牛津版初中英语九年级第三单元全英文说课稿 2009-08-11 19:42 A Brief Instruction to the topic of “What should I do?” Shangyuan Middle School Li Yi Cai Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is LiYiCai. I come from Shangyuan Middle School in Nanjing.Today I’m going to talk about th e topic” What should I do?”I will divide the instruction into seven parts: they are Teaching material Analysis, Teaching aims, Teaching emphasis, Teaching difficulties, Teaching methods, Teaching aids and Teaching procedures. Part 1 Teaching material analysis This period is from Unit 3 of 9A Oxford English. First of all,I’d li ke to talk about my understanding about this lesson.We have learned S tar sings in Unit 1 and Colours and moods in Unit
  2.We have also lear ned how to write a formal recommendation letter and how to write a re port on the moods of people in last two units.Today we are going to l earn two letters to a famous youth worker about Millie’s and Simon’s problems.So this unit links with a special meaning of Unit 1 and Uni t
  2.This period is the first lesson of Reading.The main idea of the t opic is how to express their problems and ask for advice.We are going to learn the ways to deal with problems and stress in following less ons.So this period is very important in this unit. Part 2 Teaching aims
  1.Aims of the knowledge: (
  1)To know the spelling of some words and usage of some phrases. (
  2)To learn something about Millie’s and Simon’s problems. (
  3)To grasp the main idea of Reading and use the information to tal k to others about one’s problems and how to deal with them.
  2.Aims of the ablilities: (
  1)To improve the ability of getting information by reading. (
  2)To improve the ability of retelling the story.

  3.Aims of the emotion: (
  1)To understand how to write about problems and to express feeling s. (
  2)To ask for advice to solve the problems. Part 3 Teaching emphasis
  1.To master the ‘to’-infinitives and ‘wh-’words+‘to’-infinitiv es.
  2.To get the ability of general reading and getting information. Part 4 Teaching difficulties
  1.To recognize and understand vocabulary about problems.
  2.To ask for advice Part 5 Teaching methods In this topic,I will use five-step Teaching Method and Task-based lan guage Teaching.I design some tasks to help the students learn.I think if I want to improve the students’ oral English,I should give them enough chances to practice and I will use pair work,group work to let the students take an active part in all kinds of activities.That is “Learning by doing,learning by using”.Let the students be the maste rs of the class teaching,thus,student-centered teaching method is wel l shown. Part 6 Teaching aids Projector,slide show,tape recorder and blackboard Part 7 Teaching procedure Step Ⅰ.Lead-in The purpose is to arouse the students’interest of study. Let’s have a free talk. T:Have you got problems?
S:Yes. T:What is it? S:Eating too much makes me unhealthy. T:What about you? S:…… Step Ⅱ.Presentation The purpose is to develop the skills of skimming and how to gain the main idea of the articles.
  1.Ask students to read two letters and answer the following question s: ①What is Millie’s favorite hobby?(Painting) ②What is Millie’s problem?(She doesn’t have enough time for hobbie s and home work.) ③When does Simon play football?(After school until late) ④How do his parents feel about it? (They don’t like this and ask him to go home before 6 p.m.)
  2.Ask students if there are words that they do not know. Explain some new words briefly. deal;choice;complete;refuse;accept;spare;doubt;whether; Step Ⅲ.Practice The purpose is to develop the skills of scanning and how to gain the details from the articles.
  1.Listen to the tape and answer some question about “True”or“Fals e”.
  2. Ask students to read the articles again and explain some important phrases.
How to solve the problems;hand in;on time;at the moment; can’t find any time for my hobbies;feel bad;give up; achieve a balance between the two;hear form;make unhappy Step Ⅳ.Retelling The purpose is to develop the skills of retelling with the key words
  1.Ask students to make sentences with phrases that we have learned.
  2.Try to retell the outline of the articles.
  3.Encourage students to say something about themselves. Step Ⅴ.Summary and homework The purpose is to give the students a clear idea of how to express th eir problems and revise the articles.
  1.Ask students to revise the words and phrases
  2.Ask students to write a letter about himself after class. During my teaching,I’ll try my best to get my class alive and encou rage the students to talk with each other in English. I think the gen eral aim of English teaching is to improve the ability of using Engli sh. And I’ll use this to guide my teaching. Thank you!
牛津版初中英语九年级第三单元全英文“What 的题目说课稿 2009-08-11 19:42 一短暂关于对的指令是我 将去 do?” Shangyuan 中学李毅 Cai 下午好女士和先生我的名字叫 LiYiCai。我来从在 Nanjing.Today I’m 中的去说话关于 topic” 的 Shangyuan 中学什么是将去我 do?”I 将把教物质分析教学的目标 parts: they 正的关于对的指令,教教教对的援助和教的过程的方法强调教学困难分成七教物质分 析这时期的部 分 1 是从 9A 牛津英语的单位
  3。首先 I’d 对相像的说话活动中的我的懂得活动中的这个 lesson.We 富人 从了解 Star 给唱歌在中单位 1 和彩色和脾气不好在中单位
  2.We 富人也从了解怎样写作 a 甲缩 醛推荐 刻印刷体字母和怎样写作 a 报告在上脾气不好的人物在中从持续到两 units.Today 我们是去向向学习 两 文学向 a 出名青春工人活动中的 Millie’s 和 Simon’s problems.So 这个单位和一特刊,意味 着单位 1 和 单位的
  2.This 时期是第一题目的 Reading.The 主要对的观念的课的联系怎样是用快递他们的问题和 问 为 advice.We 正去从了解处理的问题的方式和强调在下列 lessons.So 中这时期在这个单位中是非常对 重 要。分开 2 教学知识的目标
  1.Aims: (
  1)To 知道中的一些词的拼写和中的一些短语的使用。 (
  2) To 听说 Millie’s 和 Simon’s 的问题某样东西。 (
  3)To 抓住阅读的主要 对的观念和使用关于的信息向其 他的说话关于 one’s 的问题和怎样处理他们。ablilities 的
  2.Aims: (
  1)To 改进从得到关于的信息通过 阅读的才能。 (
  2)To 改进为重述故事的 才能。情感的
  3.Aims: (
  1)To 从了解关于的问题和向明确感情
怎 样 写 作 。 2 ) To 请 求 得 到 解 决 问 题 忠 告 。 教 强 调 1 . To 的 部 分 3 控 制 ‘to’-infinitives 和 ( ‘wh-’words+‘to’-infinitives。
  2.To 使将军的才能开始阅读和从得到关于的信息 。分开
  1.To 认出 4 教学困 难是的和了解的问题词汇。
  2.To 问为忠告分开 5 教方法在中这个题目我希望 使用五跨步教方法和任务把 放置在基座上语言 Teaching.I 设计中的一些任务向有帮助学生 learn.I 思考如 果我想要向有改进 students’ 口试英国我是将去让步他们足够机会向练习和我希望使用结对工作小组使 工作向出租学生发生 作用一活跃分开总共种类的 activities.That 是“Learning 偏于中心教学方法是确 实是因此教学生的课的主 人经过 using”.Let 从了解学生井被展示分开 6 教对的援助教的过程步 Ⅰ.Lead-in 的 Projector,slide show,tape 录音机和黑板部分 7 的目的是要引起研究的 students’interest。Let’s 有一自由和的谈话。T: Have 你从得到的问题吗?S:Yes。 T:What 是它吗?S:Eating 太过了使我变得不正常。关于你的 T: What 吗?S:…… 步Ⅱ.Presentation 的目的是要发展飞速掠过的技能和怎样获得有关的文章的主要对 的观念。为两文学和对的答案读下列的问题的
  1.Ask 学生:①What 是 Millie’s 最喜欢 hobby?(绘画)② What 是 Millie’s problem? 她对于的爱好和家对充足时间 doesn’t 有工作) ③When 做西蒙玩耍 football? ( 。 (放学后直到很晚)④How 对它做他的父母的感觉吗?(他们 don’t 喜欢这个和问他在 6 下午)
  2.Ask 学生的前面打中目标,如果有词那他们不确实知道。简要向解释中的一些对是新词。 deal;choice; complete;refuse;accept;spare;doubt;whether; 步Ⅲ.Practice 的目的是要发展符合格律的技能 和怎样获得从有关的文章的细节。向中的一些关于“True”or“False” 怀疑的磁带和对的答案的
  2.Ask 学生,再次阅读有关的文章和向解释中的一些对重要短语。怎样解决 problems;hand in;on time; at 一些为我的 hobbies; bad; feel give up;选定 moment;can’t 发现的时间的取得一在 two; hear form; make 对不高兴步 Ⅳ. Retelling 之间的目的是的平衡发展用关键词改写本
  1. Ask 学生的技能弄来我们已 经从了解的短语句子。为重述有关的文章的轮廓的
  3.Encourage 学生。 步Ⅴ.Summary 和作业的目的是要给学生一怎样表示他们的问题和修正有关的文章的清楚对的观念。为复 习的
  1.Ask 学生措辞和措辞
  2.Ask 学生在课以后写作关于他自己的一封信。在我的 teaching,I’ll 尝试 期间对我的最好向使我的课变得活着和鼓励学生和彼此谈话用英文。我认为普遍的英国教学的目标是要改 进使用英国的才能。和 I’ll 使用这个引导我的教学通过到。谢谢您!



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