辽阳一中 2010-2011学年度上学期期中考试高三试题

  1. As is announced,$20,000 reward will be offered forreturn of the stolen cultural relics.
A. a;the B./;the C.a;a D/;a

  2. You are to blame for the quarrel,for you should make an apology to Thompson,I think.
A.this B. which c.what D.that

  3. Young people always look into the future,while old people like to look back into the past.This is both men and women.
A.true of B.different from C.similiar to D.difficult in

  4. she tried to hide something ,but her red eyes that she had been crying.
A.imagined B.revealed C.involved D.included

  5.It's amazing that no sooner from abroad than he bought a house with a garden.
A.he did return B.did he return C.had he returnd D.he returned

  6. Some seed shops have been closed down, of selling fake seeds and chemical fertilizers.
A.charged B.reminded C.accused D.informed

  7. Is the film Finding Nemo for small children?
Certainly. It is about an ugly fish.

  8. My son is great pressure, but for the moment I can't put my hands on good way to deal with it.
A. in B.within C.under D.on

  9. If he me his telephone number yesterday,I able to ring him up.
A.told; would be B.had told; would be C.had told; would have been D.told;am

  10.I saw Tom and his girlfriend in the cinema at eight yesterday evening.
Imposiible.He TV with me in my home then.

A.watched B.had watched C.would watch D.was watching

  11. He may be late, we have to wait for him.
A.for which B. in which case C.in which D.which as a result

  12.Now you can see We've come to the point a change is badly needed.
A.which B. when C.that D.where

  13. The athlete seldom wears anything other than the sportswear the season is.
A.whatever B.wherever C.whenever D. however

  14. It was we managed to collect enough money for the boy's operation.
A. not until yesterday when B. until yesterday C.until yesterday that D.not until yesterday that

  15.Although most of them have no doubt he will pass the exam,I still wonder he has really gor everthing ready.
A.whether;that B.that; whether C.that; that D.whether; whether
答案: A B A B C C D C B D B D A D B

  16.How about we go to the concert after dinner?
Sounds a good idea.
A. when B.whether C.that D .if

  17.on the road, the driver stopped the taxi.
A. Having seen a box B.The driver saw a box C.Seeing a box D.The driver seeing a box

  18. I was greatly astonished that my students could quite well without knowing the exact meaning of each word.
A. get along B. get over C.get in D. get through

  19. After dinner he drove Mr.Richardson,an expert in medichine, to Capital Airport.
A.the;a B.a ;the C./ ;a D./ ; the

  20.He is not coming to attend Mary's wedding,then ?
,but how I wish he could with us!
A. So it seems B. That's all right C.I'd like to D.That it easy

  21.I admit ,he did better than me in developing new products.
A.can B.will C.must D.shall

  22.Better not phone me between 8:oo and 10:
  00. We classes then.
A.had B.were having C.will be having D.are to have

  23.Barack Obama the chair of the American President as the 44th President on Jan, 20th ,20
A.elected B.occupied C.presented D.appointed

  24.why didn't you buy the book?
I,but I did't have enoughmoney with me.
A.would B. had had C. would have D. had bought

  25.how she was helping to save the envronment,she said that she always takes public transportation.
A. To be asked B.Asked C.Being asked D.asking

  26.the financial crisis ,we are busy as before, for the staff number in our company decreased.
A.On account of B In spite of C.Because of D.In terms of

  27.China became the third nation to successfully send a person into space on October 16,2003 thusits great wish to launch China's manned spaceship.
A.to realize B.realized C.reallizing D.having realized

  28.The pollution is getting worse and worse.we must stop pollutionlonger.
A.As a consequence of; living B.As a consequence; from living C.In consequence; to live D.In consequence of; live

  29.Tom is a brilliant,hardworking student,will be successful whatever career he chooses.
A.the one who B. one who C.who one D. that he

  30.Do you have any clothes,sir?
No,thanks,Ihad my wifethis morning.
A.to wash ;to wash B.to be washed; wash C.washing;wash D.to wash ;washed
答案; D C A D A C C B C B B C C B B



   辽阳一中 2010-2011学年度上学期期中考试高三试题 1. As is announced,$20,000 reward will be offered forreturn of the stolen cultural relics. A. a;the B./;the C.a;a D/;a 2. You are to blame for the quarrel,for you should make an apology to T ...


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