牛津初中英语 8B Unit 4 A Charity Show 讲学稿 课题:第一课时 Comic strip and Welcome to the unit 课型:对话、句型操练课 执笔人:仪征市青山中学 王兆平 时间: 年 月 日 A、教学目标: 、教学目标:
  1. 知识目标: (
  1) 词汇:charity, microphone, fund-raising, advertise, leaflet, cat (
  2) 短语:hold a microphone 拿着话筒 be the host of a charity show 做慈善演出的主持人 a charity show 一次慈善演出 practice a lot 多练习 practice sth/ doing sth 练习做某事 only if 除非 sleep less during the day 白天少睡点 advertise on the Internet 在英特网上登广 告 give out (leaflets) 散发 (传单) organize a charity show 组织一次慈善演出 Project Green Hope 绿色希望工程 Project Hope 希望工程 Save China’s Tigers 拯救中国虎 Spring Bud Project 春蕾计划 in poor areas 在贫困地区 help protect rivers and lakes in China 帮助保护中国的河、湖 raise money 捐款, a charity show 一次慈善演出, (
  3) 重点句型: Because I’ve been chosen to be the host of a charity show. Only if you sleep less during the day.
  2. 技能目标:1 ) 介绍学生能做的具体的慈善活动 2 ) 激活学生对慈善活动的了解
  3. 情感目标:激发学生对本地慈善活动以及参与这些活动的兴趣 B、教学过程: 、教学过程:
  1. 检查学生的预习效果:小组讨论预习中存在的问题,老师点拨。
  2. 激发兴趣,学生谈知道的公益活动。
  3. 图片教学 microphone, host。
  4. Hobo has been chosen to be the host of a charity show. How about Eddie? Can Eddie be a good host? Let’s find the answer together.
  5. 播放 Comic strip 录音, 分析朗读。
  6. 图片教学 a charity show, raise money。
  7. We can hold a charity show to raise money for charities. Do you know any other ways to raise money?
  8. 学生完成 P61 Part A 连线题,核对答案。
  9. 投影呈现 P61 Part B,what’s the name of this charity? What does it do?
  10. 完成练习,核对,朗读
  11. 布置作业。 C、学习过程: 、学习过程: 一、 预习*导学: (上课前预习一下课文,对你可有帮助啦,行动起来吧! 上课前预习一下课文, ) 上课前预习一下课文 对你可有帮助啦,行动起来吧! 1, 生词,部分,根据音标和规则试着读,再听录音读几遍吧,并理解他们的词义和词性, 2, 看 Comic strip 部分,听录音。 3, Welcome to the unit 部分,P61 Part A 配对。 4, P61 Part B,完成句子。
  5,找出你觉得有困难的地方,做好标记。 (通过预习你一定理解了许多新知识吧,快来检测一下,听课就会有的放矢啦! 通过预习你一定理解了许多新知识吧, ) 通过预习你一定理解了许多新知识吧 快来检测一下,听课就会有的放矢啦! A, 根据首字母提示完成下列句子: show to raise money. 1, The students are organizing a c 2, If you want to learn English well, you must p a lot.
3, Some film stars wanted to r money for the patient. 4, We can give out l to ask people to donate money. areas. 5, Project Hope helps schools and students in p 6, Spring Bud Project helps poor young girls r to school. 7, They often a on TV. So many people know their names. 8, The boy w he could fly like a bird. B,英汉互译: 1,拿着话筒 2,做慈善演出的主持人 3,一次慈善演出 4,多练习 5,练习做某事 6,除非 7,白天少睡点 8,在英特网上登广告 9,散发(传单) 10,组织一次慈善演出 11,Project Green Hope 12, Project Hope 13, Spring Bud Project 14, in poor areas 15,help protect rivers and lakes in China 16, raise money 17, a charity show 二、学习*研讨: 这是本课的知识点,快来看一看,你都记住了吗? 1.Only if you sleep less during the day. only if "决不,除非" 2.We can advertise on the internet. Advertise"给... ...做广告";advertisement n."广告" 3.We should give out leaflets to ask people to donate money. give out "分发,发布" , ask (sb.) for sth. “(向某人)讨要某物” ask sb. (not) to do sth. “叫某 人(别)做某事” 4.I wish I could be the host. 我希望我能成为主持人。 wish
  1) v. “祝愿” wish sb. sth. E.g. I wish you a happy new year. wish (sb.) to do sth. We wish to visit China. We wish you to have a good time. wish +(that) 从句. I wish (that) you will have a good time.
  2) n. “愿望,祝愿”make a wish “许个愿”, best wishes “最好的祝愿” host
  1) v. “主持” She hosted many charity shows.
  2) n. “主持人” Beijing will be the host of 29th Olympic Games. 5.Well, you must practise a lot if you want to be a good host. “练习,实践”practise v. practise doing sth. practice n. Practice makes perfect. 6.Why don’t we organize a charity show? 我们为什么不组织一次慈善募捐活动呢?
  1)Why not do sth.? = Why don’t sb. do sth.?
  2) organize v. “组织” organization n. “组织” organizer n. “组织者” 三、巩固*延展: ( 经过学习,你一定更好地掌握了本课内容吧?来试试你的身手吧! 过学习,你一定更好地掌握了本课内容吧?来试试你的身手吧! ) (一) 基础题: A . 改写同义句: 1, Why don’t we stop and have a rest? Why have a rest? 2, Let’s go shopping this afternoon. go shopping this afternoon. 3, I hope we’ll see you soon. you soon. I hope
4, Many people were ill because the weather was bad. Many people were ill . 5, It’s our duty to study hard. is our duty. 6, No time to be nervous any more. time to be nervous. 7, I had to walk to school because my bike was broken. I had to school . My bike was broken B. 选择题:
  1,He was made the blackboard. A, clean B, to clean C, cleaning D, cleaned yesterday’s exam.
  2,I hope all of my classmates A, to past B, to pass C, past D, passed
  3,Why don’t the money for Project Hope. A, raise B, we raise C, to raise D, raising
  4,Let’s make a poster, ? A, will we B, shall we C, will you D, don’t you food.
  5,Please don’t eat A, much too B, too much C, most D, many 大家都来比一比,要细心哦! ( 大家都来比一比,要细心哦! ) (二) 提高题: C.翻译下列句子: 1, 我打算主持英语晚会。 I’m going of the English evening. 2, 我希望我能飞到月球上去。 I I to the moon. 3, 你英语为什么讲得这样好?因为我经常练习说。 Why you English ? Because I often it. 4, 如果你能少睡多运动,你就会更健康。 If you and , you’ll be . 5, 他们经常散发传单叫人们不要吸烟。 They often to ask people not to smoke. 6, 他们举办慈善活动目的是为希望工程募捐。 They’re organizing a to for . D. D、教学后记: 、教学后记: 教后记: (
  1)请对本节课做个自我评价: (

  3)请总结出你认为应该改进的地方: 学后记: (
  1) :你认为你在本节课的预习和学习的过程中做得如何呢?下次你会做得更好吧? (
  2) :本节课的收获不小吧?你学会了什么呢?还有疑惑的地方么?
牛津初中英语 8B Unit 4 A Charity Show 讲学稿 课题:第二课时 Reading(A) 课型:阅读训练课 执笔人:仪征市青山中学 王兆平 时间: 年 月 日 A、教学目标: 、教学目标:
  1. 知识目标: (
  1) 词汇: host, camera, pop, job, introduce, duty, event, fan, seem, business, organization, goods, public (
  2) 短语: help(sb.) with sth., help (sb.) do sth 帮忙 (某人) 做某事 have/hold a meeting 开一个会 have/hold a charity show 举办一次慈善演出 raise money for sb. 为 某人(某组织)筹款/募捐 donate sth.(money) to sb. 捐某物(钱)给某人 those organizers 那些组织者 choose sb to do sth 选某人做 because of the TV caneras 由 于电视摄象机 start working on the show 开始演出排练 introduce sb to sb 把某人介绍 给某人 introduce oneself 自我介绍 have many other duties 有许多别的职责 hard work 艰苦的工作 work hard 努力工作(学习) remember to do sth 记得去做某事 remember doing sth 记得做过某事 at the right time 在适当的时候 remember to look at the right camera at the right time 记得在适当的时候找准机 in the beginning = at first 在开 始;起初 in the end = at last = finally 在末尾;最后 at the same time 在同时 do everything right 把每件事做对 become a little bit easier 变得容易一点 the night before the big event 这件大事的前一天晚上 can’t sleep at all 根本睡不着 the way to success 成功之道 keep asking myself , keep doing sth. 一直问我自己 (一直做某事) come/ go into the theatre 走进剧院 have no time to do sth 没时间做某事 the fans of the pop stars 那些流行明星的迷 speak loudly47 大声地说话 hope to do sth 希望做某事 best wishes 最好的祝福 seem to do sth 似乎要seem angry/ to be angry 似乎生气 have a lot of support from local businesses 得到当地企业的大力技持 (
  3)重点句型: A lot of work needed to be finished. It was, my job to introduce each star. No time to be nervous any more. Everything seemed to happen so fast, and now it is all over. I hope more events like this will be organized to raise money for charity.
  1) 读一篇有关一次义演的电子邮件
  2) 根据关键词和上下文猜测课文大意
  3. 情感目标:享受英语诗歌的美感,培养学习英语的兴趣。 B、教学过程: 、教学过程:
  1. 复习 Comic strip 和 Welcome to the unit, We have learnt about some charities. Can you tell 问 me their names? Why do people organize charity shows? 学生谈论慈善义演。
  2. Ricky was the host of a charity show. He wrote an e-mail to his cousin Kitty. Let’s see what he has written in his e-mail. 导入课文。
  3. 图片教学 duty, job, business 等生词。
  4. Ricky helped with a charity show to raise money for Project Green Hope. Was the show a success? 学生快速阅读课文,获取信息。
  5. 完成 P64 Part C1 判断正误。
  6. 解释课文重点难点。
  7. 听录音,朗读。
  8. 布置作业。 C、学习过程: 、学习过程: 一、预习*导学: (上课前预习一下课文,对你可有帮助啦,行动起来吧! 上课前预习一下课文, ) 上课前预习一下课文 对你可有帮助啦,行动起来吧!
1, 生词,部分,根据音标和规则试着读,再听录音读几遍吧,并理解他们的词义和词性,
  2,阅读课文,完成 P64 Part C1 判断正误。 3, 找出你觉得有困难的地方,做好标记。
  4,听录音,跟读。 (通过预习你一定理解了许多新知识吧,快来检测一下,听课就会有的放矢啦! 通过预习你一定理解了许多新知识吧, ) 通过预习你一定理解了许多新知识吧 快来检测一下,听课就会有的放矢啦! A: 英汉互译: 1,举办一次慈善演出 2,为某人(某组织)筹款/募捐 3,捐某物(钱)给某人 4,由于电视摄象机 5,把某人介绍给某人 6,有许多别的职责 7,在适当的时候 8, 在开始;起初 9, at the same time 10, do everything right 11, become a little bit easier 12, the night before the big event 13, the way to success 14, keep asking myself 15, the fans of the pop stars 16, speak loudly B:根据句意及提示完成单词: (镜头)。 1, I am nervous because of the TV 2, Twenty minutes later, many people came into the (剧场)。 (I) well at school. 3, Don’t worry. I can look after 4, I had to speak (大声地) because of too much noise. 5, Best (愿望) for Teacher’s Day. 二、学习*研讨: 这是本课的知识点,快来看一看,你都记住了吗? 1.It was exciting, but I was also very nervous because of the TV cameras.
because 引导原因状语从句。so 引导结果状语从句。(在同一句子中只能用其 中之一)He was late because he was ill. = He was ill, so he was late.
  2.because of +名词/代词/名词性短语/动名词短语。 He was late because of his illness.
2.We started working on the show two months ago. work on “致力于,抓紧办” 3.Because, for, since Because 直接明了地指出原因。E.g. he didn’t know me because I was new. For 所指出的原因不如 because 直接, 往往有补充说明的意思


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