大学英语 2
Unit1 重点总结
Bustling full of busy activity 喧闹的 18-month-old-son Elementary 基础的 18 个月大的孩子 Telling 难忘的 tender 年幼
Be attached to 把某物附着在 把某物附着在…attendant 服务员 Not in the least 一点也不 Come over 走过来 exploratory behavior 索行为
on occasion(now and then)偶尔,有时 ( )偶尔, 忽略作为父母的责任
Neglect our parental duties
Neglect 表示不是有意的忽略,ignore 表示故意的忽略 表示不是有意的忽略, Be relevant to 与…直接相关 直接相关 throw light on 揭示
Incident 事件 anecdote 轶事 investigate 考察 The same as 与…一样 the ultimate purpose 最终目的 一样 Desired action 被别人所期待应该做某事 desired 过去分词做形容词被期望的 过去分词做形容词被期望的
desirable 形容词 adj. 值得要的;令人满意的 n. 合意的人或事物 值得要的; proceed 早些 in due course 在适合时机 the critical point ⒈关键在于 be critical for sb to do
  2.very dangerous or serious A critical shortage or lackof food 严重的食物短缺 Self-reliance 自力更生 a principal value of child rearing elfA principal value of child rearing 养育孩子的价值观
Make up for a misdeed 弥补错的行为 In retrospect 回顾 come to one‘s rescue 去援助某人 ‘ Well-intentioned 好意的 With extreme facility and gentleness in precisely 极为熟练准确的 Come to do sth 逐渐干某事 So much so that 到这样程度以致 到这样程度以致… 例句 Simous ?so much so that he cant get out of bed. Apply to 适用于,吸引人的, 适用于,吸引人的, Children as young as 5 五岁的小孩 calligraphers 书法 In terms of 从哪方面看 reversal 相反的 Make ones boldest departures 大胆创新 Evolve vt. 发展,进化;进化;使逐步形成;推断出 发展,进化;进化;使逐步形成; vi. 进化;发展,进展;逐步形成 进化;发展,进展; evolve into 进化成,逐渐形成 进化成, evolve from 由…发展而成 发展而成 发展而 It is apparent obvious that …是显而易见的 是显而易见的

  1.He may well get frustrated and angry。 。
他可能感到泄气和生气。 他可能感到泄气和生气。 May well 可能 You use “may well” ” when you are saying what you think is likely
to happen It may well rain tonight 今晚可能下雨。 今晚可能下雨。 frustrated adj. 失意的,挫败的;泄气的 失意的,挫败的; v. 挫败;阻挠(frustrate 的过去式和过去分词形式) 挫败;阻挠( 的过去式和过去分词形式)

  2.middle-class American 美国中产阶级 既不富也不穷 美国中产阶级(既不富也不穷 既不富也不穷)
the class of people between the very wealthy and the class of unskilled labored and unemployed people .It includes business people, professional people, offices workers, and many skilled workers.

  3.There is a proverb :”standing on the shoulders of giants “
站在巨人的肩膀上。 站在巨人的肩膀上。
This essay’s topic is the contrast between learning style in china and in west? It is obvious that this differences exist between
this two learning styles. In china , for example, greater priority is given to developing skills at an early age. The Americans, on the other hands, place more emphasis on promoting creativity in young children , leaving them to pick up skills later. American parents tend to avoid rushing in to assist their children as they try to accomplish a task, thinking it better that children should learn to solve problems by themselves. Such an approach can, on
Occasion be mistaken for neglecting one’s parental duties by those more used to “teaching by holding the hand. Both approaches have their disadvantages as well as advantages, and it may well be worthwhile to search for a superior method that would combine the best of both worlds.
Food chemists will investigate(调查,研究) the health food(健康 (调查,研究) 健康 食品) 声称). 食品 on sale to see if it really does give the benefits claimed(声称 (过 声称 去分词作宾补, 去分词作宾补,表被动 食品专家将会调查市场上的保健食品, 食品专家将会调查市场上的保健食品,看其是否具备所宣称的效果 Be different from = a contrast between …and … Be said to be = it is said that There is connection between = be relevant to … Pick up n. 拾起;收集,整理;搭车者;偶然结识者;小卡车 拾起;收集,整理;搭车者;偶然结识者;
It sounds as if +
  1. 与事实相反,加虚拟语 与事实相反,
  2. 与事实相同,不加虚拟语气 与事实相同, Continual 不同的动作连续在同一个时间发生 Continuous 同一个动作在同一个时间发生 Principal 校长,重要的 Principle 原则 校长, Genetic engineer 遗传工程专家 Bull sb into doing sth 恐吓某人做某事 Assuming that…假设 假设… 假设
Text B 课文重点
Appreciate 欣赏 saving accounts 存款账户 Give access to 准许,允许 准许, compound interest 复利
They would just as soon stay home anyway Would rather do sth /would prefer to do sth Would sooner do sth (比较常用) 比较常用) An annual rate 年息 roll back 语篇素材 Nowadays, many parents are appalled by their children spend on candy and video games. Most of parents choose to lock up their children’s resources. However, this method is a little effective. Surprised, this essay introduces Dave-two kids’mother-to started his own accounts for his two kids and give them monthly interest. Kids can control their money. This method promotes the form of children’s value of money. To be honest, children are instinctive capitalists if given enough leeway, they quickly become shrewd mangers of their own financials. In modern times, money is fun, and is almost entirely self-explanatory. 宁愿做某事
Unit 2
All for one, one for all. 我为人人,人人为我。 我为人人,人人为我。 A thousand-mile trip begins with one step. 千里之行,始于足下。 千里之行,始于足下。 As the touchstone tries gold, so god tries man.
试金石试金,金钱试人。 试金石试金,金钱试人。 Easy come, easy go. 来得快去得快。 来得快去得快。
Alittle dime store 廉价品商店 Folksy ways 平民作风 Blend in 融洽 plain folks 平民 by all accounts 人人都说


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