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Module 8 Unit 4 Exercise For New Words 1
I. Spelling.
  1. Try looking at the affair from a different a.
  2. B is the additional salary that the job that urges worker pays.
  3. There is no r on gender or race. Everyone has the chance to have a go.
  4. She deserves a r for her efforts.
  5. She hid in the of the house. (阴影)
  6. The on the ship are thirty in all. (船员)
  7. It is one of the of the match. (最精彩的项目)
  8. They tried to him. (抵制)
  9. His is higher than mine. (级别)
  10. The two statements each other. (抵触) II. 选词填空。 选词填空。 distinguish…from, in defence of, in the shadow of, reward…with, In view of, regardless of, contradict, win a victory, in the minority, as long as
  1. She spoke up her political beliefs. 她为捍卫她的政治信仰而大声疾呼。
  2. We're, more people are against us than with us. 赞成我们的居少数;我们成了少数派。
  3. It was saucy (没礼貌) of you to your boss. 你顶撞你的老板真是没礼貌。
  4. He lived his famous father. 他在名声显赫的父亲的庇护下生活。
  5. They the winners gifts of fruits and flowers. 他们奖给优胜者一些水果和鲜花。
  6. They decorated the house cost. 他们不惜工本装修这栋房子。
  7. We can only if we hold together. 只有大家同心协力,我们才能最终取得胜利。
  8. you don't betray me, I'll do whatever you ask me to (do). 只要你不出卖我,要我做什么我都愿意。
  9. Speeches human beings animals. 人类和动物的区别在于人会说话。
  10. the circumstances, we should give up the plan. 考虑到情况的变化,我们应该放弃这 项计划。 III.选择题。
  1. It is widely accepted that young babies learn to things because certain acts lead to . A reward B prizes C awards D results
Nanjing Dongshan Foreign Language School

  2. ? Sorry to you. Please go on. --Where was I? --You said you didn’t like your father’s job. A have interrupted B have disturbed C interrupt D disturb
  3. The plane takes off at 4:00 this afternoon, therefore, I shall go the weather. A at the sight of B in despite of C as a result of D regardless of
  4. You will surely make progress you work with a strong will. A as well as B as long as C until D unless
  5. I’m afraid that what you said yesterday with what you are doing now. A compares B constructs C communicates D contradicts
  6. China, which used to be a country, has been developing faster than ever in the past years. A downward B backward C forwards D upward
  7. The two black boys each other in appearance but differ in characters. A like B share C are similar D resemble
  8. The shop owner looked at my old clothes and led me to the back room where he chose a set of the suits for me. A refusing B rejecting C rejected D refused
  9. We started off early that morning to our grandfather’s farm and to our joy, the weather us. A favored B was favorite to C was good to D benefited
  10. They are in the because only two or three of us like the way they do the work. A most B least C majority D minority
  11. The doctor said the drug in the advertisement was not for my sister’s skin. A available B helpful C beneficial D favourable
  12. Under the leadership of the Party, the people have one victory after another in all fields. A received B got C won D made
  13. During that period, many young people, especially the students from universities, commercial products made in Germany. A refused B resisted C rejected D boycotted
  14. At the meeting, the manager stood up and said that he never did things against everyone’s will. A in the defence B in the defence of himself C in his defence D in defence of them
  15. Jackie is as a of the students from his city. A regarded, represent B regard, representative C viewed, representative D view, represent
Nanjing Dongshan Foreign Language School
答案: I
  1. angle
  6. crew II

  2. Bonus
  3. restriction
  4. reward
  5. shadow
  7. highlights
  8. boycott
  9. rank 10 contradict

  1. in defence of,
  2. in the minority,
  3. contradict,
  4. in the shadow of
  5. rewarded…with
  6. regardless of
  7. win a victory
  8. As long as,
  9. distinguish, from
  10. In view of III 1-5 . AADBD 6-10 BDCAD 11-15 DCDCC



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