3. 当前中国教育制度: China's education system is examination-oriented education. Therefore, the scores become very important and leading students to rigid. I hope that our country can improve this aspect .Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  5. 男女平等: This is a difficult topic for us. But, I think that women want to be equal. it is not enough that Just a man to respect a woman. Women should be independent. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  6. 留学: If they go abroad just for fame, I feel that there is no need to go abroad. But If it is for knowledge, I support it. And I hope that they will be able to serve our China. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  7. 出国: This is a difficult topic for me. But, I think that everyone has their own ideas. If he wants to go abroad, we do not have the right to oppose. He can do what they want to do. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  8. 减肥: We all love beauties, especially the women like to lose weight. it is good that as long as they do not affect health . Weight loss is not wrong, but there should be an good means. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  9. 关于广告: There are a lot of false advertising. And these ads are vulgar. I do not understand that TV still play them every day. I hope that our country can improve this aspect .Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  10. 上网: Network is a tool. It is good or bad, the key lies in how we use it. Network is useful, if it is used to learn .But many people indulge online games and neglect their studies. I hope that our country can improve this aspect .Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  11.人生目标:My ideal is that I can become a Teacher. I hope I can serve the community and realize self-value. In addition, I like the life style on the campus. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  12.电视节目: So far, I have a long time did not watch TV. Because I do not like those programs .Many TV programs are boring .And there are too many vulgar advertisement on TV. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.
13 朋友: For us, friends are very important. so we need to understand each other. I think it is not important that how many friends you have. but that how many good friends you have.Just as the famous English saying goes,"A friend in need is a friend indeed." Teacher, this is some of my ideas.
14 体育: As we all know, It is good for our health to take proper exercises. I like sports, I often play badminton with my friends. Sometimes I play basketball also+
. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.
15生态问题: I have heard the news that A Destructive Earthquake Occurred in Japan . This is the consequence of destroying the ecological environment. "Earth Hour" is just a show. I hope that there is a practical action .I think that We must do our bit towards protecting the environment.
16网络流行语的态度: I think ,as long as not too much, network buzzword is permitted . I often surf the Internet .But i do not like the Internet buzzword .Because It can not become a cultural. And although some people think it is a culture, I think it is not. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  17.童年生活: My childhood was very happy. This was largely caused by my parents. But I do not complain .So I always told myself I want to build a happy family .Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  18.旅游:Travel is good for relax. I have a dream to travel around the world. But now I am just a student .I do not have enough money .And So this is the future thing. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  19.人生最重要的抉择与你经常做出抉择吗:We often make a decision in our life. However, there is an important choice, which is taking part in the postgraduate entrance examinations. I think this is the best way to realize self-value. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  20.最敬佩的人: There are many people who I admire, he was not a person but a group of people. I admire the people who have contributed to human society. I would also like to be that person through my learning and hard work. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  21.对钱的看法: “That's all the fault of the money”. We can often hear such words. But I don't think so. In fact, that is our fault. It relates to our attitude to money and the earning ways. We should be proper to make money and save money. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  22.研究生就业与薪水: Salaries are not unimportant. But more importantly, I hope that I can learn various aspects of the knowledge in working process. I want my salary and my abilities are the same. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  23.喜欢的歌曲: I like a lot of songs. But the favorite is " a new day has come" It's melody
is beautiful, and give people inspiration. a new day has come, I was waiting for so long for the miracle's come. So do I .Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  24.喜欢的电影:My favorite movie is Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story . When I watched the film, I am very excited to watch again and again. I like Liz , for her talent. And the most important thing that I like is her spirit that never giving up. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  25.我的家乡: My home is NanChang. I think many people should know WangBo and his TengWangGeXu. Economy is not developed enough, but the landscape is very well, no contamination. I have my family and friends here, in my eyes, it is the best hometown. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  26.男女未婚同居: I do not want people to do that. Among them, many people have no sense of marriage. Unmarried cohabitation is both irresponsible. That would make the woman suffer great harm. Of course, everyone has the right to choose their own way of life. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  27.网恋: Internet Love is too unreal. From the network, you can not fully understand him. I hope that people can pay more attention to the reality. I do not know the attitude of others .But I do not want internet love. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  28.小沈阳: In the spring night, he showed well. Only once, people may feel funny. However, he does so for a long time, then, it is not very good. I hope that he will try other ways. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  29.现代生活问题: Today, we have rich material life. But we are not happy. And there are a lot of problems. We do not have faith, and our spiritual life is not enough. We have too many pressures. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  30.金融危机:Housing prices are very high now. Government in this area is not good. If do not improve, the consequences are serious. GDP is just a number. I hope our country can understand this and improve this aspect .Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  31.天气:Today's weather is not bad. But I do not know what the weather it was in my heart. My heart is very nervous.No matter what the weather it was, it was only temporary. Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  32.机会:I think that Who prepared and who can have a chance. People who are not ready and the opportunity will pass. Now I have a chance. I try my best to catch it, but I just do not know what will happen.Teacher, this is some of my ideas.

  33.校园恋爱: I think it is possible.Now, love is everywhere,it's popular,including on the campus,between the young boys and girls. All in all, In most time,I hope that students should study hard .



   听力课堂,开放式外语学习平台! 听力课堂,开放式外语学习平台!TingClass.com 2010 年 12 月大学英语四级考试模拟题 Part I Writing (30 minutes) ) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition one topic: City Problems. You should write at least 120 words following t ...


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   一,复习总要求 1,每天保证 5 个小时有效复习时间. 2,采用"集群复习法".找 几个人一起复习,3-5 个人为佳,最好不要选择同学校同专业的人,那样竞争压力太大.最 好的考研搭档是考不同学校的人,考同一学校不同专业的人也可以.这样可以共勉.拿我自 己来说,复习在一起的有 4 个人,其中 3 个考上研究生. 3,对应届生而言,暑假不 要回家,留校复习,在家学习效率特高者除外. 二,考研英语复习法 1,考研英语 词汇 考研英语词汇的重要性不用我多说,它是阅读,完型填空,翻 ...


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