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2009 高考英语作文高级词汇句型汇总
  1.好词 (
  1)Environmental/water/air/noise pollution (
  2)Resources exhaustion (
  3)Wildlife extinction (
  4)Endangered species (
  5)Natural habitat (
  6)Reserve areas (
  7)Sand/dust storm (
  8)Clear-cutting/deforestation (
  9)Over fishing (
  10)Overgrazing (
  11)Soil erosion (
  13)Desertification (
  15)Flood threat (
  12)Water and soil conservation (
  14)Natural disaster (
  16)Fire hazard
  17)Storm/tempest (
  18)Blizzard (
  19)Drought (
  20)Famine (
  21)Disruption of ecological balance(the balance of ecosystem) (
  22)Eruption of volcanoes (
  23)Earthquake (
  24)Avalanche (
  26)Hurricane (
  28)Shortage of fresh water (
  30)Poisonous/toxic gases (
  32)Urban smog (
  34)Hazardous nuclear waste (
  25)Landslide (
  27)Shortage of water resources (
  29)Harmful chemicals (
  31)Carbon monoxide (
  33)Industrial waste (
  35)Radioactive pollutants (
  37)Car emission standard (
  39)Throw-away lunchbox (
  41)Renewable resources (
  43)Plastic bags (
  45)Global warming (
  47)Energy crisis (
  49)Environment awareness (
  51)Rescue and relief work
  36)Waste gas sent off from automobiles (
  38)Non-biodegradable material (
  40)Recyclable product (
  42)Conserve natural resources (
  44)Greenhouse effect (
  46)Acid rain (
  48)Oil leakage (
  50)Pest rampancy
  52)Garbage disposal
  2.佳句 (
  1)Pollution is, in fact, threatening our existence. (
  2)Villagers are as a rule healthier than people who live in towns. One reason for
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资料由大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
this is that country air is fresher than the air in smoky cities. (
  3)Most of the noise in the city comes from traffic, factories and construction sites. (
  4) There is an increasingly loud voice from the public calling for firm action against pollution. (
  5)Scientists have warned that unless effective solutions are worked out, the problem of pollution will eventually get out of hand. (
  6)Many factories discharge enormous harmful chemicals into air and rivers every day. (
  7) kill insects, farmers use a large amount of insecticides so as to have a bumper To harvest. As a result, they pollute the air, water and land. (
  8) gas from car engines is very poisonous. It is a main source of air pollution in The cities. (
  9)Deforestation result in the increase of global temperature and unpleasant change of climate. (
  10)The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generation. (
  11)Beijing now has become one of the most polluted cities in the world. Among the 10 cities with the worst air pollution in the world last year, Beijing was the third most polluted city. (
  12)If the city had not plagued by poor quality air, the annual death rate in Beijing would have been 4 percent lower in past three years, according to the research done jointly by Beijing Medical University and Harvard University. (
  13)Beijing consumes
  2.8 million tons of coal each year, of which 75 percent are low-grade coal. (
  14)To make room for those buildings, trees are being cut down, grass plots occupied. Cities look like nothing but grey concrete woods. (
  15)Modern cities should be expanding with a certain percentage for green-plant areas. (
  16)We must begin now to protect our only earth. (
  17)Almost everything we use daily comes from the land directly or indirectly. (
  18)But the limited land is decreasing at a surprising speed. (
  19)The nature has given us so much, but looks at what we have done in return for its generosity. (
  20) ozone layer is our natural shield in the sky, but this shield is in great danger The due to human activities. To protect the ozone layer is to protect us. (
  21)Depleting the ozone layer allows more UV-B to reach the earth, which means more skin cancers, more eye cataracts(白内障),weakened immune systems, and
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资料由大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
reduced plant yield. (
  22)The nature has been irritated, which results in the shortage of valuable resources, air pollution, countless acres of lands becoming deserts, etc. (
  23)Fortunately, many countries have got to know the seriousness of the problem and take active measures to preserve the environment. (
  24) sincerely hope that all the people in the world will take part in the campaign We and join hands to protect the nature. (
  25) Besides, trees and lawns in our cities will in the long run help improve the local climate. (
  26)The government should also spend more money on the preservation of current lawns and cultivation of new lawns. ( 27 ) Chinese government has taken strict measures to stop careless and indiscriminate felling of trees. (
  28)Therefore, governments are playing the most important role in environmental protection today. (
  29)The government should let people full realize the importance of environmental protection through education. (
  30)Cars should be equipped with special devices to reduce auto emission. (
  31) Farmers can utilize modern biological techniques instead of chemical fertilizers to grow crops. (
  32)Desert can be turned into cultivated land by a certain kind of shrub. (
  33)Recycling of paper, steel and plastics is important for helping protect our environment. (
  34)The city was beautified on a tremendous scale. (
  35)Energy crisis will threaten our existence because of the people's extravagance and the rapid growth of he population. (
  36)It is imperative that we investigate and develop new sources of energy immediately. (
  37)With the expansion of industrialization, requirement for energy all over the world is on the rise. (
  38)We have a great need for energy because of the rapid growth of our economy. (
  39)These rich energy resources are being used up rapidly. (
  40)To avoid energy crisis in the future, we should take some actions. (
  41)The overuse of energy has influenced ecological balance. (
  42)The development of modern life is placing and ever increasing demand for electricity. (
  43)If there were no energy, our world would be in a state of confusion.
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  44) Protecting endangered species helps protect a healthy environment. Endangered species are nature's early warning system for pollution and environmental degradation that may someday affect human health.(濒危物种是大自然的关于污染和环境恶化 的早期警戒系统,污染和环境恶化有朝一日会影响人类的健康.) (
  45)Protecting endangered species saves a part of nature for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. (
  46)Protecting endangered species helps protect sustainable economies and a good quality of life. Endangered species of fish, wildlife and plants are of ecological, educational, historical, recreational and scientific value to the nations and their people. (
  47)All of the living creatures, including humans, are part of a complex, delicately balanced network called the biosphere. (
  48)No creature exists in isolation. The removal of a single species can set off a chain reaction affecting many others. (
  49)It is estimated that about 12,000 Tibetan antelopes are killed each year. If this trend continues, this species will be extinct in two decades. (
  50)A healthy environment for wildlife contributes to healthy environment for people, today and tomorrow. (二)社会生活问题
  1.好词 (
  1)Population explosion/baby boom (
  2)Population census (
  3)Birth/death rate (
  4)Family planning (
  5)Suicide bombing (
  6)Dropout students (
  7)Eliminate illiteracy (
  8)Help those in distress and aid those in peril (
  9)Poverty-stricken areas (
  10)Remote and mountain areas (
  11)Shake off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity (
  12)Brain drain (
  13)Corruption phenomenon (
  14)Offer and take bribes (
  16)Counterfeit certificates (
  18)Credit card fraud (
  20)Vending machine (
  22)Couch potato (
  24)Casino/gambling (
  26)Well-balanced meals (
  15)Embezzle pubic funds (
  17)Counterfeit currency/ID card (
  19)Fake commodities (
  21)Generation gap (
  23)Keep a concubine/mistress (
  25)Go on a diet
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  27)Enjoy banquets using public funds
  28)Bad construction projects
  29)Suspend/discontinue a project (
  30)Welfare-oriented public housing distribution system (
  31)High-rise apartment building (
  32)Down payment (by monthly installments) (
  33)Juvenile delinquency (
  34)Laid-off workers (
  35)Trial-period (
  36)On-the-job training/professional training (
  37)Reemployment project (
  38)U.N. Security Council (
  39)Government-funded personnel studying abroad (
  40)Racial/sex discrimination (
  41)Traffic jam/road congestion (
  42)Drunk driving (
  43)Violation of traffic regulations (
  44)Hit-and-run accident (
  45)Rush/peak hour (
  46)Security personnel (
  48)Press conference (
  50) Intellectual property right (
  47)Spokesman for news release (
  49)Globalization (
  51) Infringement on the patent right
  52)Bid for the Olympic Games (
  53)Sports lottery (
  54)Live broadcast (
  55)Frozen food (
  56)Preservation of cultural relics (
  57)Change from temporary to regular worker (
  58)Body-building exercises (
  60)Permanent residence certificate (
  62)Drug addition (
  59)Bungee jumping (
  61)Euthanasia (
  63)AIDS disease
  64)Campus violence (
  65)Child abuse (
  2.佳句 (
  1)More and more people come to realize the importance of regular physical exercise. (
  2)We must struggle against our own laziness and stay with our training, rain or shine.(风雨无阻) (
  3)Maintaining our health is very important. No one should trifle with his health. (
  4)Physical exercise increases the appetite and favors digestion. It increases the circulation of the blood. Physical exercise can develop one's self-confidence, judgment, and a strong will. (
  5)Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. (Benjamin Franklin) (
  6)A sound mind is in a sound body.
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  7)Taking part in sports and games will keep us fit and healthy. (
  8)Proper sports activities help us strengthen our physical body and build our sense of competition and cooperation. (
  9)Research shows that getting plenty of exercise makes heart beat faster and lung work harder, thus strengthening the heart and reducing the chance of heart attack, and helping to lower blood pressure. (
  10)For those who work with their brains most of the day, the practice of sport is especially useful. (
  11)Once a habit is formed, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to shake it off. (
  12)It is easier to fall into bad habits than to get into good ones. (
  13)Many successful men declare that they own much of their prosperity to the formation of certain good habits in early life, such as punctuality, early rising, honesty, and thoroughness. (
  14)The eating habits of Chinese people have changed dramatically in the past decade. (
  15)People begin to eat less grain, but more fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetables are rich in carbohydrate(碳水化合物), vitamins and minerals. (
  16)People now pay much attention to nutrition, so they choose to eat meat and drink milk. (
  17)Fish and chicken contain more protein and less fat. (
  18)The issue of re-employment is of vital importance to the country's reform, development and stability. (
  19)Some statistics indicate that trained workers are three times as likely to be re-employed as those who haven't participated in any training programs. (
  20)A re-employment-oriented training network should be formed immediately to cover as many laid-off workers as possible to enhance their abilities to face challenges. (
  21)Its no shame to earn bread with one's own hands no matter what kind of work he does, but it's a disgrace to idle along with folded arms and wait until financial aid arrives. (
  22)China is undergoing a period of transition from a socialist planned economy to a socialist market economy. (
  23)The government is supposed to issue more beneficial policies to help the lay-offs out of difficulty. (
  24)Everyone desires and pursues happiness. But happiness means different things to different people. (
  25)I'll be happy if I can realize my value in my future career and make some contribution to the development of our country. (
  26) Happiness also means being on good term with my colleagues and friends.
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  27)The only ones who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve the people. (
  28)Happiness lies first of all in health. (
  29)Happiness is always abounded from hard work. (
  30)Happiness consists in contentment. (
  31)Every generation has its own view of life and value system, which results from its living circumstances. (
  32)As long as different generations can understand each other and avoid foisting their own views and values on others, there will be fewer conflicts and more harmony between the generations. (
  33)The old assume that they know best, but it is only a matter of experience. (
  34) The young know how to enjoy work and leisure and not to be inhibited. 约束) ( (
  35)Children often complain that their parents cannot understand them, while parents feel sorry that their children seldom show them proper respect and obedience. (
  36)Children should respect their parents and be aware that what their parents do is for their good. (
  37)As reformation goes deeper in China, civil servants no longer have "iron rice bowls" as they used to have in many places. (
  38)Whatever we do, we should do in



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