8B Unit 4
Teaching Plan (
教学题目:8B Unit 4 Comic strip and Welcome to the unit 教学课时:Period 1 教学课型:新授课;听说课 教学目标: 初步认识一些慈善机构的名称并了解其工作; 对慈善活动和慈善活动的组织形式 有初步的认识; 教学重难点:熟悉不同的提建议方式;激发学生对慈善活动以及参与这些活动的兴趣 教学内容:介绍一些慈善机构及慈善活动的组织形式;初步感受现在完成时的被动语态 教学准备:录音机,多媒体,投影仪 教学步骤: Step1 Lead-in
  1. Show students the picture of a fashion show and ask students: What are they doing?
  2. Tell them it is a charity show.
  3. Ask students: Why do they do it?
  4. Tell students that we can hold a charity show to raise money for charities. Step 2 Welcome to the unit
  1. Ask students: Do you know any other ways to raise money? Show students some pictures of fund-raising activities of charities.
  2. Teach students new words: advertise; give out leaflets.
  3. Let students finish Part A on P61 and check the answers by reading the sentences.
  4. Conclude the ways to express suggestions.
  5. Ask students: We now have different charities. Do you know some of them in China?
  6. Show them some pictures of different charities and say something about them.
  7. Check the answers to Part B on P
  61. Tell them more charities if possible, such as: ORBIS (helps the blind people in poor countries using a plane) UNICEF (helps children all over the world by providing clean water, food and education) Step 3 Comic strips
  1. Are you interested in charity shows? So are Eddie and Hobo. Hobo has been chosen to be the host of a charity show. Present students some new words: host(hostess); microphone.
  2. Listen to their conversation and answer some questions. (
  1) What is Hobo doing? (
  2) What is he going to be? (
  3) What is Eddie’s wish? (
  4) What does Hobo think about Eddie’s wish?
  3. Let students read the dialogue by themselves (or practice in pairs).
  4. Do some more exercises after reading and check the answers together. (
  1) Fill in the blanks (
  2) Put the following into English
  5. Oral practice: Try to act out this dialogue in pairs Step 4 Homework
  1. Remember the name of charities and activities.
  2. Practice the dialogue between Eddie and Hobo.
教学题目:8B Unit 4 Reading (
  1) 教学课时:Period 2 教学课型:新授课;阅读课 教学目标:读一封有关一次义演的电子邮件;根据关键词和上下文猜测课文大意; 教学重难点:培养阅读技巧;了解与义演有关的词汇 教学内容:学习与课文相关的生词,了解文章大意 教学准备:录音机,多媒体,投影仪 教学步骤: Step 1 Revision
  1. Review the charities: look at the pictures and name them and say something about them.
  2. Review some activities to raise money with the help of the pictures. Step 2 Lead-in
  1. Free talk: (
  1)Have you ever been a host of a charity show? (
  2)If you are chosen to be the host of the charity show, how will you feel? (
  3)As a host, what will you do before the show?
  2. Tell students: Ricky was the host of a charity show. He wrote an e-mail to his cousin Kitty. Let’s see what he has written in his e-mail.
  3. Show some pictures and teach some new words: introduce; duty; business; camera; goods
  4. Do some exercises (P63 B
  1), and read these new words loudly. Step 3 Reading
  1. T: It’s time for us to read the e-mail.
  2. Reading task 1: Read it quickly, and find out : What’s the passage about?
  3. Reading task 2: After listening to the tape, do “T” or “F” questions.(P64 C
  1) and check the answers.
  4. We can divide the passage into two parts. Part1: Paragraph1-Paragraph2 Part2: Paragraph3-Paragraph7
  5. Ask students to read Part1 and ask some questions with the books open. (
  1) Why didn’t Ricky write to Kitty earlier? (
  2) Why did he help with the charity show? (
  3) How did he feel?
  6. Help students divide Part2 into 3 parts again according to time. Time Before the show two months ago the night before the big event twenty minutes before the show During the show After the show Fill in the form Time two months before the show What he did He practiced a lot. He had to Feeling He was happy to do it. Slowly,
Paragraph 3-4 5 6 6 7
remember to look at the right camera at the right time the night before the show twenty minutes before the show He couldn’t sleep at all He told himself: No time to be nervous any more. This is it. He had to speak loudly.
everything become easier. He was so excited. He was not nervous any more.
Step 4 Practice Suppose one is Ricky, the other is Simon. Simon wants to interview Ricky about the show. Try to have an interview between Ricky and Simon with some information Step 5 Homework
  1. Read the passage fluently.
  2. Remember some new words and useful phrases.
教学题目:8BUnit 4 Reading (
  2) 教学课时:Period 3 教学课型:巩固练习课;阅读课 教学目标:通过活动来熟悉掌握课文中的重点词语和句型;通过练习加深课文的理解 教学重难点:掌握相关的阅读技巧,多加训练提高阅读水平. 教学内容:学习知识点和重要短语 教学准备:多媒体,投影仪 教学步骤: Step 1 Revision and language points
  1. Ask students some questions about Reading(Paragraph1-
  2) (
  1) Why was Ricky helping with a charity show? (
  2) When did he feel very happy? (
  3) Ricky was also very nervous, wasn’t he? Why?
  2. Explain the language points while answering the above questions. (超链接) (
  1) To raise money for Project Green Hope. (
  2) When he was chosen to be the host. (
  3) Yes. He was nervous because of the TV cameras.
  3. Ask more questions about Reading (Paragraph3-
  4) (
  1) What did they do two months ago? (
  2) What was his job? (
  3) Was it hard work? (
  4) Was everything going well in the beginning?
  4. Teach the language points by answering the above questions. (超链接) (
  1) They started working on the show two months ago. (
  2) His job was to introduce each star. (It was his job to introduce each star.) (
  3) Yes, it was hard work.(与 work hard 的区别) (
  4) No. In the beginning, he thought he would never be able to remember all the words and do everything right at the same time. But slowly, everything became easier.
  5. Ask more questions about Reading (Paragraph5-
  7) (
  1) What did he keep asking himself the night before the show? (
  2) When did people come into the theatre? (
  3) Why did he have to speak loudly? (
  4) Did everything seem to happen so fast? (
  5) What was the result of the charity show?
  6. Teach the language points by answering the above questions. (超链接) (
  1) He kept asking himself :“Will it be a success?’’ (
  2) Twenty minutes before the event. (
  3) Because the fans of the pop stars were making a lot of noise. (
  4) Yes. Everything seemed to happen so fast. (
  5) Everyone was very generous and they had a lot of support from local businesses. Step2 Practice
  1. Finish Part B2 on Page 63 and Part C2 on Page64, and then check the answers.
  2. Discussion: (
  1) How can you be a good host of a charity show? (
  2) How can you invite more people help with the charity? Step 3 More exercises Step 4 Homework
  1. Read the passage again and again.
  2. Do some exercises.
教学题目:8B Unit 4 Vocabulary 教学课时:Period 4 教学课型:新授课;词汇课 教学目标:认识并使用与剧场相关的词汇;并能正确运用. 教学重难点:学习通过英文释义猜测词汇意思 教学内容:与剧场相关的词汇 教学准备:多媒体,投影仪 教学步骤: Step 1 Revision How many Chinese charities do you know? What are they? What can they do? Ask students to talk to each other with some pictures. Step 2 Lead-in
  1. Show a picture of a charity show.
  2. Ask students: Do you know how to be a good host of a charity show? Where can we hold a charity show?
  3. Show a picture of the theatre and ask students to name different parts as much as possible.
  4. The teacher explains some new words: audience; curtain; stage Step 3 Vocabulary Part A and Part B
  1. Open the books and show students the different parts of the theatre.
  2. Check the answers.
  3. Read the words after the teacher. Step 4 Language points
  1. performer, performer, performance
  2. actor, actress, act, action
  3. voice, noise, sound
  4. make sb. do sth. sound louder
  5. hang Step 5 Oral practice and some exercises Step 6 Homework
  1. Remember different parts of the theatre.
  2. Do some exercises.
Period (
Grammar A&B 教学题目:8B Unit 4 Grammar 教学课时:Period 5-6 教学课型:新授课;语法教学 教学目标:
  2. 掌握并能使用带有情态动词的被动语态
  3. 掌握并能使用现在完成时的被动语态 教学重难点:复习巩固不同时态下被动语态的运用. 教学内容:本课时可通过补充的语法练习进行知识的拓展与延伸,增加课堂容量,曾强学生 对语法的灵活应用。 教学准备:多媒体,投影仪, 教学步骤: Step 1 Lead in
  1. According to the photos, ask students to remind the sentences they have learned about the passive voice in the present and the simple past tense. Trees are planted by students in March every year. The little girl was saved by a policeman. Many tall buildings were built last year.
  2. Present them on the blackboard and underline them in red. Step 2 Presentation
  1. Review reading: What does Ricky hope at the end of his e-mail? He hopes that more events like this will be organized to raise money for charity.
  2. The teacher show more examples: The classroom will be / is going to be cleaned by Simon tomorrow. The sports meeting will be / is going to be held in March. We hope more trees will be / are going to be planted in our new school this year.
  3. Then ask students to work out the usage of the passive voice in simple future tense. Step 3 Exercises
  1. Finish the exercises on page 66,then check in pairs. Encourage students to explain the usage each other.
  2. ask students read in pairs. Step 4 Presentation
  1. Go on reviewing reading and lead out the sentences with passive voice with modal verbs ask : Why was Ricky so busy before the show? A lot of work should be finished.
  2. Show the students more examples A lot of money can be raised at the charity show. This medicine must be taken three times a day. The rubbish should be put into the dustbin over there.
  3. Then ask students to work out the usage of the passive voice with modal verbs
  4. Turn to page
  67. We shall go on with the discussion: Where to arrange the stage / seats? Where to put the sign “Exit”? Where to place lights /put the speaker?
  5. Remember to use passive voice structure while telling the reasons. Where can we arrange the seats? The seats can be arranged in front of the stage.
Why? Because audience can sit there and enjoy the performance.
  6. Fill in the blanks in Part B1, and then I will check the answers later on. Step 5 Doing additional exercises Translation:
  1. 作业必须按时上交。 (must be handed in )
  2.应该有礼貌地跟老年人说话。 (should be spoken to )
  3. 他可能被邀请来参加我们的新年聚会。( may be invited )
  4.格林先生能听懂汉语。 (can be understood) (Keys:
  1. Your homework must be handed in on time.
  2.The old people should be spoken to politely.
  3. He may be invited to take part in our New Year party.
  4.Chinese can be understood by Mr, Green. ) Step 6 Doing homework
  1. Revise passive voice with modal verbs.
  2. Finish off the exercises in the Evaluation Handbook Grammar C Step 1 Have a revision and presenting Suppose your class is also going to organize a charity show. Talk about what will be done before the show/in the show/after the show. e.g. Friends can be invited before the show. Step 2 (Show Picture1 in Comic Strip to students again) Why is Hobo holding a microphone? Because he has been chosen to be the host of a charity show. We use the passive voice in the present perfect tense when the action took place in the past and continues to the present or still has connection Step 3 Practicing Daniel wants to know more about the charity show hosted by Ricky. He is asking Kitty about the detail. You are to complete the dialogue between them using the passive voice in the past or the present perfect tense. Then I will give you the answers. Step 4 Doing additional exercises Correct mistakes in the following sentences.
  1. My homework has finished already.
  2. The novel has been borrowed for more than a week.
  3. Computer has been teached in this school for a long time.
  4. I don’t know he has been left from home since he was
  15. (Keys:
  1.My homework has been finished already.
  2. The novel was borrowed more than a week ago.
  3. Computer has been taught in this school for a long time.
  4. I didn’t know that he left home when he was
  15. ) Step 5 Working out the rules Ask students to work out the rules of these three kinds of passive voice Step 6 Finishing off Part C2 Kitty is writing to Ricky about the charity show her class is organizing. Help her complete her e-mail using the correct passive voice. I shall give your the answers later on. Step 7 Homework
教学题目:8B Unit 4 Integrated skills 教学课时:Period 7 教学课型:新授课;整合教学 教学目标:


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