有提及,请 在答题卡上把 C 涂黑. Coming Soon'to a Theater Near You! What are special effects?Do you enjoy movies that use a lot of special effects? Dinosaurs(恐龙)from the distant past!Space battles from the distant future!There has been a revolution in special effects,and it has transformed the movies we see. The revolution began in the mid-1970s with George Lucas's Star Wars, a film that stunned (使震惊)audiences.That revolution continues to the present,with dramatic changes in special-effects technology.The company behind these changes is Lucas's Industrial Light& Magic (ILM).And the man behind the company is Dennis Muren,who has worked with Lucas since Star Wars. Muren's interest in special effects began very early.At the age of 6,he was photographing toy dinosaurs and spaceships.At 10,he had an 8-millimeter movie camera and was making these things move through stop-motion.(Stop-motion is a process in which objects are shot with a camera.moved slightly,shot again,and so on.When the shots are put together,the objecto appear to move.) Talk to Muren and you'll understand what ILM is all about:taking on new challenges.By 1989,Muren decided he had pushed the old technology as far as it would go. He saw computer graphics(图像)(CG)technology as the wave of the future and.took a year off to master it.
With CG technology,images can be scanned into a computer for processmg,tbr example,and many separate shots can be combined into a single image.CG technology has now reached the point,Muren says,where special effects can be used to do just about anything so that movies can tell stories bener than ever before.The huge success of Jurassic Park and its sequel(续集),The Lost Word,the stars of which were computer-generated dinosaurs,suggests that this may very well be true. 1 6 The special-effects revolution began in the mid-1980s with Star Wars. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
17 ILM is the company responsible for many of the changes in specialeffects technology. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
18 Dennis Muren started his schooling at a very early age. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
19 At the age of 10,Muren was able to use computer graphics technology to make things move. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
20 By the stop-motion process,many separate shots can be combined into a single image. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
21 Muren feels that with CG technology,special effects can be used to make movies more expressive. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
22 Today's film makers emphasize special effects at the expense of the story. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned (第 23~30 题,每题 1 分,共 8 分)
第 3 部分:概括大意与完成句子
阅读下面整蔓短文,短文后有 2 项测试任务:(
  1)第 23~26 题要求从所给的 6 个选项中为第 2~5 段每段选择 1 个正确的小标题;(
  2)第 27~30 题要求从所给
的 6 个选项中选择 4 个正确选项,分别完成每个句子.请将答案涂在答题卡相应 的位置上. Messages from the Media
  1.The weather forecast,a story about the candidates in an election, and movie reviews are examples of messages from the media.A communication medium,of which the-plural(复数的)form is media,is a means of communicating a message.Examples of media are television, radio,newspapers and books and the telephone.The media that Can reach many people at once are called mass media.
  2. It is not difficult to think of other messages we receive through the mass media.Every day we get hundreds of them.Think about advertisements,for example.We see and hear these messages almost everywhere we go.Advertisements are important messages,even though they are sometimes annoying.They help us compare and evaluate products.
  3. Most ot us get more information from the media than from the classroom.Think.for a moment,about how you learn about local news and events. you depend on other people or the media?What about international Do news?What is the most important source of information for you?People who are asked this question usually answer,"Television".
  4. Think of all the messages you received today.Perhaps you read a newspaper during breakfast,or maybe you read advertisements on billboards(露天广告牌)on your way to schoo
  1.Did you listen to a weather forecast or the sports news on the radio this morning?Right now you are getting information through a very important medium of mass communication-a book.
  5. We use the information we get from radio, television, newspapers, and other media to make decisions and form opinions.That is why the mass media are so important.Editorials and articles in newspapers help us decide how to vote,consumer reports on television help us decide how to spend our money,and international news on the radio makes us think and form opinions about questions of war and peace. 23 Paragraph 2 24 Paragraph 3 25 Paragraph 4 26 Paragraph 5
lmportance of Classroom Learning Television-A Rich Source of Information Advertisements as lmportant Messages from the Mass Media Various Messages One May Receive Each Day Media-Means to Communicate Messages lmportance of the Mass Media . . . .
27 Each day we get a lot ofmessages from 28 Television ,radio and books are all important media of 29 For most people television is the most important
30 The mass media arc important to US because they shape A sports news B our decisions and opinions C mass communication D our messages E source of information F the mass media 第 4 部分:阅读理解(第 31~45 题,每题 3 分,共 45 分)
下面有 3 篇短文,每篇短文后有 5 道题,每题后面有 4 个选项.请仔细阅读 短文并根据短文回答其后面的问题, 4 个选项中选择 1 个最佳答案涂在答题卡 从 相应的位置上. 第一篇 Valuing Childhood
The value of childhood is easily blurred(变得模糊不清)in today's world.Consider some recent developments:The child.murderers in the Jonesboro, Ark. schoolyard shooting case were convicted and sentenced. Two boys, arid 8, 7 were charged in the murder of an 11-year-old girl in Chicago.
Children who commit horrible crimes appear to act of their own will.Yet,as legal proceedings in Jonesboro showed,the one boy who was able to address the court couldll't begin to explain his acts,though he tried to apologize.There may have been a motive??youthful jealousy(妒 忌)and resentment.But a deeper question remains:Why did these boys and others in similar trouble apparently lack any inner,moral restraint? That question echoes for the accused in Chicago, young as they are. They wanted the girl's bicycle,a selfish impulse corn.mort enough among kids. Redemption(拯救)is a practical necessity.How can value be restored to young lives distorted by acts of violence? The boys in Jonesboro and in Chicago will be confined in institutions for a relatively short time.Despite horror at what was done,children are not-cannot be-dealt with as adults,not if a people wants to consider itself civilized.That's why politicians'cries for adult treatment ofyouthful criminals ultimately miss the point. But the moral void(真空)that invites violence has many sources. Family instability contributes.So does economic stress.That void,however,can be filled.The work starts with parents,who have to ask themselves whether they're doing enough to give their children a firm sense of right and wrong.Are they really monitoring their activities and their developing processes of thought? Schools,too,have a role in building character.So do youth organizations.So do youth entorcement agencies,which can do more to inform the young about laws,their meaning,and their observance(遵守). The goal,ultimately,is to allow all children a normal passage from childhood to adulthood(成年),so that tragic gaps in moral judgement are less likely to occur.The relative few who fill such gaps with acts of violence hint at many others who don't go that far,but who 1ack the moral foundations childhood should provide??and which progressive human society relies on. 31 The two boys in Chicago were A B C shot. murdered. accused.
32 The boys in Jonesboro and Chicago apparently lacked a sense of A right and wrong. B discipline. C D shame. safety.
33 According to politicians,when children commit crimes,they should be treated in the same way as A B C D murderers. criminals. victims. adults.
34 Which of the following does the writer cite as a source of moral void? A B C D Official corruption. Social injustice. Family instability. Racial discrimination.
35 Which of the statements is NOT true according to this passage? A Parents should strengthen moral instruction. B Schools should help create a moral sense in children. C Law enforcement agencies should do more to help children understand laws. D Youth organizations play no role in building character.
Characteristics of Publieity
Publicity offers several benefits.There are no costs for message time or space.An ad in prime-time television may cost$250,000 to$500,000 or more per minute,whereas a five-minute report on a network newscast would not cost anything.However,there are costs for news releases, a publicity department, and other items. with advertising, As publicity reaches a mass audience.Within a short time,new products or company policies are widely known.Line 5 Credibility about messages is high,because they are reported in independent media.A newspaper review of a movie has more believability than an ad in the same paper,because the reader associates independence with objectivity.Similarly,people are more likely to pay attention to news reports than to ads.For example,The Women's Wear Daily has both fashion reports and advertisements.Readers spend time reading the stories,but they flip through(浏览)the ads.Furhermore,there may be 10 commercials during a half-hour television program or hundreds of ads in a magazine.Feature stories are much fewer in number and stand out clearly. Publicity also has some significant limitations.A firm has little control over messages,their timing,their placement,or their coverage by a given medium.It may issue dctailed news releases and find only portions cited by the media;and media have the ability to be much more critical than a company would like. For example.in 1 982,Procter&Gamble faced a substantial publicity problem over the meaning of its 123-year-old company logo(标志).A few ministers and other private citizens believed that the symbol was sacrilegious(亵渎的).These beliefs were covered extensively by the media and resulted in the firm receiving 1 5,000 phone calls about the rumor in June alone.To combat this negative publicity,the firm issued news releases featuring prominent clergy(神父) that refuted(消除)the rumors, threatened to sue(控告)those people spreading the stories,and had a spokesperson appear on Good Morning America.The media.cooperated with the company and the false rumors were temporarily put to rest.However, in 1985,negative publicity became so disruptive that Procter&Gamble decided to remove the logo from its products. A firm may want publicity during certain periods,such as when a new product is introduced or new store opened.but the media may not cover the introduetion or openmg until after the time it would aid the firm. Similarly,the media determine the placement of a



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