12)期末测试题 牛津初一英语预备课本 (Units 1?
满分: 时间: 满分:100 分 时间:90 分钟 姓名 班级 得分 姓名 班级 得分 亲爱的同学: 亲爱的同学: 经过一段时期的学习,你在英语学科方面一定有很大进步。希望你在这次测评中, 经过一段时期的学习,你在英语学科方面一定有很大进步。希望你在这次测评中,能够展示自己的 水平、能力。看到今后努力的目标、方向。祝你取得优异成绩! 水平、能力。看到今后努力的目标、方向。祝你取得优异成绩!
(一)听力部分(15 题,共 15 分) 听力部分( 部分
(A) 听!七年级一班的同学正在教室里闲聊,他们在说什么?找出与所听句子相符的图画, 将其序号填入左边的括号内。 (听两遍)
( )
  1. A.
( )
  2. A.
( )
  3. A.
( )
  4. A.
( )
  5. A. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. She’s fine. )
  2. A. She’s Jill. C. Yes, they are.
B. B. He’s fine. B. She’s Sally.
C. C. He’s happy. C. She’s Millie. D. No, they aren’t. B. He’s Lily’s cousin. D. He’s Andy’s cousin. C. He’s a nurse. D. She’s a student. D. She’s pretty. D. She’s Lily.
(B) 请注意听你的好朋友之间的五段对话和问题,适当记录并选择正确答语。 (听两遍)
  3. A. They are classmates. )
  4. A. He’s Andy’s twin brother. C. He’s Lily’s twin brother.
B. They aren’t classmates.
  5.A. He’s a teacher. B. He’s a doctor.
(C)请注意听好友 Peter 介绍他的家庭,判断以下信息是否正确(正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”)。 (听三遍) ( )
  1.Peter is an English boy. ( )
  2.Kate is Peter’s sister, she is a student. ( )
  3.Mr Brown is a doctor in Yangzhou now. ( )
  4.Mrs Brown is an English teacher. ( )
  5.They are very happy in Beijing.
笔试部分 共 笔试部分(共 85 分) 部分 词汇Lucy 有些单词忘了写,你能帮她做完吗?(每小题 分,共10分) 有些单词忘了写,你能帮她做完吗?(每小题1分 ?(每小题 一 词汇 分
  1.The first day of the week is S .
  2. Miss Gao often tell us a her family.
  3. Lily sometimes we-mails to her friends.
  4. he often rthe newspapers at the weekend.
  5.Our first class usually b at 7:30 a.m. (二) 根据中文提示完成单词.
  1. Do they often(放) kites on Saturdays.
  2. How (好看的) the birds are !
  3.-Can I eat some(面包)?-Of course!
  4. There’re some (瓶)of orange juice in the locker.
  5. Does your father have any (照相机)?
你想了解一下自己的学习情况吗,试试下面的练习, 二 你想了解一下自己的学习情况吗,试试下面的练习,选出最佳答案填入句中 每小题1分 (每小题 分,共15分) 分
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. --in the box? There are twelve pencils in it. A. What B. What’s C. Are there any pencils D. Are pencils ) 2 Do you go to school seven thirty ? A. at B. in C. about D. every )
  3.Do you have a PE lesson today? No, we don’t. We have art lesson today. A. a B. an C. the D. / )
  4. We often chat each other lunchtime. A. to; in B. for; at C. with; at D. and, at )
  5. Do you like your school ? . A. I like . B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I do. D. No, I do )
  6. The students study school Monday to Friday . A. in; on B. at; from C. in; at D. from, to )
  7. you have homework to do today ? A. Do; any B. Do; some C. Do; many D. Does, any )
  8. What do you want ? A. know B. knowing C. to know D. knows )
  9. Is Sally from America? No. Sally is an girl, but she’s in A. America, England B. English, America C. American, English D. England, America )
  10..Bill Gates(比尔.盖茨) is from the A. UN B. USA C. PRC D. HK .
( (
( (
  11. What’s in the reading room? There a teacher, twenty desks and thirty chairs in it. A. am B. is C. are D. be is this boy in the art room? He’s my new friend. )
  12. --A. Who’s B. What C. How D. Who )
  13. Who’s Mr Brown? He’s father. A. Tony and Sally B. Tony’s and Sally’s C. Tony and Sally’s D. Tony, Sally’s )
  14.Mrs Wang is Tom’s mother. She is my aunt. Tom is my A. cousin B. twin brother C. son D. uncle )
  15. In China, people walk of the street.(街道) A. on the left B. on the right C. in the middle D. on the left of
用括号里词的适当形式填空(每题 三 用括号里词的适当形式填空 每题 1 分,共 10 分)

  1.You can use the (shop) basket in the supermarket .
  2.My photo is nice, What about (she).
  3. Are there any (library) in your school?
  4.On the (one) floor, there are ten classes.
  5.Do you know the happy girl, look! She plays (happy)
  6.Thanks for (help) me with my homework.
  7. Miss Fang ,(not take ) the books to the classroom.
  8. Where can she (buy) teddy bears ?
  9. My cousin Andy often (wash) dishes at home ?
  10.he and she (have) any comic books ?
在做变换句子练 不小心漏了几个词, 补上吗 四 Lucy在做变换句子练习时不小心漏了几个词,你能帮她补上吗 在做变换句子 习时不小心漏了几个词 你能帮她补上 每空
  0.5分 (每空 分,共7分) 分

  5. 6 Climb the tree in the park. (改成否定句) the tree in the park. The model plane is Nick and Peter’s. (对划线部分提问) the model plane? He gets up at seven every day.(对画线部分提问) does he get up every day? I have a camera. He has a camera, too. (同义转换) I have a camera. He a camera. There are sixteen boys and fourteen girls in my class. (同义句) We students in my class. They usually go to school from Monday to Friday . (同义句) They usually go to school .
比比谁最细心,找出错误并改正(每题1分 五 比比谁最细心,找出错误并改正(每题 分,共5分) 分
( ( )
  1. Hurry up, it’s seven thirty o’clock. A B C D )
  2.They have Chinese, Math, and English on every Tuesday. A B C D
( ( (
  3. I like play basketball , football, and tennis. A B C D )
  4. Who is that man, Peter? Aha, he’s my John uncle. A B C D )
  5. You’re late today. Don’t late next time(下次). A B C D
谈论她家附近的一个新公园,你能根据上下文, 六 Millie 正和 Jill 谈论她家附近的一个新公园,你能根据上下文,选择合适的 选项将她们的对话补充完整吗?( ?(每空 选项将她们的对话补充完整吗?(每空 1 分,共 5 分)
(M = Millie, J = Jill They are classmates.) A. but it’s beautiful. M: Hello, Jill! 1 B. Oh, that’s nice. J:
  2. Is it very big? C. What about shops? M: No, it’s not very big, 3 D. And there are many trees around the lake. J: Well, what’s in it? Are there any lakes? E. There is a new park near my house. M: Yes, there is a lake. 4 J: Is there a zoo? M: No, there isn’t. But there are many birds in it, and there are lots of flowers too. J: 5 M: There isn’t a shop in the park, but there are some small shops near the park.
七、完形填空(每空1分,共10分) 完形填空(每空 分 分
Nancy is reading an e-mail from her friend Jack. She is very 1 to get the e-mail . Jack writes about his school 2 his weekends. Jack likes his school very much. Nancy likes her school, 3 . Jack’s school is very big and he likes his classroom. The 4 and chairs are new. There are lots of pictures 5 the wall. They clean the classroom every day. Jack doesn’t 6 to school at the weekend. He gets up 7 at six on Saturday. He exercises in the park for half 8 . Then he eats his breakfast. He helps his mother do the 9 . At eight he begins to do his homework. He has lunch in a fast food restaurant.(快餐店) In the 10 , he goes shopping with Mum. Sometimes he plays computer games or chats with his friends on the Internet. In the evening, he enjoys his weekend very much. ( )
  1. A. tall B. like C. happy D. good ( )
  2. A. but B. and C. or D. at ( )
  3. A. also B. again C. too D. hi ( )
  4. A. desks B. schoolbags C. pencils D. boys ( )
  5. A. at B. on C. near D. behind ( )
  6. A. like B. play C. go D. have ( )
  7. A. early B. late C. before D. here ( )
  8. A. a year B. a month C. an hour D. box ( )
  9. A. homework B. cleaning C. fishing D. lessons ( )
  10. A. day B. evening C. afternoon D. week
八、阅读理解(每题1分,共5分) 阅读理解(每题 分 分
(A) There is a new park near Andy’s home. It’s fine today. Andy and his family are in the park now. On their left, there is a cafe. On their right, there is a big lake. There are many flowers and trees around the lake. There’s a small hill behind the lake. Near the lake, there are two signs. One
says, “Don’t swim in the lake!” The other says, “No fishing!” But you can go boating on the lake. There is a beautiful garden in the middle of the park. There are green grass and beautiful flowers in it. There are some small shops between the lake and the garden. The park is so nice. Andy and his family like it very much. ( )
  1. The park near Andy’s home is . A. new and beautiful B. old and beautiful C. clean and new D. old and clean ( )
  2. Is there a cafe in the park? A. Yes, there isn’t. B. No, there isn’t. C. Yes, there is. D. No, there is. ( )
  3. Andy and his family can on the lake. A. swim B. fish C. boat D. play ( )
  4. The shops in the park are not . A. small B. big C. good D. pretty ( )
  5. Do Andy and his family like the park? A. Yes, they don’t. B. No, they do. C. Yes, very much. D. No, they don’t. (B) Simon is a student in a middle school. He’s very strong. He goes to No.6 Secondary School on a bus. He’s good at English. But he’s often late for his English classes. His father is a doctor. He’s big and tall. He works in a big hospital. His mother is a nurse. She’s slim and pretty. They are in People’s Hospital. They both work hard. He loves his father and mother very much. His father and mother both go to work by bike. We can see bikes here and there. And China is a “country(国家) of bikes”. 根据上文,判断下列句子正误.(正确的写 T,错误的写 F)(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.Simon is a student of No.6 Secondary School. )
  2.Simon’s father and mother are in different(不同的) hospitals. )
  3.His father is an English teacher so he’s good at English. )
  4.His mother is a nurse. )
  5.His mother and father go to work by bus.
九.书面表达(共 8 分) 书面表达( 书面表达
老师要求大家简单介绍一下各自的家庭,这是一张 Sally 的全家福,假设你是 Sally,向 大家介绍一下你的家庭, 做到语句通顺, 字数在 50 个词左右。 让我们看看谁对家庭最了解? 谁的家最棒。 My family I am Sally.

听力原稿与参考答案 一、听力(15 题,共 15 分) 听力(
(A) 听!七年级一班的同学正在教室里闲聊,他们在说什么?找出与所听句子相符的图画, 将其序号填入左边的括号内。 (听两遍)
  1. A: Is there a swimming pool in our school? B: Yes, there is.
  2. A: Do you have a walkman? B: No, I don’t. But I have two footballs.
  3. A: What’s on the first floor? B: There are two offices.
  4. A: Sally, clean the desk. B: OK.
  5. A: Look at the picture on the wall. Where is Spotty? B: Oh, it’s on the right of the box. CBBCC (B) 请注意听你的好朋友之间的五段对话和问题,适当记录并选择正确答语。 (听两遍)
  1. A: Good morning, Jill. B: Good morning, Peter. How are you today? A: I’m fine, thank you. Q: How is Peter today? B: No, I’m Millie. A: Oh, I’m sorry. Q: What’s the girl’s name? (C)
  3. A: Hi, Nick! This is my sister, Lily. Lily, this is my classmate, Nick. B: Hello, Lily! Nice to meet you! C: Hi, Nick! Nice to meet you too! Q: Are Lily and Nick classmates?
  4. A: Hi! Lily! What’s on your desk? B: Hi! Andy! This is a photo of my family. A: Who is the boy on the right? Is he your twin brother Nick? B: Oh, no. He’s my cousin. Nick is on the left. Q: Who’s the boy on the right in the photo? (B)
  5. A: Hello, Joe! Is that man your uncle? B: Yes, you’re right. A: Is he a teacher? B: No. He’s a doctor. Q: What’s Joe’s uncle? (B) (D) (B)
  2. A: Hello! You’re Lily, right?
(C)请注意听好友 Peter 介绍他的家庭,判断以下信息是否正确(正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”)。 (听三遍) Hello! My name is Peter. My family and I are in Yangzhou now, but I’m an American boy. I’m twelve. There are four people in my fam



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