面试常用英语 面试常用英语 常用 Q--Interviewer A--Interviewee Q: Why do you want to leave your current job? 你为什么要离开目前这份工作? A: There is no room for the career growth and advancement I would like. 那里缺乏一个让我在事业上成长和晋升的空间。 Q: What kind of opportunities are you looking for? 你所寻找的是什么样的机会? A: I am looking for a company that recognizes and rewards hard work. 我希望找到能认同并奖励辛勤工作的公司。 Q: What was your biggest accomplishment on the job? 你在工作上取得的最大成就是什么? A: I think it was building team spirit among my co-workers. 我认为是我在同事之间建立起了团队精神。 Q: How did you do that? 你是怎么做到的呢? A: It was a gradual process, involving many factors. 那时一个渐进过程,牵涉到很多因素。 Q: Why do you want to be a part of our organization? 你为什么想加入我们公司? A: I think it will be a mutually beneficial relationship. 我的加入对双方都有利。
Q: How so? 怎么说? A: I think your company and I have a lot to offer each other. 我认为贵公司与我都有许多东西可以彼此提供。 Q: Why should we hire you? 我们为什么应该雇佣你呢? A: Because I am a hard worker and will perform to the best of my ability. 因为我工作刻苦,而且会竭力去做。 Q: Do you know what’s involved in a job like this? 你知道这样的工作需要付出什么吗? A: Yes. I know what’s involved. 是的,我知道要付出什么。 转
  1. You may be overqualified for the position we have to offer. 对策:Strong companies need strong people. A growing, energetic c ompany is rarely unable to use its employees'' talents. Emphasize y our interest in a long-term association, pointing out that the employ er will get a faster return on investment because you have more ex perience than required.
  2. What is your management style? 对策:(If you''ve never thought about this, it''s high time you did.)
"Open-door management" is best... And you get the job done on ti me or inform your management.
  3. Are you a good manager? Give an example. Why do you feel y ou have top managerial potential? 对策:Keep your answer achievement- and task-oriented; emphasize management skills -- planning, organizing, interpersonal, etc.
  4. What do you look for when you hire people? 对策:Skills, initiative, adaptability.
  5. Did you ever fire anyone? If so, what were the reasons and ho w did you handle it? 对策:Give a brief example of a time when you faced this, and str ess that it worked out well.
  6. What do you see as the most difficult task in being a manager?
对策:Getting things planned and done on time within the budget.
  7. What do your subordinates think of you? 对策:Be honest and positive...they can check your responses easily.

  8. What is your biggest weakness as a manager? 对策:Be honest and end on a positive note, e.g. "I don''t enjoy re primanding people, so I try to begin with something positive first."
面试对策--通用类问题 面试对策 通用类问题
是不是为即将到来的英语面试发愁呢?不知道考官会出什么为 题?不知道该怎样应对?小编这里为你收集了一些面试中常常问到 的各方面、各领域的问题,归纳成五类、供大家参考。今天我们来看 看通用类问题。
  1. Tell me about yourself! Keep your answer to one or two minutes; don''t ramble. Use 对策: your resume summary as a base to start from..
  2. What do you know about our company? 对策:Do your homework before the interview! Spend some time o nline or at the library researching the company. Find out as much as you can, including products, size, income, reputation, image, man agement talent, people, skills, history and philosophy. Project an inf ormed interest; let the interviewer tell you about the company.

  3. Why do you want to work for us? 对策:Don''t talk about what you want; first, talk about their needs: You would like to be part of a specific company project; you wo uld like to solve a company problem; you can make a definite cont ribution to specific company goals.
  4. What would you do for us? What can you do for us that someo ne else can''t? 对策:Relate past experiences that show you''ve had success in solv ing previous employer problem(s) that may be similar to those of t he prospective employer.
  5. What about the job offered do you find the most attractive? Lea st attractive? 对策:List three or more attractive factors and only one minor unat tractive factor.
  6. Why should we hire you? 对策:Because of your knowledge, experience, abilities and skills.
  7. What do you look for in a job? 对策:An opportunity to use your skills, to perform and be recogni zed.

  8. Please give me your definition of a .... (the position for which y ou are being interviewed). Keep it brief -- give an action- and results-oriented definition. 对策:

  9. How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our firm? Not long at all -- you expect only a brief period of adjustme 对策: nt to the learning curve.
  10. How long would you stay with us? As 对策: long as we both feel I''m contributing, achieving, growing, etc.

First One: Work experience
work experience is the type of work you’ve done in the past. If yo u haven’t started working yet you can say Right now I’m still a st udent. or I’m a recent grad and I haven’t started working yet. In t he second sentence, recent grad is short for recent graduate and me ans that you have just finished school.
请告诉我你过去的工作经验,工作经验就是你过去所做的工作。如果 尚未开始工作,就可以回答“Right now I’m still a student.”(现在我 还是个学生。)或者说“I’m a recent grad and I haven’t started wor king yet.”(我刚刚毕业,还没有开始工作。)“recent grad”是“recent graduate”的缩写,意思是刚刚毕业。 Second One: What’s your greatest weakness? This is a popular question that western employers like to ask to m ake candidates nervous! In fact, they ask this to know how you res pond to a difficult question. You shouldn’t answer by telling your greatest weakness since you might not get the job! Instead, you ca n tell them something that isn’t directly related to the job position. 你最大的缺点是什么?西方老板特别爱问这个问题, 让面试者感到很 紧张。事实上,他问这个问题是看你对棘手问题的反应。你没必要如 实回答你的弱点,因为那有可能让你得不到这份工作。相反,你可以 告诉他们一些与工作不直接相关的事情。 Third One: Why do you feel you are qualified for this job? This question is a good opportunity to brag a little bit. You should talk about some extra skills you have that maybe wasn’t included in your resume, or talk about your greatest strength in more detail.
你为什么觉得自己胜任这份工作?这时候你要充分发挥你的“自夸” 本领。你可以讲述一些简历资料里面没有包括的技能;或者是再详细 强调一下你的特长。 Fourth One: What kind of salary did you have in mind? Salary is how much money you earn, usually per year. When asked this, it’s best to answer with a salary range or approximation and not an exact figure. This shows that you are familiar with the indu stry if you know what the approximate salary should be. 你期望的薪水是多少?“salary”就是你赚多少钱,通常是年收入。回 答这个问题时,最好说出一个大致范围,而不是一个确切的数字。如 果你能说出这个工资范围,那就说明你对此行业非常了解。 Fifth One: If hired, when could you start work? When answering this it’s best not to say you can start right away. This might make you seem very desperate for a job. A safe answe r would be I can start at the beginning of next month. 如果雇佣的话, 你什么时候开始工作?回答这个问题时。 一定要注意! 不要说我马上可以工作。那会让对方认为你非常迫切地需要这份工 作。 一个非常保险的回答可以是“I can start at the beginning of next month.”(我下月初可以开始上班。)
Sixth One: What kind of work does the posi-tion involve? You can ask this to clarify exactly what kind of work you’ll be do ing. 这个职位包括哪些工作?通过问这句话, 你可以清楚地了解到你的工 作内容。 实用英语之经典面试英语系列学习
一、面试前要做好充分的准备。 面试前要做好充分的准备。
  1. 广泛收集有关面试公司的一切资料,比如公司性质、业务情况、 内部组织、负责人姓名、性别、年龄、嗜好等等。
  2. 预测可能被问到的问题,做到心中有数。
  3. 结合自身的条件,选择适合的职业。
  4. 根据应试的行业工作性质, 换上整洁、 大方又能体现个性的着装。 二、面试时应注意以下几点: 面试时应注意以下几点:
  1. 千万不要迟到,最好提前 10-20 分钟,留出充裕的时间调整自己。
  2. 注意礼貌,言谈举止应自然,说话应坦城自信。
  3. 注意保持自己的坐姿端正,避免不雅的坐态。

  4. 态度积极,既要表示出对该公司的兴趣,也要表示出对本岗位的 热情。
  5. 讲话时应发音清晰,音量适中,同时还应面带微笑,保持轻松愉 快的心情,眼睛应自然地直视对方。
  6. 面试时应言简意赅,有条理、避免重复,所谈内容应尽量同自己 所申请的职务联系起来,切忌空谈。
  7. 对方讲话时要专心聆听,表示兴趣,切忌中途打断。
  8. 不要批评以前的雇主,以免给人留下爱挑剔、不易共处的印象。 通常我们在写完简历之后都会加注一些自己的性格和兴趣爱好之 类的内容,而这些内容也是进行面试时经常会提到的话题,尤其是在 英语面试的时候,面试方通常会问:How do you spend your spare time? 性格和兴趣能在面试的时候给你的面试官留下好的印象, 为什么 不努力来说好呢?今天我们就一起来学习面试英语的最后一讲: 如何 表达自己的性格和兴趣爱好。下面先来看一段对话吧: A:Do you have any hobbies? What is it or what are they? B:I am interested in watching TV or other relaxing games. A:How do you spend your spare time?
B:I usually read or so some sports. A:What kind of book are you interested in? B:My favorite books are those about detectives. A:Well, those books are really good. I like them too. Do you thin k you are introverted or extroverted? B:In fact, I wouldn't call myself extroverted. Sometime I enjoy bei ng by myself very much. But other times, I like sharing activities with others too, especially during these last few years. A:What kind of sports do you like? B: like almost all sports, and I enjoy both playing and watching. I I especially like tennis and mountain climbing. A:What kind of personality do you think you have? B:Well, I approach things very enthusiastically, I think, and I don' t like to leave anything half-done. It makes me nervous- I can't co ncentrate on anything else until the first thing is finished. …… 介绍自己的性格和兴趣爱好肯定少不了这方面的词汇和词组, 对 话中也出现了不少,现在我们来学习一些相关的单词和词组吧:
Words & Expression: Hobby: 爱好,尤其指业余爱好 Spare time: 空闲时间,业余时间 Be good at: 擅长 Favorite: 最喜欢的,特别喜欢的,中意的 Detective: 侦探,侦探的;在对话中指侦探小说 Performance: 表演,演出 Ballet: 芭蕾舞 Introverted: 内向的,含蓄的,闭关自守的 Extroverted: 外向的,喜社交的 Personality / character / disposition / temperament: 个性,性格 Characteristic: 独特的,特有的,表示特性的 Enthusiastically: 热心地,狂热地 英语面试流程
逐渐成为很多毕业生的求职重点工作之一。 新橙英语培训中心专业商 务面试课程教师 chie 介绍说,英语面试的方法因公司与工作的不同 而有所不同,但基本流程是差不多的。 英语面试一般包括三轮 chie 介绍说,第一轮面试一般由公司人力资源部的人员担任考 官,他们会从你的个人简历出发,询问一些有关个人的问题,比如请 你用英语做一个自我介绍。有些公司也会有一部分英语笔试,主要考 查应聘者基本的语言运用能力。 第二轮面试则由部门主管经理出面,这时候有关业务方面的问题 成了面试的重点,所以英语面试也从个人情况转向了专业领域。比如 应聘市场部,则应聘者通常会被要求谈一谈以往最成功的一个案例, 或者自身的业务强项等。 如果前面都很顺利,那么,最后一轮面试一般就是和公司的总裁 面对面了。外企的总裁一般是老外,当然面试就变成全英语的了。总 裁询问的问题一般会和公司的精神、企业文化有关。 面试中最需要自信 普华永道人力资源部经理姜周红介绍说,一



   求职面试常用英语口语 q:what contribution did you make to your current (previous) organization? (你对目前/从前的工作单位有何贡献?) a: I have finished three new projects, and I am sure I can apply my experience to this position. (我已经完成个新项目, 我相信我能将我的经验用在这份工作上. ) q:what do you ...

求职面试常用英语(doc 7)

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   1. I see. 我明白了。英语口语资料 2. I quit! 我不干了!英语口语资料 3. Let go! 放手!英语口语资料 4. Me too. 我也是。英语口语资料 5. My god! 天哪!英语口语资料 6. No way! 不行!英语口语资料 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快)英语口语资料 8. Hold on. 等一等。英语口语资料 9. I agree。 我同意。英语口语资料 10. Not bad. 还不错。英语口语资料 1. I see. 我明白了。英语口语资料 2 ...


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   在工作中如何用英语制定计划 无论是出于商务需要,还是娱乐甚至是希望获得一段新的浪漫感情,制定计划总是日常生活的非常重要的 一部分。使用以下的建议来发出你的邀请使得你的朋友们无法拒绝! 表达兴趣 在正式发出邀请前, 许多人首先对预约表示出兴趣。 例如, 和一个普通的朋友, 你可以说, "We should really get together for coffee sometime."另一方面, 如果和某人谈生意, 那就要说, "Let's do lunch s ...



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   哈.忘记在哪里找的,纯属转载,表怪我哈 英语(论坛)学习中,应努力提高听力。这样可以借助听觉,大量、快速地复 习学过的单词和词组, 并在此基础上扩大知识面,更多地掌握同一词 的不同用 法,提高阅读速度与理解能力。下面,笔者根据自己近两年的实践,与英语自学 者谈谈在提高听力方面的点滴体会。 第一,自身准确的发音。自身准确地道的英语发音不能让你在听力上面无往 不利,但是不准确不地道的发音绝对不能有效的解决听力问题。而准确地道的发 音往往又得之于在听力中纠正自己的发音。两者是互相进行的。 第二,阅 ...


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   2001 年第 1 期          有色金属高教研究                97       在大学英语教学中充分发挥情感因素的作用 屈 慧 ( 中南大学外国语学院, 长沙 410083) X 摘 要: 情感在语言学习中起着重要而独特的作用。《 大学英语》 教材中蕴涵丰富的情感资源。 本文就在大学英语教学中如何充分发挥教材中蕴涵的情感因素的作用, 从理论到实际操作作 一简要论述。 关键词: 情感 情绪 《 大学英语》 教材 中图分类号: G642. 0 文献标识码: A  文章 ...