Working Experience(工作经验)
(I = Interviewer. A = Applicant)
I:Please tell me your present job.
A:I am working in a garment factory. My present job is to inspect the quality of products. comparatively speaking, quality control is rather simple. Although I do my job well, I am looking for a new job which is more challenging.
I:Have you ever been employed?
A:Not yet. I originally planned to go abroad to study after leaving college, but I couldn't get a visa.
I:Your resume says you have had one ~ S experience working in a foreign representative office in Shanghai, may I ask why you left?
A:I worked in a foteign rep. office for one year. However, I left there two years ago because the work they gave me was rather dull. I found another job which is more interesting.
I:Have you done any work in this field?
A:Yes, I have worked in this field for four years. First, I worked in an American company as a sales representative, then I transferred to a Hong Kong company as a sales manager.
I:What kind of jobs have you had?
A:I worked as a business coordinator in a foreign representative office, then I transferred to a joint venture as a sales manager. So I am familiar with the textile market in China.
I: What qualifications do you have that make you feel you will be successful in your field?
A: First ,I think my technical background is helpful. I have enough knowledge to market the products of your company. Secondly, I have studied for four months in a Marketing Training Programme with satisfactory results. Finally, I have mastered the English Language. These qualifications will make me successful in my career.
I: What have you learned from the jobs you have had?
A: I have learned a lot about business know-how and basic office skills. In addition , I learned at my previous jobs how to cooperate with my colleagues.
I:Can you get recommendations from your previous employers?
A:Yes, I have brought them with me. Here they are.
I; What's you major weak point?
A:I haven't been involved In international business, so I don' t have any experience, but I have studied this course in the International Business Training Centre of the Shanghai Foreign Service Company.
I: What are your greatest strengths?
A I know a lot about flow the Chinese economy works, and how business is done here. Secondly, I speak English fluently. I have no difficulty with language. And, I am a hardworker when I have something challenging to do.
I: Please tell me about your working experience.
A: I have five years experience in the chemical industry since I graduated from college. First of all I worked as an assistant engineer in the No.1 Chemical Industry Co. Three years later I transferred to ABC Chemict Industry Company. Now I am working in the Sale Department of that company.
I:Does your present employer know you are looking another job?
A:No, I haven't discussed my career plans with my resent employer, but I am sure he will understand
About your student life
  3 A: Are you a student leader at college?
  B: Yes. I've served as the monitor of our class for two years.
  A: Have you got any honors or rewards in your university days?
  B: Yes. I've been on the honor roll for three academic years.
  A: Have you been involved in any extracurricular activities at college?
  B: Yes. I've been on the college basketball team.
  A: What sports do you usually take part in at college?
  B: I sometimes play table tennis and sometimes play basketball.
  A: Is there anything you regret not having done or would like to have done differently at college?
  B: I've spent so much time on club activities during the four years. However, I've never missed any of my classes. But I think my academic records would have been much better if I had put more time and energy into studying, looking back on it.
  A: Is there any teacher who impresses you very deeply during your student life?
  B: Yes. Our maths professor has left a deep impression on me. In class, he is responsible in teaching and very strict with us students. But out of class, he treats us on his own sons and daughters. We all like him very much.
About your reasons for application
  4 A: Why are you interested in working with this company?
  B: I am interested in working with your company because I know yours is one of the largest computer companies in our country (porvince, city). My major in the university is computer programming, so I wish to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge here.
  A: Do you choose this company on account of high pay (or remuneration)?
  B: No, not only for high pay (remuneration), but also for a good working environment. As far as I know, working in a Sino-foreign joint venture calls for punctuality and responsibility. It is such a working environment that I am looking for.
  A: Have you applied for a similiar post to any other company?
  B: Yes, I've also applied to Global Huada Company Ltd. ?? a Sina-American joint venture, in case I may not be accepted here.
  A: What is the result of your application to that company?
  B: They've turned me down.
  A: What's the reason why you failed to get the post?
  B: My domicile isn't in this city and they needed a local resident. That's the sole reason for my failure to get the post.
  A: If you are employed by both companies, whose offer will you accept?
  B: Needless to say, my first choice is your company.

  2. major
  3. minor
  4. rewards
  5. scholarship
  6. excellent leader
  7. semester term
  8. pass
  9. degree
  10. maeter
  11. bachelor
  12. student
  1:Why are you interested in working with this company?
  2:Why should I hire you?
  3:Tell Me About Yourself
  我觉得这三个问题其实可以一揽子解决,做好准备是可以以一当三的,我们先来看第一个问题:“Why are you interested in working with this company?”
  I know that yours is a company that dealing with...
  The culture of your company emphasis a lot on ...
  This position you provide/ I am applying for requires…
  My major in the university is ...
  I am experienced in..
  I am skillful in…
  When I was with X company, I finished some real hard programs by leading/ cooperating with…,
  I can remember that ... but I conquered it at last..., which helped me built the sense of cooperation...
  I am in good shape both mentally and physically, so I can go above and beyond the job description
  What I have got could perfectly meet your requirement, I think I might be the man you are looking for.
  2:"Why should I hire you?"
  3:"Tell Me About Yourself"
  如果你对问题一做了充分的准备,已经可以轻松应对,那么在面对问题2和3的时候你所要做的就非常简单了,你只需要讲出你全部答案的缩减版,也就是part2和part 3即可。这样的回答也许仍然不能让你从诸多竞争者中脱颖而出被区别开来,所以你更加需要的是在语言的内容上下一点功夫,故事总是比讲空话更容易打动人心。建议你用生动的故事来说明自己的特点,这个特点可以是勤奋、可以是善于思考、可以是善于合作、也可以是全局观念,总之,一个与众不同的故事的讲述胜过100句干瘪的废话,它可以很快将你与别人区分开来。come on,包装你的故事,说出你的故事吧。



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