Unit 1 Getting along with others
Put the following phrases into English
  1.与…发展友谊关系 与 发展友谊关系
  2.值得拥有 值得拥有
  3.值得推荐 值得推荐
  4.背叛祖国 背叛祖国
  5.取笑某人 取笑某人
  6. 感到被背叛了
  7. 感到难为情
  8.忽视学习 忽视学习
  9. 决定做某事 10 想哭
  11.径直朝某人走去 径直朝某人走去
  12. 守信
  13. 承认作过某事
  1.develop friendships with sb
  2. worth having
  3. worthy of being introduced
  4.betray one’s country to …
  5.make fun of sb
  6.feel betrayed
  7.feel ashamed
  8.overlook one’s studies
  9.be determined to do sth
  10.feel like crying
  11.go straight to sb
  12.keep one’s word
  13.admit doing sth

  14.诅咒某人 诅咒某人
  15.原谅某人做某事 原谅某人做某事
  16.重视 关注 重视,关注 重视
  17.向…表示歉意 向 表示歉意
  18.和某人进行一场 和某人进行一场 篮球赛
  19.不能忍受做某事 不能忍受做某事
  20.一次难忘的经历 一次难忘的经历
  21.嫉妒某人 嫉妒某人
  22.使某人尴尬 使某人尴尬
  23.避免做某事 避免做某事
  24.有…天赋 有 天赋
  25.推迟做某事 推迟做某事
  26.晚上熬夜 晚上熬夜

  14.swear at sb
  15.forgive sb for doing
  16.focus on
  17.make an apology to
  18. have a basketball match against sb
  19.can’t stand doing
  20.an unforgettable experience
  21.feel jealous of sb
  22.embarrass sb with sth
  23. avoid doing
  24.have a gift for
  25.delay doing
  26.stay up at night

  27.说服某人做某事 说服某人做某事
  28.迫不及待的做某事 迫不及待的做某事
  29.推迟做某事 推迟做某事
  30.创立一个新的身份 创立一个新的身份
  31.设法阻止某事 设法阻止某事
  32.自从那时起 自从那时起 33向某人提供可行性建议 向某人提供可行性建议
  34.接通 接通
  35.除了 除了… 除了
  36.认真对待某事 认真对待某事
  37.尤其、特别 尤其、 尤其
  38.对..缄口不提 对 缄口不提
  39.全神贯注于 全神贯注于… 全神贯注于
  40.犹豫不决 犹豫不决.. 犹豫不决
  41.不管 不顾 不管.不顾 不管

  27.persuade sb to do sth
  28.can’t wait to do sth
  29. put off doing sth
  30.create a new identity
  31.discourage sb from doing sth
  32. ever since
  33.offer sb practical advice
  34. get through
  35.apart from
  36.take sth seriously
  37. in particular
  38. keep one’s mouth shut
  39.be absorbed in
  40.hesitate to do sth
  41.regardless of
Fill in the blanks in the suitable words.
  1. We have been best friends since p school. rimary cademic
  2.We are no fun because we are both a and like to study.I verlooking
  3.I didn’t feel like I was omy studies. eliberately
  4.I thought that Hannah must have d told everyone .
  5.The other team was b and we really had to focus. rilliant
  6.He said it wasn’t his f if he couldn’t play as well as me. ault
  7. Then we both started shouting at each other and it turned into a horrible a. rgument uin
  8. Don’t let a small disagreement r your friendship. egularly
  9.I started chatting r about two months later. bsurd
  10. She says I spend an a amount of time online.

  11. Our lines can get very busy but please keep trying and you will e get through. ventually ractical
  12.We’ll listen to your problems and offer you p advice.
  13.Mum would be extremely angry if they knew about it. bsorbed
  14. They are still sitting on the sofa, a in conversation.
  15. Boys and girls have different a towards friendship. ttitudes
  16.These results have been c worldwide. onsistent
  17. When asked they usually h before responding. esitate hared
  18. Friendships between boys are based on s activities and interests. hile
  19. Boys share activities, w girls share feelings. ariety
  20. They have different attitudes on a v of topics like school, hobbies and the future.


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